In the evening, outside the abandoned iron mine on the outskirts of the city, Yan Yu drove the car slowly.
There were weeds as tall as one person everywhere.
The car drove past with the sound of “Kach Kach kach”, and there was no single figure appeared in the desolate surroundings just one or two stray cats and dogs ran through the weeds.
However, from the scale of the iron mine and the abandoned buildings around it, we can still see the glory of the year.

He drove the car into the iron mine area and parking in a fairly large open space.
Yan Yu got out of the car along with Ling Hua’an also opened the door and got out of the car.
Ling Hua’an looked around, there were silhouettes of human figures floating around.
They were all wandering ghosts, unconscious, and wandering here all day long.
Because there is no cause and resentment, they will not harm human beings

Ling Hua’an looked around and saw there was a place in the north of him that was surrounded by resentment.
He raised his hand and pointed in that direction and asked, “Yan Yu, is it possible to go there?”

“Yes, there where the mine is.
But it’s a bit far away and it’s overgrown with weeds, so it’s hard to walk.
I’ll go take a look, you stay here and wait.”

“No, there is heavy resentment, it’s too dangerous for you to go by yourself.” Ling Hua’an took out the bull’s tears from his pocket and said, “You put this on your eyelids, and we’ll go over together.”

Yan Yu took the vial containing the bull’s tears and put a drop on his eyelids.
When he opened his eyes again, his surroundings changed.
There were pale ghosts everywhere.
Even though Yanyu had made psychological preparations, he couldn’t help being startled.

Wang Lei on the side greeted with a smile, “Mr.
Yan, we finally met.”

Yan Yu knew Wang Lei, after all, he helped to solve Wang Lei’s case.
He hooked the corners of his lips and nodded.

“Is it okay? “Ling Hua’an asked with concern.

“Okay, let’s go.
I’ll help you.” Yan Yu took a deep breath and calmed down his fast heartbeat.
He held Ling Hua’an’s wrist and walked beside him, pointing him on the path under his feet.

About ten minutes later, two people and a ghost came to the entrance of the iron mine.
They saw a dark area inside, like the big mouth of a giant beast, which made people feel uneasy.
At the same time, the sky also darkened.

Yan Yu took out his flashlight to look at it.
Then picked up a stone on the ground and threw it in.
Listening to the echo of the stone when it landed, he said, “This mine is very deep.”

“The paper talisman I gave you is still with you?”

“Yes, it’s always hanging around my neck.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and said, “don’t be afraid no matter what happens later, I’m here.”

Looking at Ling Hua’an, Yan Yu raised the corner of his mouth, “Okay.”

Two people and a ghost slowly approach the iron mine.
The sound of “woo woo” became louder as they went deeper and deeper, like a woman crying beside their ears, gloomy and terrifying.

Sensing that Yan Yu’s hand holding his wrist was getting colder and colder, Ling Hua’an frowned slightly.
He paused for a moment to take out a piece of warm jade from his arms and handed it to Yan Yu, “keep this close to you.”

Yan Yu took the warm jade, the temperature in his hand surprised him, he put the warm jade back into Ling Hua’an’s hand and said, “I’m not cold.”

“Just use it for a while and return it to me after we go out.
Don’t worry, my physique is special, it won’t hinder me here.
But you’re different, the cold and Yin energy will make you sick.”


Ling Hua’an said helplessly, “when did I lie to you?”

“Okay.” Yan Yu took the warm jade and put it close to his body.
He was so cold until he trembled just now, but now he suddenly felt a lot better. 

The two keep walking forward, “Yan Yu, if you feel unwell, don’t bear it.
You must say it in time.
My eyes are blind, I do not want you to have an accident because of this, understand?”

“Okay.” Yan Yu felt warm in his heart, and his body also warmed up.

The two of them walked together for almost half an hour.
Ling Hua’an suddenly stopped and looked straight ahead.
There was yin energy lingering there.
In the darkness, a woman in a gray maternity dress was hanging upside down on the top of the cave, staring coldly at them.

Tick-tock, tick-tock,
Red blood dripped from the woman’s body and pooled quickly on the ground, dyeing the entire cave red.
The original black color became blood red, and that bright red blood was bubbling, like boiling water.
The blood bubbles exploded, turned into thousands of small red snakes, swallowed their surroundings.
Just like the woman on the top of the cave, staring at the three of them coldly.

Wang Lei shrank behind Ling Hua’an in fear, and stammered, “Lao… Laoban, there are so many snakes.”

“It’s just an illusion.
Don’t be afraid.”  Ling Hua’an kept staring at the female ghost at the top of the cave.

“But …… but I …… I’m most afraid of snakes!” Wang Lei’s voice began to tremble.

“Give me the soul-absorb bell.
You will not see anything when you close your eyes.”

A sharp cry suddenly sounded, and the small snakes that were staring at them suddenly stood upright and shot toward Ling Hua’an and the three of them.

Yan Yu took a step forward subconsciously, blocking Ling Hua’an, but was pulled behind by Ling Hua’an and said, “Stay!”

Ling Hua’an shakes the soul-absorb bell.
Between his lips, he chanted the incantation silently.
A faint light that was visible to the naked eye lit up.
The faster the bell shook, the brighter the light.
Like a light mask, it covers two people and a ghost.
Those blood-red snakes slammed into the shield and made a ‘ci ci ci’ sound.
In the blink of an eye, they turned into a wisp of green smoke and disappeared.

