On  28 October 3020,  at Jiang Changpin’s home in Heping District,  Jiang Chengyan and Yao Min came to investigate.

Jiang Chengyan reached out the tissue and then handed it to Liu Qiuran, “Ms.
Li, we will definitely find out the truth, so don’t be too sad.”
Li Qiuran took the tissue, wiped her tears, and sobbed saying, “He left so suddenly, how can I not be sad.
I don’t think I can understand how someone who is so good as Changping could have someone wanted to harm him and use such a cruel method.

Li, according to what you know, did Mr.
Jiang have any grudges with anyone before his death?”
“I’ve never been involved in his business affairs, but with his gentle nature, it’s impossible for him to hold a grudge against anyone.”
Li, do you think Mr.
Jiang has the possibility of cheating?”
“It’s impossible!” Li Qiuran retorted.
Her voice was so loud, enough to make Jiang Chengyan startled.
Li Qiuran seemed to realize that her reaction was a bit over, she continued in a slightly slower tone, “Changping takes care of his family and did his best for me and my son.
It is impossible for him to cheat.”

Li, where were you between 10 and 11 pm on October 22?”
“I go to bed at 9 o’clock every day, and the 22nd is no exception.” Li Qiuran asked with a frown, “What do you mean by asking this?”
“That means you haven’t been out since 9 pm on the 22nd, right?”
“22nd was Tuesday,  Han Han had to go to kindergarten the next day, I had to put him to bed.
We had washed up and gone to bed at 9 pm and didn’t leave the house.”
Jiang Chengyan was silent for a while, and said, “Apart from this property, do you have any other properties?”
“There’s nothing else, just this house and the gallery.”
Jiang Chengyan stood up and said, “Ms.
Li, until the case is cleared up, we may still come over and bother you, so please don’t leave the city for now.”
“As long as you can find the murderer, I will cooperate in any way.”
“Don’t worry.
We’ll do our best.
So, we won’t continue to disturb you today, we will see you again later.”

The two left Jiang Changping’s home and did not return to the police station, but went straight to the property office.
They revealed their IDs and retrieved the surveillance video on the 22nd.

“Aside from the CCTV in the elevator in the unit building, is there any CCTV  in the stairwell?”
The property manager shook his head and said, “There is no in the stairwell, but there is CCTV  in the lobby on the first floor of the unit building.
If someone comes down the stairs, it can be captured.”
“How about the blind spot1 for the first floor and second floor?”
“The first floor is a storage room, there is no CCTV there.
The second floor is a parking lot, and only the entrance and exit are monitored.”
“If there’s any vehicle not from here, can they enter the parking lot?”
“No, only unit owners or for those who buy rent parking spaces can enter the parking lot, and other than that they can’t enter.”
Jiang Chengyan nodded and took the surveillance video of elevators, the lobby, and the parking lot from  22nd t0 24th.

Inside the car, Yao Min looked at Jiang Chengyan and said, “Captain, do you still doubt Li Qiuran? I think she has deep feelings for Jiang Changping, so she shouldn’t do it.”
“Have you heard a sentence? ‘You love too much until It will turn to hate’, if she really loves Jiang Changping as she said, once she finds out that the man she loves is actually a homosexual, and has a regular sexual partner, if it were you, what would you feel?”
Yao Min retorted while gritted her teeth, “If it were me, I would have castrated him! No, I want him to taste the chrysanthemum!”
Jiang Chengyan said in disbelief, “You damn girl, you really don’t think of yourself as a girl, how can you talk like this.”
Yao Min spat out her tongue and said, “Captain, her suspicion is also based on the speculation that she knows Jiang Changping is gay.
But in terms of the conversation just now, I don’t think she knows the truth.”
“Whether there is any suspicion, you have to check it to find out.
I know you care about Jiang Xiaohan2, If the murderer is really Li Qiuran.
But we are the police, what we have to do is to find the truth, defend the dignity of the law, and give an account to the deceased.
What we should avoid are preconceptions and emotional actions.”
Yao Min sighed and said, “Captain, I know all this, but if the murderer is really Li Qiuran, then Jiang Xiaohan will be too pitiful.”
“Living in a beautiful illusion and living in a cruel reality, only the parties themselves know which is the best.”
Yao Min asked, “Captain, what do you mean by this?”
“It means we are here, get out of the car quickly.”

Standing in front of the police station, Jiang Chengyan subconsciously looked at the grocery store across the street and casually asked, “Yao Min, how much do you think the average wage for a clerk is?”

Yao Min’s face was bewildered when he asked her this, but she still thought about it, “It depends where it is.
If it is a jewelry store and a kiosk, the wage difference can be very big.”
“What if it’s a small grocery store across from us?”
Yao Min followed Jiang Chengyan’s gaze and said suddenly, “You mean 514? The salary shouldn’t be too high, right? It’s only four or five thousand a month? But if there is such an eye-catching Laoban, even if he gives three thousand, I am also happy to do it.”
Jiang Chengyan frowned slightly and said, “You like him?”
“Who?” Yao Min was stunned for a moment, then reacted and said excitedly, “Captain, do you talk about Ling Dage? Of course, I like him! He is so good-looking.
Has a nice body.
Much better than those idol stars.
If he likes me, I am willing to pay backward.3“
Jiang Chengyan felt inexplicably uncomfortable, and his frown became even tighter, and asked, “He’s blind, don’t you mind it?”

