On December 14, 3020, in the meeting room of the criminal investigation team, everyone arrived one after another.
The continuous overtime work had exhausted their physical strength, and they all yawned in turns.

Jiang Chengyan was no exception.
He tossed and turned last night because he couldn’t fall asleep.
Ever since Sun Ming laughed out loud, he felt embarrassed to pester Ling Hua’an anymore.
When he finished eating, he left, He wasn’t sure whether Ling Hua’an had calmed down.

Glancing at everyone, Jiang Chengyan smiled and said, “you guys look half-dead, all cheer up.
We have many young people in their twenties and thirties.
Please show the energy of young people.”

Yao Min yawned, “Captain, look at your panda eyes before talking about us.”

Jiang Chengyan laughed and scolded, “You little girl talks the most.
Okay, let’s start the meeting to cheer you all up.
Okay, Liu Ran, after the investigation in the past few days, what clues do you get?”

Liu Ran flipped through her notebook and said, “Shen Xin’s last call was made to a person named Li Cui.
We verified that Li Cui was the former housekeeper of Shen Xin’s family.
After being fired by Shen Xin, she returned to her hometown in Yangcheng.
We contacted Li Cui herself.
She said she didn’t use that number, we also checked the call records of that number.
Except for calling Shen Xin, there was no other contact record, so I suspect that Shen Xin used Li Cui’s ID to get the number, but the user was not Li Cui.”

“Nowadays to apply for a mobile phone number you have to use your real name and to be present in person.
This Shen Xin is Li Cui’s employer, so it makes sense to have Li Cui’s ID card, but if Li Cui is present in person, she should know that Shen Xin uses her ID card to apply to get that number.”

Chen Miao pouted, “It can be done with money now, let alone just for a phone number.
Captain and I went to the hotel to check the registration record but the receptionist didn’t register the guest because of 200 yuan and helped him hide his identity.
It’s all done because of money.”

“The main reason is that people’s legal awareness is not enough now, it also shows that our legal literacy work needs to be strengthened.” Jiang Chengyan turned his words and then asked, “what about her expenses record? When was the last time Shen Xin spent money?”

“The last expense was in the hospital, at 12 noon on December 1st.”

Jiang Chengyan nodded, looked at Li Tong, and asked, “how about the investigation in the East Lake?”

“We retrieved the surveillance video of the parking lot and found the vehicles that did not leave on the day after the 3rd.
Except for a black FUV, everyone in the other vehicles was investigated and no suspicious places were found.

“What happened to that black FUV?”

“That is Shen Xin’s car.
It has been parked there since it entered that spot on the 2nd, and has never left.”

“Have you notified the Trace Inspection Department?”

“I did.
Qin took someone to drag the car back to the bureau, and the test has not been completed yet.”

Jiang Chengyan said thoughtfully, “If the murderer drove Shen Xin’s car into the parking lot of East Lake Park in advance after the murder they should be stuffed the body in the trunk of their car before moving it to Shen Xin’s car and drove the car away.
It would be easy to avoid our sight.”

“East Lake is a tourist attraction, many people come and go.
If it’s really like Captain guessed, then the murderer’s psychological quality is not strong.”

Knock, knock, knock

There was a knock on the door three times, Qin An pushed the door and walked in, holding a stack of materials in his hand.

When Jiang Chengyan saw him coming in, his eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, “Mr.
Qin, are the results of Shen Xin’s vehicle test coming out?”

“En, there are blood stains left in the trunk of the car.
It was detected as Shen Xin.”  Qin An handed the information to Jiang Chengyan, and then continued, “Other than that, nothing was found.
The vehicle was obviously cleaned by someone.
However, we  find this bloodstain in the cracks in the trunk.”

 Jiang Chengyan said with a bitter smile, “this means my guess is right, so our previous investigation wasn’t going to work.”

“Oh, by the way, the DNA comparison of the cigarette butts we found in the dense forest of East Lake before has results.
The smoker was a man named Hu Chunhai.
He is not a local and has no criminal record.
He should be a tourist who came to travel.
Also those sets of footprints, one belongs to him, the other should also be left by other tourists, it was nothing valuable.
There is information about Hu Chunhai inside.”

“Okay, Mr.
Qin, you’ve worked hard.”

“Not as hard as you guys.
Then I’ll go first, I still have something to do.”

After Qin An left, Jiang Chengyan simply flipped through the documents and said, “Li Tong, Zhang Liang, your next task is to check this Hu Chunhai and confirm his alibi.
Liu Ran and Wang Bin, go to Huacheng People’s Hospital and visit Shen Xin’s obstetrician.
The others go with me to Lingmei Plastic Surgery Hospital and bring Wu Zheng back for a chat.”

At Lingmei Plastic Surgery Hospital, Jiang Chengyan took someone directly to the director’s office.
Chen Min at the front desk wanted to stop him but Jiang Chengyan took out the official letter to assist in the investigation and blocked her mouth.
After knocking on the door a few times, Jiang Chengyan pushed the door directly and walked in.
Wu Zheng, who was checking data, was startled.
With a dissatisfied look on his face, he asked “Captain Jiang, what do you mean by this?”

Wu Zheng’s haggard appearance surprised Jiang Chengyan for a moment, but he didn’t say anything.
He took out the official letter and said, “Director Wu, we need you to cooperate in the investigation of Shen Xin’s case.”

