‘So, this is a dream.’


The moment when Rosé saw Haven by her side, she then realized she was dreaming.

『 “Yes? what’s the matter?” 

At that moment, Haven turned to her and stretched out his hand, narrowing his brow after seeing her appearance.
And his long fingers gently rubbed the corners of Rosé’s eyes.

『 “Could it be that you are crying?” 


『  “No.” 

Rosé felt her eyes run hot as his body temperature from his hand touched her skin, but she shook her head as if nothing had happened.
But Haven didn’t to Rosé’s words, and cupped her cheeks with his hands, and stared at her.

『 “But I was right, you are crying.” 

A tear was about to come out of his blue eyes as he carefully inspected every corner of her face.
Still, she had to hold on.

Even though it was just a dream, she doesn’t want to see him cry.

Rosé put her hand on Haven’s hand that was covering her cheek.
Even though she knew it was a dream, the warmth from his hand felt so vivid.

『 “Why are you very pretty today?” 


Seeing her like that, he finally smiled.
Rosé had tears in her eyes, then smiled brightly and asked playfully.

『 “Then I was not pretty other times?” 


『 “Of course you are pretty other times, but you are prettier now.
No, you’re just always pretty at any time.
To the point where I feel sad that time is passing by quickly.
Even so, I look forward to the tomorrow I will be with you so much.” 

It was the same for her, too.
It was very sad that the time with she has with him passed that quick.
Time was passing by, but she still waited with excitement for the future with him.

She couldn’t believe that the ending between them was her waiting….
and not the future.

『 “Hmm.
Rosé, you’re really weird today.
Are you sick?” 

Haven, who was looking at her warmly, tilted his head.
Rosé smiled at the concern in her gaze and shook her head.

『 “I just like this.
It’s so good, it makes me so happy…” 

Rosé couldn’t finish her words and hugged Haven’s neck.
The cry she had been holding back escaped from between her lips.

『 “Rosé?” 

Bewildered Haven called her amusedly.
However, Rosé did not answer as she buried her face in the nape of his neck.
She really couldn’t.
Then, as if he had found an answer on his own, he hugged Rosé affectionately and opened his mouth.

『 “They say that women when pregnant, your emotions become ups and downs, and that seems to be true.” 

Our baby.
Rosé hugged him and she raised her head at his words.

『 “Our baby, Haven.” 


『 “Yes.” 


『 “Our baby, Flitta.” 

Rose’s voice trembled.
She continued her words as if swearing while facing him, with his blue eyes looking at her.

『 “I am going to work hard.
I’ll do anything.
Even for Flitta.
And for you, too.
Everything I haven’t been able to do until now.” 

She could feel it.
It was time for her to wake up from the dream.
She continued to follow her words toward him, who was hazed.

『 “Therefore… “ 

She had a lot to say.
However, the look of the person who heard the words gradually blurred.
Haven looked at her and seemed to be saying something, but she couldn’t hear him at all.
And so were her own words.
She wetted her lips silently and then reached out her hand towards him.

The body temperature she felt a while ago, that warmth…


Rosé stretched out her hand and opened her eyes.
Her outstretched hand was pitiful, as if trying to grasp an empty void.
The bluish morning light inadvertently passed through her hand and drew a picture on the wall beside the bed.
It was a painting with tangled lines of unknown meaning.

She slowly closed and opened her eyes and looked at the scene.
Since she has just woken up, she still hasn’t regained her energy.
Is that why? Rosé had no idea where she was now.

Strange room.
Strange bed.
Unfamiliar landscape.

「 “Rosé.” 

At that moment, a low voice passed by her ears.
It wasn’t a real voice.
However, it was a very vivid voice for Rosé, who had not completely escaped from that dream she just had.


Then she remembered everything.
She knows where she was now and what he dreamed of just before.
Rosé remembered the Haven she had met in her dreams and bit her lips together.

The tips of her lips trembled as if she was about to burst into tears.
But instead of crying, she smiled faintly and looked out of the window.

The sky before dawn was dark.
It was a current time when everyone was still asleep.
It was a silence Rosé liked the most.

“I must hurry.”

She had been stunned for a moment because she had seen Haven in her dream.
She patted herself on the cheek and got down from her bed.
When she awoke, she saw the full view of her bedroom.

It was unfamiliar, but on the other hand, it was her own room that was familiar to some extent.

‘Come to think of it, a week has already passed.’

Rosé looked around the room with a strange expression.
It has been a week since she entered the Grand Duke’s mansion.
Things her hands were unfamiliar and was clumsy, felt familiar now.