The surrounding blood red slowly disappeared, and the female ghost on the top of the cave made bursts of shrill screams.
Her sharp nails kept scratching the top of the cave, not only leaving deep scratches but also emitting a ‘creaky’ horror sound.

“Who are you and why are you harming me?” The female ghost’s sharp voice seemed far away, her blood-red eyes stared at Ling Hua’an with hatred.

Ling Hua’an said indifferently, “you have no evil consequences.
It’s not too late to turn back.”

“I died unjustly …… died unjustly, I want my child …… I want my child!” The female ghost’s voice was more mournful and piercing to the eardrums of the two.

“Your child is dead, but you still have a chance to be reincarnated.”

“Dead…dead…” The female ghost’s blood-red eyes flashed blankly, only blood and tears were left as the light of hatred flickered.
She said with a grimace, “I want revenge! Revenge! As long as I absorb your yang energy.
My strength will increase greatly, and I can leave this cave and seek revenge on them!”

“Even if you take revenge, what can you do? Your child will not be reborn, and you will miss the chance of reincarnation because of killing.”

“I don’t care! I died miserably, my child died miserably, I must take revenge, I must take revenge!”

“Revenge is okay, but you don’t have to do it.
There are rules in the world, and the rules are the law.
I will help you find out the truth, find the murderer, and bring them to justice.
This will not only avenge you but also preserve your chance of reincarnation, isn’t it good? ”

The female ghost looked at Ling Hua’an and asked, “why do you want to help me? Who are you and what’s your purpose?”

“I’m a spirit guide.
Of course, it’s not free if you want me to help you.
You have to pay me.”

“I’m dead, how can I pay you?”

“You’re dead, but what you left behind in the yang world is still there.
How about it? Do you want to cooperate with me or do you want to go your own way and take revenge?”

A struggling look flashed on the face of the female ghost, and she asked, “Can you really help me find the murderer?”

Ling Hua’an silently recited the incantation, and released Shen Xin, “she was killed just like you.
The murderer is the same person.
We already locked this person.
As long as we find evidence, we can bring him to justice.”

“You… are you the same as me?” The female ghost looked at Shen Xin, and the vigilance on her face relaxed a little.

Besides us, there were also three sisters who were also killed.
One of them was named Su Meiqi.
Like you, she wanted to take revenge and kill people.
In the end, she not only failed to get revenge but also was caught by hell.
So you must think clearly.”

The female ghost looked at Shen Xin in silence, as if thinking about the truth of her words.
After a long time, she sighed quietly, “Now, I don’t seem to have any other choice but to cooperate with you.”

Ling Hua’an breathed a sigh of relief.
In order to show his sincerity, he put away the soul-absorb bell, and the shield covering them disappeared.

Seeing this, the female ghost floated down from the top of the cave, and in the blink of an eye, she was already in front of them.
The pale complexion, blood-red eyes, bruised lips, sharp fingernails, and bloody wounds on his abdomen with her intestines flowed out, completely matching the ghost in Yan Yu’s imagination.
Although he was mentally prepared, his stomach was still churning.

Ling Hua’an looked at the female ghost and asked, “do you still remember your name?”

The female ghost shook her head and said, “I lost all the memories of my life.”

“Then where is your body?”

The female ghost turned to look a short distance away and said, “It’s buried under that pile of rocks.”

“I will temporarily put you in the bell.
When the case is over and your grievances dissipate, I will let you go to the underworld for reincarnation.
If you think of anything during this period, you can tell me directly, I can hear it.”

The female ghost nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ling Hua’an took out a new bell and put the female ghost in, Shen Xin also returned to the bell.
After that Ling Hua’an turned to look at Yan Yu and said, “Let’s go.”

Under the guidance of Yan Yu, the two walked out of the mine and came to the front of the car.
Ling Hua’an took out his mobile phone and called Jiang Chengyan.
The phone was quickly connected, and Jiang Chengyan’s voice came in, “Hello, Hua’an, are you looking for me?”

Ling Hua’an said bluntly, “Yan Yu and I came to the abandoned iron mine and found the body of a pregnant woman.
You can bring someone over.”

Jiang Chengyan asked nervously, “Then you… are you injured?”

A smile appeared under Ling Hua’an’s eyes, “No.
You guys come here now.
We’ll go first.
We still have to go to the crematorium later.”

I’ll take someone over there.”

Ling Hua’an thought for a while and asked, “Captain Jiang, if we leave, how would you explain who found the body? Wouldn’t it be a little difficult?”

Jiang Chengyan replied with a bitter smile, “this is indeed a bit difficult to explain.

“Then I’ll handle this matter.
Don’t come over yet.
Come back after the police call.”

Jiang Chengyan asked curiously, “what will you do?”

“When we are done with this case, you come to pay me.
We will talk about it in detail.”

Jiang Chengyan’s face became hot, he whispered, “didn’t I already give you the reward?”

The smile under Ling Hua’an’s eyes thickened and said, “I charge a lot.
That’s just the deposit, the final payment still needs to be collected.”

Jiang Chengyan blushed and whispered in a low voice, “do we still need to count so clearly between us?”

“Dear brother, settle the account clearly.”

“Then… All right.
What’s the final payment?”

“You guess.”

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