“Ge, the person you like is not Yan Yu-ge right?”

Yan Yu is Ling Hua’an’s only friend and business partner.
Because of his disability, Ling Hua’an will leave many things to Yan Yu to take care of.
So, Lu Hao’s guess is reasonable.

“Stinky boy, don’t you have class this afternoon? What time is it? Go quickly.”

Lu Hao looked at the wall clock in the room and said in a panic, “Aiya, why is it so late? Ge, I have to hurry up and leave.
This afternoon is my old subject class.
Tomorrow weekend, I’ll come to stay up here.”

Without waiting for Ling Hua’an to refuse, Lu Hao hurriedly walked toward the door and accidentally bumped into Yan Yu who wanted to knock on the door.

“Opps, Yan Yu-ge, I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to.”

Yan Yu draws the distance between them and says faintly, “It’s okay.”

Looking at the two of them, Lu Hao raised a smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “Well, Yan Yu-ge, I’ll go first.
There is still a class in the afternoon.
You guys take your time to talk slowly.”

Yan Yu nodded lightly and watched Lu Hao get on the elevator.

“Come in, don’t stand in the doorway.”

Yan Yu came in, casually closed the door, and said bluntly, “ Hua’an, there’s a result for the matter you asked me to investigate.
There are two people who match the condition.
One is called Shen Qiuhua, 38 years old.
A famous painter in Huacheng.
Now he is a professor in the Art Department of Huacheng University and has a seven-year-old son named Shen Han.
Another one, Jiang Changping, 35 years old, is also famous in Huacheng.
Now he runs a gallery, has five years old son and his name is Jiang Xiaohan.”

“Shen Qiuhua and Jiang Changping, are you familiar with these two names?”

The headless ghost can hear the conversation between them clearly.
When he heard the name Jiang Changping, he felt inexplicably familiar.
He said uncertainly, “I think the name Jiang Changping is very familiar.”

“I see.” Ling Hua’an looked at Yan Yu and said, “Let’s go, this time the employer should be Jiang Changping.”

Yan Yu was not surprised by Ling Hua’an self-talk.
He went in front of the door to take a cane and then handed it to Ling Hua’an.
He opened the door and walked out first, “Be careful of the threshold.”

The two drove all the way to Changping Gallery, the gallery that runs by Jiang Changping, and parked the car.
Yan Yu got out of the car first, opened the door for Ling Hua’an, put the back of his hand naturally above the door, and said, “get off.
We’re here.”

Ling Hua’an said helplessly, “Yan Yu, I can do it myself.
You don’t have to do that.”

Yan Yu answered softly, but he was still his old self.
He did what he should do.

Lng Hua’an met Yan Yu because Yan Yu’s grandfather was murdered.
It was Ling Hua’an who helped him to find out the truth, so the old man had a chance to be reincarnated.
Ling Hua’an already took the commission that belonged to him.

In his opinion, this matter has already cleared up, but Yan Yu is the stubborn one and insisted on repaying what Ling Hua’an did.
Leaving his big company to become Ling Hua’an partner. 

His disability makes him need him  so he gradually acquiesces to it.

However, the good thing is that Yan Yu has strong abilities.
He is not only in charge of such a large company but also has time to run around with him, which makes Ling Hua’an feel relieved.

Yan Yu stepped forward and pushed open the glass door, standing at the door to escort Ling Hua’an to come inside.

Upon seeing new visitors, the salesperson in the store hurriedly greeted them warmly, “Good afternoon gentlemen, what would you like to order?”

Ling Hua’an said bluntly, “Is your boss here? We came to find him.”

The salesperson said with some embarrassment, “I’m sorry, both of you, our boss is usually not in the store.
It’s the same, if you have anything to say, just say it to me.”

“I want to hold an art exhibition.
I have talked with your boss before, but I lost my phone some time ago along with his contact information, so I came here to meet him in person.”

“Well, you two can wait in the lounge area.
I will call the boss.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and walked to the lounge area under the guidance of Yan Yu.
Not long after he sat down, the salesperson came over and said apologetically, “Sorry, our boss’s phone can’t get through.
Why don’t you write down the number and contact him in person?”

“Can’t get through? Is there no answer or the phone is off?”

“It’s turned off.
Maybe the Boss phone is out of power.”

“Ugh, this is kinda urgent for me.
If I can’t contact him, then I’ll have to look elsewhere.”

When the salesperson heard this, he looked hesitant.
Obviously, he didn’t want to lose Ling Hua’an, the big customer.

“How about this.
I’ll give the boss’s wife a call and ask where is the boss, then I’ll have the boss call you back.
Can you wait for a moment?”

Ling Hua’an pondered for a moment and said, “Okay, you can call first.”

The salesperson picked up the phone again and walked to the side.  And another salesperson came over with two cups of tea and greeted with a smile, “You two have some tea, wait a moment.”

Ling Hua’an smiled and said thanks, but did not mean to drink tea.

After a while, the previous salesperson came over again and said, “The boss is not at home, and the boss’s wife can’t contact him.
Why don’t you leave your contact information and I will contact you when the boss comes back?”

Yan Yu took out his business card from his pocket, handed it to the salesperson, and said faintly, “we’ll only wait for one day.”