… She even had her favorite time.

Right this time.

She looked around her room, soaked in her inspiration, and then turned around.
Because she had to wash her body and change her clothes.
The sooner she does it, the more time she spend with her child.

* * *

Instead of knocking on the bedroom door, Rosé carefully opened it and went inside.
Suddenly, the sound of the child’s breathing could be heard.
She smiled unconsciously.

She saw a small child sleeping, wrapped wide in the blanket.
Rosé sneaked up on Flitta’s tiptoe so as not to wake her up.

‘I guess you didn’t have a nightmare today.
I’m glad.’

As soon as she approached her bedside, she examined Flitta’s face first.
What a surprise she was to see Flitta’s face covered with her tears on the first morning she had met at the Grand Duke’s residence a week ago.

It was then that Rosé first became aware of it.
That her child often suffers from nightmares.
That she often loses sleep as she wanders through that nightmare alone.

「 “You can’t tell Dad.
it is a secret.” 」

Nevertheless, instead of crying and complaining that Flitta was scared, she asked her a favor with a desperate expression.

Don’t tell dad about it.

If she has scary dreams, she is at the stage where she searches for her mother or father, but her child tried to hide it.

‘… My baby.
Mom is sorry.’

Because she couldn’t be with her.
When she had scary dreams, Rosé should be by her side.

Rosé knelt at the head of her bed and looked at Flitta quietly.
Her fingertips twitched wildly.
She felt the urge to caress her child’s soft cheek, to touch her child’s shiny hair.

But instead of acting on her own mind, she clasped her hands tightly together and pulled herself up again.

“… Uunngg.”

It was then.
Flitta rubbed her face against her pillow and seemed to struggle with her sleep before opening her eyes.

The child’s pale green eyes peeked out between her eyelids.
At the same time, Rosé widened her eyes.
Flitta stared blankly at Rosé and blinked her eyes.
She had a confused look on her face because she hadn’t been awake.

Rosé, who saw that, smiled.

“Good morning, Princess.”

“… Rosé!”

At Rosé’s morning greeting, Flitta blinked her eyes a little faster, and then she jumped up and sat up.
She then stretched out her arms towards her.
Rosé feared Flitta would fall under her bed, so she hurriedly took her child into her arms.
She smelled of sweet milk peculiar to a child.

“Good morning.”

The child who shyly greeted Rose with her arms around Rose’s neck burst into a small laugh.
Rosé held Flitta and she carefully sat her on her bed.
The child’s eyes twinkled as she looked up at her.

“You didn’t have a bad dream today?”

“Yes! I wasn’t scared at all!”

Flitta nodded her head with a proud expression.
Rosé’s eyes widened as she looked at the child.

“That’s fortunate.
Um, then would you like to wash up and change your clothes?”

It was a bit little earlier than usual, though.
Rosé hesitated and tilted her head, and Flitta quickly went down from the bed.

“Yes! And before breakfast, I want to draw with Rosé! Draw another rabbit! More than yesterday!”

“Yes, princess.”

Rosé smiled and answered the child’s words.
Yesterday, she drew some rabbits at the request of Flitta, who was playing with drawings in the sketchbook, and the child seemed to like them.
She laughed again and hurriedly prepared water for Flitta to wash herself and prepared clothes to change into.

To be honest, Rosé’s attendant was not lacking in clumsiness.
Unlike other people who had been trained for a long time as an employee of the Grand Duke, Rosé suddenly became the Grand Duke Daughter’s maid, so she was unfamiliar with everything and had no choice but to be clumsy.
No matter how much she has been educated in the past week.

However, Flitta, who was being served, did not seem particularly dissatisfied.
Rather, she was happy, and she had a lot of fun.
And that was still the case today.

Flitta came out of the wash and smiled at her, swaying her legs back and forth over her.
When Rosé saw it, she smiled and asked.

“Should I wear a ribbon in my hair? Or maybe a headband? I think wearing a ribbon would be prettier today.”

“Then let’s do a ribbon.”

Flitta looked at Rose in the mirror and she answered meekly.

“How about a yellow ribbon?”

Rosé took out a yellow ribbon from the box containing her ribbon and placed it on Flitta’s head, asking the question again.
Then she nodded her head as Flitta looked at her cutely.

“Um… great.”

Flitta’s personality was gentle.
She wasn’t picky when it comes to choosing anything.
Rosé hadn’t seen her insist on something like this for the past week…

Rosé hung a yellow ribbon on the side of Flitta’s hair but stopped involuntarily.
She turned her gaze to the child in the mirror.

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