The coldness of Ling Hua’an made Jiang Cheng Yan extremely aggrieved, mainly when he talked about Yan Yu.
Jiang Chengyan could no longer hold back the surging emotions in his heart.
He walked to the door and pulled down the rolling shutter door.
Afterward, he walked around behind the cashier in a hurry to approach Ling Hua’an.

“Ling Hua’an, I have something to tell you!”

Ling Hua’an raised his eyebrows and looked up at Jiang Chengyan, waiting for his next response.

Jiang Chengyan finally mustered up the courage.  When he came into contact with Ling Hua’an’s clear eyes, like a deflated ball, he lost his confidence in an instant.

“That, I’m…that, I want to say…I want to eat braised beef noodles.”

Listening to Jiang Chengyan who swallowed half a day to say the words, Ling Hua’an laughed angrily,

“Captain Jiang, do you need to close my shop door if you want to eat ‘braised beef noodles’?”

“I… I’m out of my mind.
Sorry, I’ll open it now.” Jiang Chengyan turned around, wanted to escape, but Ling Hua’an grabbed his wrist.

Ling Hua’an stood up.
He approached Jiang Chengyan and said with a complicated expression, “Jiang Chengyan, I’ll give you one more chance.
What do you want to say to me? Remember, this is the last chance.
If you want to say it in the future, I don’t want to listen to it anymore.”

Jiang Chengyan was stunned, looking at Ling Hua’an who was close at hand, his heart involuntarily beating wildly.
Suddenly he felt that the surrounding air was getting hot.
He staggered his eyes and stammered, “…I want to say…I want to say that I…Hua’an, you…you are too close.”

Ling Hua’an said blankly, “That’s what you want to say?”

Aware of Ling Hua’an’s emotional changes, Jiang Chengyan quickly explained, “No, no, that’s not what I want to say.”

“What do you want to say? I only give you five seconds to think, 5, 4, 3…”

Seeing the serious expression on Ling Hua’an’s face, Jiang Chengyan knew that if he didn’t speak this time, he might never have the chance to speak again in his life.
He took a deep breath and said very fast, “I like you.”

A smile appeared in Ling Hua’an’s eyes, but he continued to count “2, 1…”

When Jiang Chengyan saw that Ling Hua’an still hadn’t stopped, he reached out and covered his mouth, saying slightly upset, “I’ve already said it, why are you still counting?”

The smile under Ling Hua’an’s eyes grew thicker and he patted Jiang Chengyan’s wrist, signaling him to let go.
Only then did Jiang Chengyan realize what he had done and let go of his hand in a panic, his face as red as a monkey’s butt.

“What are you saying, who can hear it?  Yourself? Say it again.”

Because he already confessed, the second time seemed not so difficult.
Jiang Chengyan covered his chest and gathered up his courage to say, “Hua’an, I like you.
I know that being liked by a big man doesn’t sound like a good thing.
You don’t have to feel a burden, it’s on me to like you.
If you really can’t accept it, then I… I will stay away from you.
Although I know that when I say this, it is likely that we can’t even be friends anymore…but I really don’t want to hold it in my heart anymore.
It feels really tormenting…”

After so many days he finally forced out what was in his heart.
Ling Hua’an couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes, but he calmly said, “what do you like about me? When did it start?”

Jiang Chengyan looked at Ling Hua’an nervously.
He swore that he had never been so nervous like this since he could remember.
He stammered, “I, I don’t know, I just think, think you look good, and the food you make is so delicious…”

Ling Hua’an was amused for a while, and said, “Wouldn’t it be better for you to hire a good-looking nanny?”

“How can it be the same!” Jiang Chengyan retorted subconsciously, and then whispered, “no matter how good-looking the others are, I don’t like it if it’s not you.”

Ling Hua’an chuckled softly, “Captain Jiang, you really opened your mouth1 when you talk about your feelings.
You should have told others a lot before ”

Jiang Chengyan responded with a blushing face.
Seeing the smile on Ling Hua’an’s face, he felt more expectation in his heart, and he carefully asked, “Hua’an, will you …… hate me?”

Ling Hua’an did not answer but asked, “you really like me? I am a man.”

“I like!” Things have come to a head and Jiang Chengyan is now willing to give up.

Ling Hua’an stretched out and wrapped his arms around Jiang Chengyan’s waist, he smiled, “then what are you waiting for?”

Ling Hua’an’s sudden movements made Jiang Chengyan’s body stiff, and he didn’t even know where to put his hands.
He asked nervously, “Hua’an, you… what do you mean?”

Ling Hua’an felt helpless for a while, he lowered his head and kissed the mouth that made his teeth itch.
Jiang Chengyan’s eyes widened in shock.
He even forgot to breathe, and his body was as stiff as a stone.

Ling Hua’an said in amusement,  “close your eyes and relax.
We are kissing, not punishing.”

Even Ling Hua’an already said it, Jiang Chengyan’s brain was completely unable to function properly after a single action.
It was not until a long time later that he softened his body and began to respond to Ling Hua’an in his clumsiness.

Jiang Chengyan’s brain was blank, leaning on Ling Hua’an’s shoulder and he was gasping for air.
Jiang Chengyan’s clumsiness pleases Ling Hua’an, which shows that he is indeed inexperienced.  Ling Hua’an hugged Jiang Chengyan happily, waiting for him to return to his senses.

Jiang Chengyan now not only blushed, but even the roots of his ears and neck were also red.
He leaned on Ling Hua’an’s shoulders, hesitating with both hands, but still hugged Ling Hua’an.
He whispered: “Hua’an, you… what do you mean by this?”

Ling Hua’an was amused when he heard this, and said, “Captain Jiang, I have done it so obviously.
You still ask me what this means.
Where is your IQ?”

