Evil Player Ascension

Dungeon cleared; Inferno sword

Greenhorn City is a semi-developed city where technology development has started to take place. It is headed by a city lord and its divided into certain small communities.

If Daemon is correct, the place he is in right now is one of the small communities called ”The Right Hand is Green, ” named after a mysterious monster that once raided it and had green hands.

Looking around, he saw a lot of faces. Some of the evil NPCs he worked with back then were in this place. He noticed one of them.

He is called ”Vuan ”. He is a martial arts instructor who later became a villain. An event was held for the players to search for him, but he wasn found.

Many players believed that he was eaten or that he had probably gone to another dimension, but it was all a lie as Daemon was the one who hid him in his previous life.

They met at the time when Daemon had discovered the reason behind his misfortune.

Back then, he was the strongest martial artist. ”Its better to make him an acquaintance now. ”

Then he walked up to the house. It was built with fine wood, giving the impression to others that it was a cabin for farmers, but actually it was supposed to be a martial arts school.

When he got there, he saw the greatest villain in the game sleeping and snoring hopelessly, like a man who had no longer attached himself to this world.

He was dressed weirdly in a robe with long sleeves. As he slept, his hands wrapped around his sword like it was his woman.

[Vuan | Martial Artist | Level 40 | Neutral Affiliation.]

Daemon stared at the window for a while but was surprised when everything about Vuan was displayed in red instead of the normal blue color that was displayed each time he walked past other players and NPCs.

”What are you doing here? ”

Vuans eyes weren opened but he could tell that someone was there. As expected of a good martial artist, even without sight, danger can be detected. With sounds and disturbances in the glow of nature.

”Im here to learn martial arts from the great master Vuan. Please share your knowledge of martial arts with this student. ”

”You have magic in you. You are one of those lazy humans who believes that just using Mana is the best and not training in martial arts. ”

”Im a warlock but that doesn stop me from choosing the path of martial arts, which I believe is the best path to greatness. Please accept my plea and impact your knowledge on me. ”

”Great word choice there, young one, but do you think Ill be fooled by just mere words? A martial artist without ambitions is like a man who sows thorns on fertile land. ”

Vuan still hasn opened his eyes yet.

”If you accept me as your student and impart your martial arts knowledge on me, I promise Ill help you get more students in the future. In that way, you will not be lonely. ”

Vuan became a villain because he was lonely and his martial arts were criticized.

After hearing that, his eyes opened wide and he speedily stood up.

”If thats true, then you are accepted as my student. In just four hours of intense training, Ill make sure you become strong enough to survive the world in this state. ” But if I find out that you were just saying those things to make me help you,

Murderous intent wavered in the air.

Ill ensure that your life will be as miserable as it can be. Ill ensure I crumple your magic core so you won be able to cultivate magic forever.. ”

The core of a magic user is identical to the dantian for cultivators.

Having it crumpled is the worst disaster that a magic user can face, especially if you have come a long way in it, such as becoming a ranker or signing with a notable company.

Both of them agreed on it. Daemon already knows of a way to spread the news through his KinTube channel, which has 5.6 million subscribers at the moment.

”But before we begin, you have to complete a mission for me. ”

”Whats it? ”

In exchange, Ill teach you a martial arts technique and give you my sword legacy book.


[Vuan has triggered a quest.]

[Quest: Retrieve Vuans precious skill book.]

[Difficulty level: B] [Time limit: 24 hours]

[Reward 1: Vuans sword legacy]

[Reward 2: 100 additional bronze coins]

[Accept mission Y/N]


Everything comes with a hidden price that one has to pay.

To learn his technique and create an alliance with Vuan, he has to sacrifice his time and energy.

Because he was a reincarnator, he knew mainly all the places in Greenhorn City.

Thus, he was able to locate the direction that leads to the community heads house even without the help of the map provided to himself as well as other players.

Nevertheless, right now the only magic skill he has is flame ball, and it consumes 10 MP per flame ball he uses.

His total MP is just 100, meaning he only has the chance to use 10 flame balls, after which he has to wait for his MP to be restored.

Hence, if he was to face anyone like this, he would likely die while trying to. Thus, he had to increase his level as soon as possible. Fortunately, his prayers were answered when he met a group of players who were calling for the help of other players to join them.

Of the seven of them, only one female player, who was a priest, while the others were young men like him, but their jobs were unknown.

”We are looking for one party member with a magic class. You want to join? ”

The leader saw Daemon and asked, to which Daemon responded by nodding his head.

”I want to join. ”

”Whats your class? We only have a spot for magic class users. ”

”I have magic class, specifically warlock. ”

”Um, okay, Ill send the invitation to you now. ”

[Player ”Xandon ” sent you a party request; accept or decline]

He accepted it, and the information about the other players was shown to him. There were two berserkers, two mages, and two archers.

Hi, Im Celine. Im the Priest of this party. Nice to meet you. ”

Celine was friendly. On their way to the dungeon, she introduced herself to him.

When he heard the name, his mind drifted to the top priest of his previous life, who happened to be his girlfriend Emerald, and Celine was among the top five, no four specifically.

She was even a core member of his guild at that time.

He introduced himself as well, but why he did so, he noticed that the leader and a few of the players grinned at him.

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