peaking with a grim face, “only such a way of death can relieve hatred.”

Jiang Chengyan was silent for a while, his brows eased, and then he asked, “How do you know Jiang Changping’s whereabouts? Did Li Qiuran tell you?”

“No!” Yao Jiang subconsciously denied, “This matter has nothing to do with her.
It’s me who has been following Jiang Changping, that’s why I know his whereabouts.”

“Have you been following him? Do you know what Jiang Changping did on the 22nd?”

Yao Jiang was startled, then returned to the normal state, “I don’t remember.”

“Where is the first crime scene?”

“In the park across Heping Community.”

“How did you and Jiang Changpin meet?”

“At the bar.
In order to follow him, I used to work at Bolang Bar where he usually goes.”

“For what reason did you approach him, made him let you get into his car in the middle of the night unguarded?”

Yao Jiang moves his eyes rapidly.
Obviously, he was thinking hard, “we became friends when I worked in the bar.
I said that I was in a bad mood and wanted to chat with him.
I made an appointment in the park opposite Heping Community.”

“What did you use to get in touch with him, cell phone, VX, or other SNS?”“VX.
But I already deleted all the chat history.”

“It doesn’t matter, the chat history of VX can be restored even if it is deleted.
What is your account number?”

“I used permanent deletion and can’t restore it!”

“Just tell me your account name.
Whether it can be recovered or not is our problem.”

Yao Jiang became agitated and asked loudly, “Are you finished or not, I have admitted that the murderer is me.
Why do you still ask questions?”

“Because we are the police, it is our responsibility to uphold the dignity of the law, find out the truth, and return justice to the dead.
Yao Jiang, the truth will never be buried.
It’s not like what you said.”

“The fact is that I killed Jiang Changping, dismembered his body, and threw it in the trash can near Xinmin Community.
I have nothing else to say.”

Jiang Chengyan took out his mobile phone.
Opened the gallery album to find the photo that was sent by Jiang Cheng.
Then he walked to Yao Jiang’s side, “this photo is your purpose to kill Jiang Cheng.”

Yao Jiang looked at the photo subconsciously, but quickly lowered his head and said nothing.

“The photo was taken on the evening of the 23rd, Although the distance is not close, the pixels are clear enough to be able to see the characters above.
One is you and the other is Li Qiuran.” Jiang Chengyan paused for a while, then continued, “She gave it to you.
This thing, I think you should be familiar with it.
Although it is not big, it can be clearly seen that it is a car key.
I would like to ask since you killed Jiang Changping, why do you need to ask Li Qiuran for the car key ?”

“Because I accidentally lost my car keys.

Jiang Chengyan smiled, “This is Jiang Changpin’s key car.”

Yao Jiang was startled, and then said with an ugly face, “You lied to me!”

Jiang Chengyan said in half-truth, “”You don’t have to regret it.  Although I did use some methods just now, I just knew the result in advance.
After all, the technical department of our police station is not vegetarian1.
As long as you zoom in on the picture, you can easily know who the key belongs to.”

Yao Jiang looked at Jiang Chengyan in anger and fell silent again.

“Since Li Qiuran is willing to give you the car keys, it means that she at least knows about it, right?” Seeing that Yao Jiang didn’t intend to answer, Jiang Chengyan smiled indifferently and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want the answer, it’s the truth.
Although there is no direct evidence, a complete chain of evidence has been formed.
So even if there is no confession, we can convict her.”

“I killed the person, it has nothing to do with her.
You don’t accuse her!” Yao Jiang shouted with an almost pleading tone.

Jiang Chengyan sighed and said, “Let’s go, there is no need to ask any further.”
Yao Min glanced at Yao Jiang, then got up.
The two left the interrogation room ignoring Yao Jiang’s yelling.

Outside the door, Yao Min asked in a low voice, “Captain, what are you thinking?”

“What can I do?” Jiang Chengyan said with a wry smile, “Didn’t you see that he has made up his mind to commit murder for Li Qiuran?”

“Then what to do? We don’t have any direct evidence and Yao Jiang keep saying that he killed him.
As long as Li Qiuran doesn’t say anything, we can only let her go.”

Yao Min couldn’t help but become emotional, “Although I don’t agree with Yao Jiang’s actions, I have to admit that Yao Jiang really loves Li Qiuran so badly that he can even confess a murder for her.”

Jiang Chengyan raised his eyebrows, “what? Envious?”

Yao Min nodded honestly and said, “Envy.
If a man were willing to die for me, I would definitely be moved to tears.”

“If I have to be petty in the dirt to love someone, I’d rather not.”


In the grocery store, Ling Hua’an was listening to a song when the bell on the door suddenly rang, and Wang Lei walked in through the door.
He approached Ling Hua’an and smiled, “Laoban, I’m here.”

Ling Hua’an looked in the direction of the police station and asked, “How’s it going, have they reached a conclusion?”

Wang Lei recounted what happened in the police station, “Listen to that fool…cough, listen to Captain Jiang’s tone, he is also at a loss”

Without waiting for Ling Hua’an to speak, Jiang Changping’s cold and faint voice suddenly sounded in his ears.


vegetarian: not to be trifled with / to be reckoned with ↺

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