On December 18, 3020, in the meeting room of the Criminal Investigation Team, Jiang Chengyan glanced at everyone and said, “Everyone is here, let’s discuss the information we have so far.”

Everyone turned their attention to Jiang Chengyan, waiting for his next words.

“At present, we have found three dead people, Shen Xin who was dumped in Donghu Lake, Su Meiqi who was buried in Xihua Mountain, and the unknown corpse we found in the abandoned iron mine last night.
Their death and the geographical location of where the body was buried are related to a practice of Xiyu Cult that you can find on the Internet.
We can speculate that there are two more victims, we just haven’t been able to find the bodies yet.” Jiang Chengyan paused before continuing, “These victims were all pregnant women, and it was the period when they usually need care, yet no one reported them missing, what does this mean?”

Liu Ran replied, “This shows that these people have no relatives around, there is a great possibility that they are migrant workers or abandon women.”

“That’s right.
Shen Xin’s family is wealthy, but her parents live abroad.
She grew up with a nanny.
Su Meiqi’s hometown was in Yuancheng, came to Ancheng to work.
Not to mention her parents and relatives, she didn’t even have any friends around, so even if she disappeared, no one will notice it after a long time.
That’s what the killer’s targets are.”

 Yao Min frowned slightly and said, “The longer the time drags on, the more decomposed the body is and the less likely it is to be identified.
It will bring great difficulties to our investigation.
This is the reason why the murderer chose these people.”

Jiang Chengyan nodded, “Being able to know so much information about pregnant women at the same time as their need for this method to prolong their lives, the only suspect we have at the moment is Zhang Aihua.
So she and her husband, Wu Zheng are our next key investigation targets.

Zhang Liang frowned, “I don’t understand.
As long as breast cancer is removed, isn’t it curable? Why do they still pull so many innocent people to be buried with them?”

Liu Ran said with a complicated expression, “You are not a woman, you can’t imagine how much courage it takes to get rid of □□1.
Imagine, if you were Wu Zheng and Zhang Aihua had removed □□1, would you still have a sexual interest in her? However, that’s not to say that I agree with their doing, it’s just a matter of fact.”

Seeing the weird expressions of the three men, Yao Min curled his lips and added, ” “Not to mention the □□1, if the girlfriend accidentally gained weight, they will dislike it.”

Jiang Chengyan snapped, “Hey, hey, hey.
You guys, is it the time to discuss this? Be serious, don’t get distracted from the topic.”

Just a moment ago, they didn’t realize what they were talking about, but after Jiang Chengyan said it, everyone suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
Especially the two women, who glanced away one after another.

Jiang Chengyan looked at Li Tong and said, “you’ve checked the surveillance video of the East Lake parking lot, now let’s speculated on the whole process of Wu Zheng’s body dumping.
First Wu Zheng drove Shen Xin’s car into the parking lot, before walking out of East Lake, then drove his own car in.
He moved the body to Shen Xin’s car and drove his own car away.
Later he drove Shen Xin’s car to the lake to throw the body.
Where was Shen Xin’s car at that time, and were there any vehicles around?”

“Shen Xin’s car is in the northeast corner of the parking lot.
Because the surveillance camera can’t capture it there, I really don’t know if there are any vehicles around it.”

“The surveillance cameras in the parking lot might be unable to capture it, but don’t forget there is a dash cam.”

“Yeah, why didn’t I expect it? “Li Tong patted his forehead, “There are not many vehicles now when compared to the peak tourist season.
As long as there’s a surveillance camera through the parking lot, we just need to find the vehicles that entered to check their dash cam.
We might find the picture of Wu Zheng appearing in the parking lot at the same time.”

Jiang Chengyan smiled, “So your next task, is that clear?”


“Liu Ran, Wang Bin, you go to Heping Community, visit Su Meiqi’s neighbors, retrieve the surveillance, and find her connection with Wu Zheng and Zhang Aihua.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Guo Hai, Chen Miao, you go to the Jiamei Villa area where Wu Zheng’s family is located, and bring back the surveillance video of the day when Shen Xin died, I want to know what Zhang Aihua did that day.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Yao Min, you go to the hospital with me.
That’s all the task.
Is it clear?”


“Okay, the meeting is over, take your positions.”

Yao Min saw the people go out, walked to Jiang Chengyan’s side, and asked curiously, “Captain, did you sleep well yesterday?”

“Very well, what’s the matter?” Jiang Chengyan looked at Yao Min strangely while packing his things.

“So what time did the captain go back yesterday? Where did you spend the night?”

Jiang Chengyan’s movements paused, and the image of kissing Ling Hua’an last night flashed in his mind.
The kiss was different from the previous one, it was tinged with lust and made both of them ready to move.
Thinking of the nervousness and expectation at the time, Jiang Chengyan’s face heated up, and he said perfunctorily, “Of course, it’s at home, otherwise where else could I be?”

“Oh~ Ling Dage is really considerate.
He is easy to let Captain go.”

Jiang Chengyan was stunned, then looked at Yao Min dangerously, and said, “Girl, what do you know?”

Yao Min couldn’t help taking a step back and said with a smile, “it’s nothing.
Hehe, I just accidentally saw some scenes that are not suitable for children.”

