On October 30, 3020, in the grocery store No.
514, Jiang Chengyan looked at Ling Hua’an.
“Hua’an, if you have anything to say, just say it directly.
Although the case has made progress, there is still no breakthrough.
Maybe the information you have can help us to solve the case.”

“Okay, I hope it can help the case, and it’s worth it for us to get to know each other.” Ling Hua’an pondered for a while, “once in our conversation, Jiang Changping mentioned that he suspected that his son was not his own.”

“What? Are you saying that Jiang Changping suspects that Jiang Xiaohan is not his biological son?” Jiang Chengyan was shocked for a moment, and then asked “When did he tell you about this, is there any basis?”

“Not long ago.
As for the basis, I didn’t ask much.
After all, this is a very private matter, and I just listened to him.”

Jiang Chengyan nodded thoughtfully, “I see.”

Ling Hua’an smiled and said, “Sorry for disappointing you.
I told you baseless things.”

Jiang Chengyan hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s good that you can provide us with clues.
Maybe it will be the key to solving the case.”

“En, it’s good to help.
The egg is ready.
Go eat the noodles, it won’t taste good after a while.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chengyan peeled the egg and put it in the noodle bucket, took it to the table by the glass window, nodded to Lu Hao with a smile, and then ate the noodles quietly.

Lu Hao looked at Jiang Chengyan curiously and said, “Hello, I’m Lu Hao.
I heard from my brother that you are the captain of the criminal investigation team, right?”

“Hello, I do work in the criminal investigation team.” Jiang Chengyan paused and asked with a smile, “Is Hua’an  your brother?”

My brother said that you helped him a lot.
Thank you very much.”

Jiang Chengyan glanced at Ling Hua’an and said with a smile, “No, I just did what I was supposed to do, no need to say thank me.”

“My brother is very strong.
He never talks about any difficulties and never asks anyone to help him…”

Ling Hua’an interrupted Lu Hao, “Lu Hao, have you finished eating? Go back soon after you’re done eating.”

Ge, it’s still early, just let me stay for a while.” Lu Hao stuck his tongue out secretly after speaking.

“No, I’m not comfortable with you going back alone when it’s too late.”

“I’m not alone.
Isn’t there Senior Sun Ming? When he finishes his shift, we will go back to school together.
It’s safer than going back by myself now.”

Sun Ming quickly agreed, “Yes.
Laoban, it will be safer for us to go back together later.”

Ling Hua’an was stunned, then thought about it and said, “It’s okay to go back late then.
But don’t talk about nonsense, do you hear me?”

Lu Hao hurriedly responded, “Got it.
Ge, I promise not to talk nonsense.”

Jiang Chengyan stirred the noodles in the bucket and asked in a low voice, “Does your brother live alone?”


Jiang Chengyan hesitated to ask, “Who is Yan Yu-ge you mentioned earlier?”

“Yan Yu-ge is my brother’s friend, a very good friend.
Since the two met, Yan Yu-ge will go to my brother’s house to take care of him almost every day, taking care of him in every possible way.
Except for me, Yan Yu-he knows my brother best.
As long as my brother makes a move, he can guess what my brother wants to do.
I often think it would be great if I could have a friend like this.” Lu Hao paused, “ My brother is injured.
It must be because Yan Yu-ge is busy.
It’s not even passed two days.”

As Jiang Chengyan listened to this, he recalled Ling Hua’an gentleness when facing Yan Yu last night.
He feels a sourness bubbling inside his heart.
He stirred his noodle but he did not take a bite.
He took a deep breath and said, “What about your brother, he must be very good to Yan Yu, right?”

“Of course! Although my brother is usually cold and quiet.
In fact, his heart is the softest.
If others treat him well, he will treat others well.
Yan Yu-ge  is the person my brother trusts the most.”

Jiang Chengyan put down the noodles that he hadn’t eaten at all.
He stood up and said, “Hua’an, I’m done eating.
So I’ll go back to the team now.”

Ling Hua’an asked bluntly, “What did you say to him just now?”

Lu Hao blinked innocently, “I didn’t say anything.
I just thank him for helping my brother, what’s wrong?”

“What else?” Ling Hua’an still understood Jiang Chengyan’s temperament, if that’s the case, he couldn’t have left in such a hurry.

Lu Hao thought for a while and said, “And he asked who Yan Yu-ge is and what is your relationship with him? Then I said that Yan Yu-ge is my brother’s best friend, and you two are very close.”

“Ling Hua’an raised his eyebrows, “That’s all?”

“That’s all, what’s wrong?” Lu Hao was asked with a dumbfounded look.

The corner of Ling Hua’an’s mouth curled up into a smile, “It’s fine.
Have you finished eating?”

“Done eating.
Ge, did I say something wrong just now? He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.” Lu Hao asked after thinking about Jiang Chengyan.

“You just found out?” Ling Hua’an rubbed Lu Hao’s head and scolded, “you’re so clever during the week, why are you stupid today? You talked about everything, are you familiar with him?”

