Dungeon Busters: Chapter 1: the Bewitching Kunoichi Appeared! (A)

My name is Kazuhiko Ezoe.
 A middle-aged man who is ab out to turn 40 this year and lives in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo.
I am a management consultant that left the company 10 years ago to start a small business consultant company.
I’m also a qualified social worker so I make ends meet by doing social insurance-related work for small and medium enterprises, especially on those situate in Edogawa, Koto Ward and Chiba prefecture.
I also work as training instructor occasionally.
I work with a friend from elementary who currently owns a pachinko machine chain and has a referral from a diagnostic association.
That said my annual income is at most 6 million.

I who has no intention on getting married, is a in Edogawa.
I bough a small 30 years old house in the district and I mostly work for two days then rest, then work for another 2 days then rest for 2 days.
I lived quite a carefree life with three days off a week.

[What is this hole?…]

Shikabane chou, the place I live in Edogawa is a vast railroad void between Mizue Station of Toei Shinjuku line and Koiwa station of the Sobu line.
Here you can buy a house for less than 30 million yen and was determined to live modestly here as my final residence along with a small garden.

It was late last night when I felt a small tremor and when the morning came a small square hall about 80 centimeter wide appeared at the corner of the garden.
When I shone a flashlight inside of it, I see a stone case.
It was baffling.

[A basement?]

I checked the time at my watch and it shows that it was 9:55.
I have today and tomorrow as day off that’s why I have nothing to do today.
Thus, with flashlight and a lighter in hand, I descend down the mysterious stairs.
It continues towards the bottom of the neighbor’s house.
I don’t want to get into trouble with the neighborhood so I guess I should cover this with a fence or something.
While thinking about such things, I descend carefully while keeping the lighter lit.
it seems like there’s oxygen around.

[Oi, oi this is quite deep]

It feels like I went down for about 30 meters.
I finally reached the end of the stairs and I breathe a sigh of relief.
Looking back at the stair I find it quite steep and thought that this would be a pain in the ass to climb.

[This is quite a large basement]

I aimed the flashlight in all directions.
The place is more or less 15-meter square with a ceiling height of three meters.
The floor is made of stone and have no visible gaps between them.
While I was observing the place, I stopped the light at the front

[A door huh]

There was a sturdy metal door that has an estimated height of two meter.
It was painted black, that’s why I haven’t noticed it immediately.

[Is this an air raid shelter? Or was this a military installation from the war?]

The metal handles don’t have any welding marks, as if it machined.
I grasped the handle to check the inside thinking it was necessary before I report it to the authority.
Suddenly, I heard a mysterious voice.

[First contractor confirmed.
Activating base on the world’s law.
One revolution left till all the dungeons to be activated….]

[Eh? Where does this voice come from?]

The voice that can be described as machine like and inorganic resound unexpectedly loud making me cover my ears instinctively.
However, for some reason the volume of it didn’t change.
It feels like it was ringing inside of my head.

[Character card Akane.
The First Contractor will be provided with increased card holding limit, Ability slot expansion and skill selection function.
Unique ability had been set.]

[Huh? Kunoichi? Cards?]

[Dungeon roulette completed coordinates fixed.

 Dungeon name: Abyss.

 Difficulty: A.

 Drop Reward Level: A.

Amount of enh

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