Jiang Chengyan’s face instantly turned red as if it was filled with blood, he threatened, “Girl, you’d better keep your mouth shut.
If there is a fourth person who knows about this, I will silence you.”

Yao Min once again took a step back, carefully looked at Jiang Chengyan, and whispered, “Captain, I can only guarantee that I won’t say anything.”

“What do you mean by that?”

I wasn’t the only one who saw you guys yesterday.”

Jiang Chengyan’s face turned even redder, and he asked with a headache, “Who else?”

“There’s also Liu-Jie and …… them.”

Jiang Chengyan followed Yao Min’s gaze towards the door and froze in place.

Li Tong blinked and said innocently, “Captain, we just saw Su Ke walking this way, thinking about whether the autopsy report came out, so we planned to stay for a while before leaving.”

Jiang Chengyan took a deep breath, “What did you all hear?”

Liu Ran waved his hand quickly and said, “No, no, we didn’t hear anything.
That…Wang Bin, hurry up and drive, there are a lot of things to do today.”

Li Tong also responded, ” Go go go, we have to go to Heping Community, Heping Community.”

In the blink of an eye, only Suke was left at the door from the people who ran away.
Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help laughing and feeling annoyed at the same time.
He felt that his face was so hot that he could fry an egg.

A complex light flashed in Su Ke’s eyes.
He walked in with some documents and said, “Captain Jiang, the autopsy report has come out.
There are a few doubtful points.
Let’s go to your office to discuss.”

Jiang Chengyan felt a little strange but didn’t ask much.
He looked at Yao Min and said, “Wait for me.”

Yao Min nodded, packed up, and left the meeting room.
Jiang Chengyan took the autopsy report from Su Ke and asked, “What is it? Why do you need to go to my office to say it?”

Su Ke walked to the door of the meeting room to have a look before closing the door, “Captain Jiang, I heard what Yao Min said just now.
Are you…are you in a relationship?”

Su Ke’s eyes flashed, then asked, “Who is that person?”

Once some words were said, the uneasiness in his heart disappeared.
Jiang Chengyan went to the window, and looked at the grocery store, “the owner of that  Grocery Store.”

Su Ke laughed bitterly and said, “I should have guessed it.
Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy lately, so I’ve let others take advantage of it.”

Jiang Chengyan looked at Su Ke with a confused face, “what do you mean?”

A complicated light flashed in Su Ke’s eyes, looked at Jiang Chengyan seriously and asked, “Are you really sure it’s him?”

Jiang Chengyan nodded, “En.
In fact, I liked him a long time ago, but I didn’t notice it myself until I found there is an excellent man beside him who makes me come back to my senses.
I like him, no, I love him.”

Looking at the happy expression on Jiang Chengyan’s face, Su Ke exhaled a long breath, hiding the feelings in his heart, and said, “Chengyan, congratulations.
You have found your own happiness.”

“Thank you!” Jiang Chengyan looked back at Su Ke, “Okay, let’s not talk about it now, let’s talk about the case.
Is there anything wrong with the female corpse last night?”

“Her cause of death is the same as Shen Xin and Su Meiqi, caused by excessive blood loss, but she had a struggle injury.
I suspect that the deceased woke up from anesthesia during the operation so the murderer was a little caught off guard.
When the child was taken out, he was also in a hurry and even injured the victim’s internal organs.
And I also found this in the stomach of the deceased.”

Su Ke took out an evidence bag from his pocket, “a very short hair tissue.”

Jiang Chengyan’s eyes lit up and he quickly asked, “Is it belong to the deceased?”

Su Ke shook his head, “No, I already compared it.
I think it belongs to the murderer.”

Jiang Chengyan looks excited, “With this, our case can be considered a big step forward.
Su Ke, you’re really something else.”

“How are you going to thank me?” Su Ke pinched his brow tiredly and said, “I stayed up all night last night.”

“You name it, where you want to go, what you want to eat, you have the final say.”

Su Ke looked at Jiang Chengyan, pain flashed in his eyes.
But he still said with a smile, “you, be more restrained in the future.
Don’t be so good.
It’s easy to be misunderstood, you know?”

Jiang Chengyan said blankly, “Why don’t I understand what you are saying?”

Su Ke shook his head helplessly, “With your emotional intelligence, I wonder how you figure out your sense.
Forget it, you owe me this time.
I’ll tell you when I figure out where to go.
I’m so tired, so I will go back first.”

Seeing the back of Su Ke leaving, Jiang Chengyan touched his nose doubtfully, and stepped out of the conference room, “Yao Min, let’s go! Go to the hospital.”

The two drove straight to the hospital, and after revealing their identities, they checked Zhang Aihua’s admission record and found Shen Xin and Su Meiqi’s names on it.
After that, they contacted one by one of the phone numbers recorded there.
After a whole morning of work, they finally finished calling all the phone numbers and there were five numbers that didn’t get through.

According to their names and photos, Jiang Chengyan looked up and compared them in the database.
After another afternoon, he finally got the information about those five people.
Two of them are locals, and the other three are migrants.
According to the addresses on the documents, they confirmed the safety of the two local pregnant women.
For the remaining three pregnant women, he also looked at their registered residence to assist in the investigation.
It was found that they did not return to their hometown, and the family did not even know the fact that they were pregnant.


The word gets censored again.
But I think you guest can guess what the censored word is. ↺

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