The two did not stay much longer and got up to leave the gallery.
Ling Hua’an touched the bell in his pocket and said, “How about it, does it feel familiar?”

“Well, I’ve definitely been here before.” The headless ghost’s tone seemed a little excited.

“It most likely you’re Jiang Changping.”

“What are you going to do?”

“You don’t have to worry about this.
If you remember anything, don’t hide it. Just tell me.”


After a busy day, the head of the deceased has still not been found.
Although eligible people are among the missing persons, it takes time to collect and compare the DNA.
The surveillance camera at the entrance of the alley is damaged and has not been repaired, the one that is closest to the crime scene is the surveillance camera at the entrance of a barbershop, while the others are far away and have more than one exit.

 The deceased’s identity could not be confirmed, the young man and woman who were present at the time could not be found, and the case entered a dead-end before it even started.
Looking at the time, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.
Jiang Chengyan raised his voice and said, “Okay, let’s call it day.
We’ll deal with the next things tomorrow.
Let’s go home!”

The case has entered a dead end.
Everyone feels inevitably upset.
It’s useless to keep staying.
It’s better to go back home to recharge and wait for the results of the comparison.

The people left one after another, Jiang Chengyan turned around and went to the forensic department, just when he ran into Su Ke coming out of the autopsy room.
Su Ke was stunned, then asked, “How is it? Did you find the head?”

“No, I’ve worked hard all day and found nothing.
I send everyone to go back home.
Do you have any new discoveries?”

“Yes, I was about to find you.
You come here.”

Jiang Chengyan’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked, “What is it!? Tell me quickly!”

“Just now I examined the body and found that there were lacerations in the □□1 of the deceased, then I examined his intestines and found that his intestines were clean and had mild symptoms of gastrointestinal dysbacteriosis.”

Jiang Chengyan listened with a confused face and asked, “What does this mean?”

“It means he had sex with someone during his lifetime, and he was the one below.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chengyan came back to his senses and asked with an odd expression on his face, “Are you saying he…is gay?”

“What do you think? Who else would use it except for men having sex with men? Generally, before homosexuals have sex, the Shou2 will be given an enema.
If in a hurry,  they just need to fill it in a small amount, as long as the place where it is used is clean.
The important thing is to pour a lot of water, and of course, it will take time.
However, no matter what kind of enema to use for a long period of time, more or less there will be symptoms of gastrointestinal dysbacteriosis.”

Although a little embarrassed, Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Su Ke, why do you know so much about this? Could it be that you are…”

Su Ke suddenly moved closer, forcing Jiang Chengyan into a corner, and said faintly, “What is it?”

Looking at Suke in front of him, Jiang Chengyan subconsciously swallowed his saliva.
He slowly squatted, and drilled out from under Suke’s arm, “well, it’s too late today.
You can go back and have a rest.
I, I’ll go first.”

Seeing Jiang Chengyan walking away quickly, Su Ke raised the corners of his mouth and said sarcastically, “Look at how you behave!”

Jiang Chengyan came out of the police station and subconsciously looked at the small grocery store opposite.
Remembering what Ling Hua’an said last night.
He hesitated for a while before turning around twice in place, then decided to walk over with gritted teeth.

“Laoban, that fool has been hanging around at the door for ten minutes.
You say this man is not bad looking, how come he is so abrasive in his work?” Wang Lei couldn’t help but mutter in a whisper in Ling Hua’an’s ear.

Ling Hua’an didn’t say anything.
He turned out from the cashier, opened the store door, and looked in the direction of Jiang Chengyan.

Jiang Chengyan, who still struggling, was stunned for a moment.
He subconsciously wanted to say hello, but suddenly remembered that Ling Hua’an is blind.
He quietly turned around and planned to sneak away.

“Laoban, that fool wants to run away.”

“Captain Jiang, where are you going? Are you trying to deceive me again?”

Jiang Chengyan stiffened, turned to look at Ling Hua’an, and explained embarrassingly, “Hello Laoban, I’m not going anywhere.
I’m here to buy something.”

Ling Hua’an turned around and make a way to the door, “then come in.”

He couldn’t run, so Jiang Chengyan could only bite the bullet3 and enter the store.
He looked around and saw no one else.
He was very curious about how Ling Hua’an knew that he was outside the door.

“Have you settled the account?” Ling Hua’an spoke directly.

“There’s a murder that just happened yesterday.
The team is too busy.
I haven’t had time yet.”

Don’t understand why, but Captain Jiang who was majestic in front of the team members, was inexplicably shorter in front of Ling Hua’an, just like a primary school student who met the headteacher.

“Get what you want by yourself.”

Jiang Chengyan was stunned for a moment, then he responded, “okay.”

Ling Hua’an groped to find the egg cooker, and said loudly, “Bring me two eggs.”

Jiang Chengyan put down what was in his hand subconsciously and went to get the eggs.
When he realized it, he had already handed the eggs to Ling Hua’an…


The author has something to say:

Why are all the wild kings on the opposite side, oooh (_____), once again failed to advance.


The word gets censored.
But you guys knew what it is. ↺ Bottom/Uke/0 ↺  to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation. ↺

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