Wu Zheng stood up and said, “Okay, please wait a moment, I’ll make a call.”

Jiang Chengyan grabbed Wu Zheng’s wrist, “Director Wu, if you want to hire a lawyer, give us the number and we will contact it for you.
It is not convenient for you to contact others right now.”

Wu Zheng looked at Jiang Chengyan in silence, put down the phone after a while, and said, “Okay, I’ll cooperate.”

Jiang Chengyan turned to look at Guo Hai and Chen Miao, “you guys stay and investigate.”

“Yes, captain.”

At ten o’clock in the morning, in the interrogation room of the criminal investigation team, Jiang Chengyan looked at Wu Zheng.
He asked, “Director Wu, what is your relationship with Shen Xin?”

Wu Zheng replied to him calmly, “doctor-patient relationship.”

“Other than that? ”

Wu Zheng looked at Jiang Chengyan in silence, with no intention of answering.

Jiang Chengyan also did not talk nonsense, directly took the picture of them together to him and asked, “tell me, what’s going on?”

Wu Zheng’s face changed, and then soon he regained his composure, “I had an affair with her.

“How long did this affair last?

“Just last month, I broke up with her and I haven’t seen each other since then.”

“Then the child in her womb is yours?”

“I haven’t done a paternity test, so I’m not very sure.”

“Why didn’t you answer the truth about your relationship with her when we met before?”

“After all, it is an extramarital affair, which is not good to talk about.
My wife’s health is not good, I don’t want her to know.”

Yao Min said angrily, “since you know that extramarital affairs are disgraceful, why are you still messing around?”

Wu Zheng looked at Yao Min but had no intention of answering.

“As a dignified person, being a plastic surgeon really doesn’t suit you.
Why don’t you just go to the film and television industry? Maybe you will get a movie king title.”

Wu Zheng remained silent, with a calm expression on his face.

“Where were you on the 3rd of this month from 0:00 AM to 3:00 AM?”

“In the early morning of the 3rd?” Wu Zheng thought about it and said, “I had an operation on the night of the 2nd, I was busy until midnight.
I realized it was already late, so I stayed in the hospital and invited the nurses to have dinner.
After that, I went back to the office around two o’clock to rest.”

“Does your wife know about you and Shen Xin?”

“I don’t know.
I will cooperate with whatever you want to ask.
I just ask you not to disturb my wife.
She is not in good health and can’t stand disturbance.”

The more Wu Zheng said this, the more disgusted Yao Min became, she said, “Who are you pretending to be affectionate now, it’s hypocritical!”

“When and where was the last time you saw Shen Xin?”

“The last time should be the 15th of last month.
At the Huaxin Hotel, I felt sorry for my wife and broke up with her.”

“She agreed? ”

“We are all adults, we just playing around.
What’s make not to disagree? Not to mention that there is a small Internet celebrity by her side as a spare tire?”

Jiang Chengyan frowned and said, “she is pregnant and will give birth in not more than a month.
How could it be just for fun?”

“Anyway, she agreed.
Probably because she knew that the child in her womb was not mine.
Once the paternity test was done, she would be embarrassed, so she simply agreed to break up.
Also, I gave enough breakup fee, enough for her to raise her child.”

“How much did you give her?”

“One million.
In fact, she is not short of money.
The reason why I give it to makes her doesn’t feel that she has suffered a loss.”

Jiang Chengyan nodded, “Director Wu, I have to trouble you to wait, we need to implement your statement.”

“It’s okay, I can wait.
But I have to trouble Captain Jiang to call my home and say I’ll go back later today.”

“Director Wu, your face doesn’t seem to be good.
Have you been sick recently?”

Wu Zheng’s pupils shrank.
Fear flashed in his eyes, but he quickly hid it and said, “The hospital has been busy recently, I’m just a little tired.
Thank you Captain Jiang for your concern.”

Jiang Chengyan’s eyes flashed slightly, and he smiled, “I will definitely help you with the things that Director Wu just explained.
Take this opportunity to have a good rest, and we will go out first.”

Jiang Chengyan and Yao Min left the interrogation room, but Yao Min still felt upset and said, “Captain, I was really blind at the beginning, I thought he was a good man.
He…he is the best among scumbags!”

Jiang Chengyan said thoughtfully, “Girl, don’t you think Wu Zheng’s complexion is very bad? The last time we saw him was a few days ago.
He still looks lively and well before that, how come he looks so sick and weak in just a few days?”

Yao Min was startled, “Yes, his face is sallow, he also lost a lot of weight.
If I hadn’t seen him before, I wouldn’t have recognized him.
I think he has done a lot of bad deeds and has suffered retribution.”

Jiang Chengyan snapped, “Girl, how can you say that you graduated from the police academy? Why do you still believe in that nonsense?”

Yao Min pouted and said, “I believe in science, but I also believe in karma.
Planting good causes will produce good results, and planting evil will produce bad results.
As police, aren’t we let those who have done bad things get the punishment they deserve?”

“Looks like I have to apply for an ideological and political course.”

When Yao Min heard this and quickly begged for mercy, “No, no, no, captain, I’m wrong, okay?”

“Okay, hurry up and inform Guo Hai and Chen Miao to implement Wu Zheng’s confession.”

Yao Min called Guo Hai and conveyed Jiang Chengyan’s meaning.
After hanging up the phone, Yao Min looked at Jiang Chengyan and asked, “Captain, what should we do next?”

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