On December 26, 3020, when Jiang Chengyan handed over the case information to the court, Zhang Aihua’s case was officially closed and due to Zhang Aihua’s rapid weakening health, the court specially approved Zhang Aihua’s hospitalization for treatment, only needing police to guard her.

Gao Ming found out that Shen Xin was pregnant with his own flesh and blood, and he felt happy and sad at the same time.
He takes the initiative to take the baby with him.
Although Sun Li is a little reluctant, she still loves Gao Ming.
So she is willing to try accepting the baby.
After a few days together, Sun Li slowly accepted the baby.
Although she still disliked Shen Xin, she cared for her baby well.

The bones of the five dead girls were cremated after the case was closed and were taken back to their hometown by their parents for burial.
Only Shen Xin’s ashes were buried by Gao Ming and Sun Li.
His parents only bought her a cemetery.

On the day of the funeral, they did not even come.
Ling Hua’an felt strange, and asked Yan Yu to check it out and found out that Shen Xin’s parents had actually divorced a long time ago.
They had remarried abroad and both had children.
The irony is Shen Xin didn’t know the truth until she died.

Shen Xin’s heart was as gray as death, and she was utterly disappointed in her parents.
She used the pocket money she had saved for Wang Tianran and Guo Xiaoting to pay Ling Hua’an, willing to stay to replace Wang Lei.
Other than that, she still can’t let go of her daughter.

Jiang Chengyan, who has been busy for more than half a month, finally has his own vacation.
Although three days were not long, it was enough to travel to a far place.
Ling Hua’an promised Wang Lei to take him to the beach before he was reincarnated, so the two discussed going to the south.
The temperature there was high, and it was a kind of enjoyment to spend a vacation at the seaside.
This is also considered their first world of two people1.

But the plan could never happen because of changes.
Lu Hao got the news out of nowhere, and he insisted on clamoring to follow.
Ling Hua’an couldn’t help it, so he had to agree.
Before, he had agreed with Yan Yu to let him take Lu Hao out on a trip to take a break. 

But now, he has to change the plan.
After thinking about it, Ling Hua’an asked Jiang Chengyan for his opinion.
As a result, the original two-person world became a four-person world.
No, it was four people and one ghost.
The two could only express their helplessness.

“Dear passengers, the flight from Huacheng to Licheng is about to take off.
Passengers who purchased flight H112 should go to the boarding gate to check in as soon as possible.”

The broadcaster’s beautiful voice spread throughout the terminal hall.
Lu Hao glanced at the ticket, he stood up and said, “Ge, the plane is about to take off, let’s go to check in the ticket quickly.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and wanted to take out his cane, but Lu Hao stopped him, “Ge, there are so many of us here, how can we let you use this? Let’s go, I’ll help you.
Yan Yu-ge, Captain Jiang, you two take the luggage.”

Ling Hua’an was pulled by Lu Hao towards the boarding gate.
Jiang Chengyan and Yan Yu looked at each other and silently picked up the luggage on the ground.

Lu Hao walked a little fast.
He obviously wanted to distance himself from several people.
He looked behind him and said in a low voice, “Ge, I haven’t had time to ask.
What’s the matter with you and Captain Jiang and Yan Yu-ge?”

When Lu Hao asked this, Ling Hua’an was not surprised at all.
Lu Hao couldn’t hide his thoughts from him.
He replied calmly, “Captain Jiang and I are now a couple.
Yan Yu and I have always been just friends.”

Lu Hao opened his eyes wide in surprise and exclaimed in a small voice, “you have confirmed the relationship? When, why didn’t I know? Ge, how could you hide such an important thing from me?”

“I didn’t hide it.
When you asked about it, didn’t I tell you?”

“How can this be the same?” Lu Hao frowned so tightly, and said in dissatisfaction, “Ge, we are the closest and dearest of all.
We will not accept any refutation! How can you not discuss this with me when you are looking for a partner? If you don’t discuss it with me, then you have to take the initiative to tell me, how can you wait for me to ask you?”

Ling Hua’an said with some amusement “are you the big brother or me? Do I have to report to you when I do things?”

“Ge, how can you do this?” Lu Hao hugged Ling Hua’an’s arms and said coquettishly, “Ge, I don’t care, whether you have a partner or not.
I will always be the first in your heart.”

“Are you also going to ask if you and he fall into the water together, who will I save first?”

Lu Hao’s eyes flashed, he pouted and said,  “how could I ask such a childish question? Besides, Ge’s eyes are not good.
Even if we both fall into the water, you can’t save either of us.
If any mishap should happen, then we will die in peace.”

Ling Hua’an frowned slightly and admonished him, “don’t say these bad words in the future, okay?”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Lu Hao glanced back and asked, “Ge, when did you and Captain Jiang get together?”

“A few days ago.”

Lu Hao hesitated and said, “Ge, Yan Yu-ge like you.
Don’t you know?”

“I know.
Before I confirmed our relationship with Chengyan, we had already talked about it.
We can’t force our feelings.”

“Actually, I think Yan Yu-ge is quite good.
Not to mention anything else, in the past three years Yan Yu-ge has been taking very good care of you.
I feel he is quite compatible with Ge.
But, it is just my thought, after all that matters is Ge’s feeling to decide.
No matter who Ge end, as long as Ge is happy, I will support it.”

Ling Hua’an was just about to speak when he was bumped by someone.
He turned his head to look over.
A woman’s face appeared in front of him.
Her face was pale with cold eyes, and bruised lips tightly pursed.

“Sorry, sorry, I was so focused on finding my plane ticket that I didn’t look at the road.
This gentleman, are you all right?”