Jiang Chengyan felt so happy, but since he didn’t hear Ling Hua’an say that also like him makes he felt uneasy.
Feeling dissatisfied, he said, “If you don’t say it, how will I know what you mean.”

Jiang Chengyan himself did not realize it, but Ling Hua’an still heard a coquettish sound in his voice.
He turned his head in Jiang Chengyan’s ear and said, “Captain Jiang, I like you too, do you know it now?”
Jiang Chengyan’s heart was beating wildly, and he replied softly in embarrassment.

The two hugged each other for a long time, without feeling the time was passing.
Thinking that Jiang Chengyan would have to go to work tomorrow morning, Ling Hua’an patted Jiang Chengyan and said with a smile, “Captain Jiang, it’s getting late.
You should hurry back home.”

Thinking about the case at hand, although Jiang Chengyan was a little reluctant, he did not show any emotion.
He let go of Ling Hua’an and said,  “Hua’an, then I’ll go first, you take care of yourself.

What do you want to eat tomorrow, I’ll make it for you.”

Jiang Chengyan took Ling Hua’an’s hand with expectation, “Let’s go out to eat tomorrow.
They said there is a western restaurant nearby, and the steak there is delicious, okay?”

“Does Captain Jiang want to take a break from your busy schedule and go on a date with me?”

Seeing the smile on Ling Hua’an’s face, Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth, he said uneasy, “En, can’t I?”

“Okay, I’m afraid Captain Jiang is not free.”

“Then it’s settled.” Jiang Chengyan squeezed Ling Hua’an’s hand reluctantly, and said, “Then… I’ll leave first and send you a voice message when I get home.”

“Okay.” Ling Hua’an was also a little reluctant.

Jiang Chengyan let go of Ling Hua’an’s hand but kissed his lips the next second.
Then he fled to the door, opened the rolling door then said, “Hua’an, I’m wearing the talisman you gave me.
I’m leaving, see you tomorrow.”

The store door was opened and then closed again.
When Jiang Chengyan walked out of the store, Ling Hua’an touched his lips.
He chuckled happily.
The low and pleasant voice seemed to have magic power on this winter night, which made the people who heard it feel warmer.

Wang Lei and Shen Xin at the door looked at each other with a smile and entered the door one after another.

“Laoban, congratulations on getting what you wanted.
That fool finally opened his mind.”

“Congratulations, Mr.
Ling, and I hope you can grow old together.

Ling Hua’an smiled faintly and said, “Since he opened his mouth first, then he can only be mine.



Early in the morning of December 15, 3020, Jiang Chengyan was excited and had not slept all night.
Although he has two panda eyes, he looks so excited.
He got up early, picked up his mobile phone and dialed Ling Hua’an’s number.

Listening to the incoming call’s number, Ling Hua’an frowned, “Hey, why are you up so early?”

“I bought beancurd and youtiao.
I bought a lot.
I just wanted to ask if you want to eat it together.”

Ling Hua’an smiled helplessly, “just say what you want to say in the future.
I can not always understand the meaning of your words, this will save a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Jiang Chengyan took a deep breath and said frankly, “I want to have breakfast with you.”

Ling Hu’an was in a happy mood, and he agreed: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Half an hour later, Jiang Chengyan drove to the door of the police station.
After he parked his car, he ran to the grocery store excitedly with breakfast.
Because his shift is not over yet, there are only Ling Hua’an and of course Wang Lei in the store, but Jiang Chengyan can’t see it.

Jiang Chengyan pushed open the door of the store and said with a smile, “Hua’an, I’m here.
Sorry for the wait.”

Ling Hua’an pointed to the rolling shutter door and said, “You pull the rolling shutter door down.”

Jiang Chengyan was startled, unconsciously remembering the kiss last night, his face turned red all of a sudden.
He asked nervously, “Hua…Hua’an, why did you ask me to close the door?”

Although Ling Hua’an couldn’t see it, he could hear something from Jiang Chengyan’s words.
He chuckled and said, “What do you think?”

Jiang Chengyan’s face turned even redder.
Feeling both excited and nervous, he said, “then I will put things down before closing the door.”

Jiang Chengyan took the dishes and put the food in his hands before coming to the door and pulling the rolling shutter door down.
He turned to look at Ling Hua’an and said, “Hua’an, the door is closed.”

Ling Hua’an turned around the cash register, came to Jiang Chengyan’s side, and slowly approached him.
Jiang Chengyan’s heartbeat accelerated, slightly raised his head, and nervously closed his eyes.
But after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Ling Hua’an’s movements.
He peeked open his eyes and saw Ling Hua’an looking at him with a smile on his lips and said, “Captain Jiang, don’t you want to have breakfast? Why are you standing still here, what are you thinking?”

A disappointment flashed in Jiang Chengyan’s eyes, and he said with a guilty conscience, “No…it’s nothing, it’s just…”

Before Jiang Chengyan could think of an excuse, Ling Hua’an suddenly reached out to hold his face and kissed his lips.
After a short time, Ling Hua’an said jokingly, “Captain Jiang, if you want me to kiss you, just say it.
My eyes can’t see, but my ears are fine.”

Jiang Chengyan came back to his senses and said in shame, “Ling Hua’an, you …… you teased me!”

The smile in Ling Hua’an’s eyes deepened, “Did I guess wrong, didn’t Captain Jiang want me to kiss you?  You see, I can’t see with my eyes, I can’t read words.
So what do you want in the future, you have to say it straight.
Otherwise, what if I guess wrong?”

Looking at Ling Hua’an’s eyes, Jiang Chengyan felt a burst of heartache for a while, and whispered honestly, “You guessed it right…” 


to talk carelessly ↺

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