ancement factor acquired: A.

I expect you to take step forward towards a new evolution]

[What the heck is this?]

The sudden appearance of a mysterious basement, a strange door, the headache inducing voice and incomprehensible contents of it that make even the unusual phenomenon of a floating object seems trivial to me now.
The card emits a light of its own hence the need of the flashlight is gone.

I observe the card that is floating in front of me.
In the card you can find some sort of a picture of a woman.
She had black hair and looks like a ninja.
I thought it was a card from some card game.
I picked it up to feel it and its texture is feels matte.
When I turned it over, there are words written on it.


Name: Akane

Title: The Bewitching Kunoichi

Rank: F

Rarity: Legendary

Skill: Kunaijutsu Lvl 1 / Enemy Search Lvl1 / Sex Technique Lvl1

[Bewitching Kunoichi Akane?  Er? A versatile character that specialized in shortrange attack using Kunai and daggers and uses shuriken as a mean for long range attack.
In addition, she had good sexual skills.
Her height is 163 cm.
Three sizes are B99 W57 H87…]


As I read, the card’s light suddenly grew stronger and quickly let go of the card and involuntarily turned my face away.
The light disappeared after a moment and the darkness once again fell

[Are you, my master?]


A voice suddenly echoes from the darkness.
This time it’s not ringing in my head.
I hurriedly turned on the flashlight and in front of me is a dark-haired woman standing.

[That’s quite tactless]

In an instant she was able to stole my flashlight and turned it off wrapping us with pitch black darkness.

[Please rest assure, the first layer would become a safety zone shortly]

[what the hell are you?]

I asked the lady who was in the dark nervously.
She smells faintly of flowers.
Was it a scent bag? Then, her body emerges from the dark as the floor and ceiling become luminous and not long after, bluish light has illuminated the room.
Then, a beautiful woman gracefully bowed her head.

[Nice to meet you master]

Ah! I’m Kazuhiko Ezoe]

Even while saying that my eyes are glued to the woman in front of me.
She wears something like a fine grain chain mail, with black clothes over it.
The lower parts of it have slit resembling that of the Chinese dress.
Perhaps it so that she can move easily.
From the clothes her thin beautifully shaped limps were stretched out and her chest is amazing.
Her chainmail is tightly snugging into her body that makes her breast more conspicuous, just like a giant meat bun.

[Ufufufu… I can feel your eyes on me]


Saying that I turned my face away.
The bewitching beauty gives of a good scent that tickles my nostrils.

[Don’t worry about it master.
I am your servant and every inch of my body belongs to you.
I also knows how to please a gentleman and if you so wish I can do whatever you want]

[No, that’s…]

When I said that while turning away my face a breath was blown to my ears making me jump back in a hurry.

Are you calm?”

When I finally realized that she was teasing me, I let out a big sigh which sure enough, calmed me down.
The best way to recover from confusion is to look away from the situation and because now that I am calm, I can now start to sort through all of the information.

[Sorry, but I want you to give me a minute]

[Yes, my lord]

I walked in circles as I tries to organize the information that I currently have.
Then I realize that the information I have is lacking.

(A sudden appearance of a subterranean space, an unknown voice and incomprehensible content, a shiny card that summoned the beautiful woman in front of me….)

After a minute, I stopped.

[I would like to ask you something Akane.
What is the dungeon system?]

Akane then moistened her lips with her tongue.

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