The voice rang into Ling Hua’an ears, it was a woman, very young.

Ling Hua’an shook his head, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“It’s good if it’s okay.
That, I’m in a hurry to catch a flight… so I’ll leave first.”

The woman hurriedly walked to the boarding gate.
Although Lu Hao was a little dissatisfied, he didn’t say much.
He asked anxiously, “Ge, are you really okay?”

Ling Hua’an said helplessly, “it’s just a bump.
Anything can happen though.
Hurry up, we can’t delay the plane.”

Ling Hua’an’s gaze always followed the woman.
The woman seemed to be aware of it, and her eyes became colder.

The three of them boarded the plane smoothly and found their seats.
When Jiang Chengyan was lucky to be able to sit with Ling Hua’an, Lu Hao walked over and said with a smile, “Captain Jiang, I want to sit with my brother, let’s change seats.”

“Oh, okay.
“Although Jiang Chengyan was reluctant, he stood up and changed his seat.
Lu Hao is Ling Hua’an younger brother, which is a brother-in-law, so he should let him.

Ling Hua’an could naturally hear Jiang Chengyan’s reluctance, but Jiang Chengyan didn’t say it himself.
He wouldn’t say much either.
He had to let Jiang Chengyan understand that he had to say what he wanted.
Where there are also some things that can be allowed, and some things that can’t be allowed.

The sound of footsteps sounded normal to others, but it makes Ling Hua’an frown slightly.
He turned his head to look back.
The woman who had been in front of them had turned her head at him and was walking in his direction.

The woman said with some surprise, “Huh, what a coincidence.
Our seats are so close.”

Ling Hua’an glanced away, pretending to be puzzled, and asked, “are you talking to me?”

 “Yes, have you forgotten? We met in the waiting hall, and I accidentally bumped into you.” The woman was obviously a bit strange.

“Oh, it’s you.
I’m sorry, my eyes are blind.”

“You …… I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.” There was regret in the woman’s tone.

“It’s okay.
Ling Hua’an smiled and asked, “are you also traveling to Licheng?”

“Go there on business then stop by after.”

Ling Hua’an, who has always been aloof actually chatted with a strange woman, which made the three people present a little strange, except for Wang Lei, of course.
He is a ghost, and naturally, he can see the female ghost following the woman.

The female ghost looked at Wang Lei in alert.
Upon seeing it, Wang Lei took the initiative to stagger his gaze.
The female ghost snorted coldly and turned her head.

Jiang Chengyan sat in the front row, listening to the two chattings, feeling uncomfortable.
He glanced at the woman from time to time, seeing that the woman was not only beautiful, she also had a good temperament and a nice figure.
The most important thing was to be able to sit in first class.
Typical Bai Fu Mei2.  Thinking of it, Jiang Chengyan felt more and more unhappy.
He looked at Yan Yu and saw that he was concentrating on reading the magazine in his hand as if he hadn’t heard what happened behind him.

Jiang Chengyan muttered in his heart, could it be that he was too petty?

Just when Jiang Chengyan was thinking, Ling Hua’an suddenly stood up behind him.
Lu Hao asked strangely, “Ge, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m going to the toilet.”

Lu Hao also stood up and said, “then I will help you over.”

Jiang Chengyan got up quickly, and supported Ling Hua’an, “It just happens that I want to go too, so let me help him over.”

Lu Hao was stunned, he reacted and winked toward Jiang Chengyan and said with a smile, “Then I’ll trouble Captain Jiang.”

Jiang Chengyan’s face heated up as he helped Ling Hua’an walk to the toilet.
When they arrived at the toilet, Jiang Chengyan opened the door to let Ling Hua’an in, while he waited outside.

After a while, the toilet door was opened, and Jiang Chengyan naturally pulled Ling Hua’an’s arm, but Ling Hua’an grabbed his wrist.
He pulled Jiang Chengyan into the toilet with one force, closed the door, and locked it.

There were two tall men in the small toilet.
Ling Hua’an almost clung to Jiang Chengyan.
He approached slowly and said with a smile, “Captain Jiang, you are so attentive.
Do you have something to say to me?”

Looking at Ling Hua’an who was so close, Jiang Chengyan could not help swallowing his saliva.
Remembering that he and that Bai Fumei had a lively chat just now, he couldn’t help feeling aggrieved.
As his head became hot, he wrapped his arms around Ling Hua’an’s neck and kissed him.

Ling Hua’an was startled, a smile flashed in his eyes then took the lead to deepen the kiss.

After a long time, the two separated, with each other’s messy breathing in their ears.
Ling Hua’an chuckled, “Captain Jiang, today is the first time you have taken the initiative to kiss me since we were together.
What is the reason for Captain Jiang to have this courage?”

Jiang Chengyan only felt flushed for a while, he said stiffly, “Did I? It’s not that I don’t take the initiative, it’s that you steal the lead every time.”

The smile in Ling Hua’an’s eyes deepened, “Oh well, I won’t grab it in the future.
I’ll wait for Captain Jiang to take the initiative, how about that?”

Seeing the smile under Ling Hua’an’s eyes, Jiang Chengyan became irritated and said, “Ling Hua’an! Do you feel itchy if you’re not teasing me for a day?”

“Yeah.” Ling Hua’an kissed Jiang Chengyan’s lips again and said, “If I don’t tease you for a day, I always feel something is wrong, but it’s not just itchy…”

Jiang Chengyan naturally understood the meaning of Ling Hua’an’s words.
He blushed as if getting dyed and muttered in a small voice, “then you still talk very enthusiast with others.”


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