“Ge, stop rubbing it.
You messed up my hair.” Lu Hao protested.

“Then keep your memory long, don’t be silly and unwary of anyone, understand?”

“He’s not only a cop, and he helped you, so I’m not on guard.
Ge, I’m an adult.
Don’t always think of me as a child.”
“For me, you will always be a child.
All right, pack up your things.”

“Well,” Lu Hao got up to pack up his things and took them to the back for cleaning.

The bell rang, the store door was pushed open, Yao Min walked in and greeted with a smile, “Ling Dage, I came to buy something to drink.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and smiled, “Take what you want to drink by yourself.”

The footsteps sounded, Yao Min walked to the shelf and took seven or eight bottles of water, and walked to the cashier.

While scanning the code, Sun Ming in concerned, “Officer Yao, you work overtime every day, it’s too hard.”

“What can be done about this, who made us choose this hard job in the first place.”“I used to just see it in TV dramas and talk about how hard the police worked.
I didn’t believe it at the time, but now that I got close to it, I finally understand the saying ‘drama comes from life’.”

Yao Min asked in amusement, “don’t you think you should work hard for the police? Why are you talking about the drama?”

“Forty-five yuan in total.” Sun Ming paused, then continued, “I just wanted to say that Officer Yao has worked hard.”

“Add it with the noodles the captain ate before, how much is the total?” Yao Min took out her mobile phone and scanned the code.

Sun Ming looked at Ling Hua’an in front of the glass window.
Ling Hua’an said indifferently, “Five pieces of noodles and two pieces of eggs.
If he wants to count them, let’s count them all.”

Sun Ming was stunned for a moment, obviously aware of Ling Hua’an’s displeasure, and said, “45 plus 7, a total of 52 yuan.”

Yao Min paid the money, picked up her things, and said, “Ling Dage, then I’ll go first.”


Yao Min pushed open the door and walked out, the bell sounded particularly loud in the quiet shop.

“Ge,  I’ve washed all the dishes, where do I put them?” Lu Hao broke the silence.

Ling Hua’an didn’t answer but asked, “What time is it now?”

Lu Hao glanced at the clock on the wall then replied, “It’s just nine o’clock.”

“Sun Ming, today you go get off work early.
Go back to school together.”

“Laoban, there’s still an hour left anyway.
I need to wait a little while.”

“No, go back.
It’s too late.
I’m not at ease.”

“Ge, it’s so hard for me to come here once.
Let me stay a little longer.”

“Be obedient, or don’t come again in the future.”

Lu Hao said hesitantly, “Okay then.”

Sun Ming took off his apron, before  putting on his jacket,  “Laoban, we will leave first,  see you tomorrow.”

“Ge, I’m leaving.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and said, “Be careful on the way.”

“Laban, don’t worry.
I promise to send Lu Hao back to the dorm safely.”

Dīng líng líng

The bell sounded when the store door opened with a gust of cold wind blowing in.
The two left and the store once again became quiet.
Looking at the wandering spirits floating around outside the window, Ling Hua’an suddenly felt a sense of loneliness.
He had been used to this loneliness for a long time, but today he felt very disgusted.



Jiang Chengyan absentmindedly looked at the document in his hand, his eyes looking in the direction of the door from time to time.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door then Yao Min pushed the door and walked in with a water bottle in his hand.

Without waiting for Yao Min to speak, Jiang Chengyan couldn’t wait to ask, “How about it, has the money been paid?”

“Here, five pieces of noodles and two pieces of eggs.” Yao Min answered truthfully, placing the water on the table.

Jiang Chengyan asked nervously, “Then… what else did he say?”

“Him? Who?” Yao Min looked at Jiang Chengyan and asked it on purpose.

Jiang Chengyang snapped, “Yao Min!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Yao Min quickly confessed, “ Ling Dae said ‘If he wants to count them, let’s count them all’ and he didn’t say anything else.”

Jiang Chengyan’s heart twitched and he asked, “What does he mean by saying this?”

“It’s to settle the loan with you, what else can it mean?” Yao Min pretended she was blind, unable to see Jiang Chengyan’s ugly face.

“Settle? Is he trying to get rid of me?” Jiang Chengyan couldn’t tell the sadness in his heart.

Yao Min said helplessly, “Captain, you have to clear this up with Ling Dage first.”

Jiang Chengyan was taken back, his heart even felt more uncomfortable, “Okay, I know.
You go out first.”

Yao Min was speechless for a while, then said angrily, “That’s it?”

“What? “Jiang Chengyan suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and looked at Yao Min.

Seeing Jiang Chengyan’s bewildered look, Yao Min simply hated the iron for not becoming steel1 and reminded, “Captain, Ling Dage is so good-looking, there must be many people who like him.
If you continue to be so awkward, I’m afraid that Brother Ling will be someone else’s.

Jiang Chengyan looked at Yao Min blankly and said, “What do you mean?”


 hate iron for not becoming steel; to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement ↺

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