“What’s wrong with the blind? I dare say that no one has better eyes than Ling Dage.
Captain, I didn’t expect you to discriminate against the disabled!”
Yao Min looked like she was protecting her calf, and her brow was wrinkled to the point that she could clip a fly.
“I don’t mean that…” Jiang Chengyan answered in a foul mood, “Forget it, I’m talking nonsense with you here, hurry back to work.”
Jiang Chengyan glanced at the grocery store opposite, before turning and walking into the office building and Yao Min hurriedly followed him behind.


At eight o’clock in the evening, Jiang Chengyan stood up, stretched his back, and walked out of his office.
He looked at everyone, then asked, “It’s already eight o’clock, why is no one talking about dinner?”
Everyone looked at Jiang Chengyan strangely, and Yao Min answered, “Captain, don’t you always eat by yourself? We’ve already finished eating.”
Jiang Chengyan was stunned and touched his nose with some embarrassment and said, “then why don’t you ask me, in case I want to eat with you today.”
Yao Min bristled and muttered in a low voice: “It’s not like we haven’t asked before, when did you eat with us.”
Jiang Chengyan laughed and scolded, “Yao Min, have you finished watching the video? How come you are the one who talks the most.”
Yao Min stuck out his tongue and continued to watch the video with her head down.
Jiang Chengyan turned around and went back to the office, took his coat, and left the police station.

Standing outside the door, looking at Ling Hua’an in the store, Jiang Chengyan raised the corner of his mouth unconsciously.
He pushed the door open and walked in.
“Captain Jiang, you are here, what do you want to buy?” Sun Ming greeted him warmly.
“Working overtime today.
I’m here to buy something to eat.” Although he was answering Sun Ming, Jiang Chengyan’s eyes were always too Long Hua’an.
“I know, Officer Yao and the others came here just now and ate instant noodles here.

Thinking of today’s conversation with Yao Min, Jiang Chengyan frowned slightly, then looked at Ling Hua’an who was silent, feeling uncomfortable.
He responded perfunctorily before walking to the shelf where the instant noodles were placed, bent over to get his favorite flavor.  When he got up, he found Ling Hua’an standing beside him at some point, holding the familiar thermos bucket in his hand.
“Eating instant food is not good for your health.
I made ribs and rice.
Let’s eat this.”
The discomfort in Jiang Chengyan’s heart instantly disappeared, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise and he said with a smile, “Hua’an, you have mobility problems, so how can I always trouble you like this?”
“Didn’t you always take care of me before?” Ling Hua’an words was mean something.
Jiang Chengyan was stunned, his smile dropped a second, “Hua’an, you don’t have to do this, I just wanted to help you before, and had no other intentions.”
“I know.” Ling Hua’an curved the corners of his mouth and said, “I also just want to do my part, not pay off my debt.”
Jiang Chengyan sniffed and raised the corners of his mouth again, saying, “Wouldn’t that be too much trouble?”
“No trouble, I’m going to eat anyway, it’s just a matter of doing a little more.”

“Then… many thanks.” Jian Chengyan took the thermos bucket and looked at Ling Hua’an who turned around.
He hesitated before reaching out to grab his arm, and said nervously, “Where are you going, I’ll help you.”
Ling Hua’an turned sideways, reached out and grabbed Jiang Chengyan’s wrist, and said, “The aisle is too small for two people.

Jiang will lead the way.”
Feeling the slight cool touch on his wrist, Jiang Chengyan’s heartbeat accelerated unconsciously, and he said somewhat helplessly, “Oh, okay.

Jiang Chengyan crossed Ling Hua’an sideways, the two were so close that he could clearly hear Ling Hua’an’s shallow breathing.
His heartbeat continued to speed up, and he was so nervous that he forgot to breathe.
“Captain Jiang, why is your heart beating so fast?”As Long Hua’an suddenly gets closer and his warm breath blows, Jiang Chengyan ducks unconsciously to hide and his face turns red immediately.
Jiang Chengyan said at a loss, “this, it’s a little hot here, let’s get out quickly.”

Even though he said that Jiang Chengyan still pulled his wrist beforehand, slowed down his pace, and waited for Ling Hua’an to follow.
Ling Hua’an’s mouth twitched slightly, and a smile flashed in his eyes.
The two sat in front of the glass window, Ling Hua’an smiled lightly and said, “Today’s ribs are good.
Captain Jiang, try it.”
Knowing that Ling Hua’an couldn’t see, when his eyes looked at him, Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help but still feel nervous and said, “Oh, okay.”
He opened the thermos bucket.
On the top of it, there is fragrant rice, while on the bottom are the fragrant pork ribs placed.
Just looking at it, will raise the appetite.
Jiang Chengyan subconsciously swallowed his saliva and said, “Then I’ll start.”
The rice is moderately soft and hard, and the ribs are smooth, crisp, and tender.
It’s a feast for taste.
Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help praising and said, “Hua’an, your cooking skill is great!”
Ling Hua’an smiled, “What do you want to eat tomorrow?”
A sentence successfully made Jiang Chengyan choke, Ling Hua’an hurriedly called Sun Ming and asked him to get a bottle of water.
Jiang Chengyan took a few big gulps, and asked “Hua’an, what did you just say?”



The author has something to say:
It’s really cold now, and after walking out for a while, the fat hands are freezing cold, (?_?)


The MTL result is ‘negative’, so I assume it is a blind spot? Feel free to correct me.  ↺ Jiang Xiaohan = Hanhan ↺ The idiom means –  to lose money instead of being paid ↺

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