p>Rosé shook her head and looked at the child with a sullen expression.
But she didn’t ask her child back.
She just wiped the child’s hands with her head down again.

She was very careful.

As if treating the most precious thing in the world.

Then, Flitta’s gaze cautiously returned to Rosé.
The child saw her maid wiping her own hands as she knelt in front of her.

Her memory of when she fell into the water was not clear.
It’s just that the feelings of that time remain faint.

She was terrified.

As a young Flitta, she had no choice but to express her feelings at the time in such a lumpy manner.

It was scary.
She was scared when she stepped on the wet ground at the lakeside and slipped and fell into the water, and she was scared when she struggled in the water.
But what scared me most of all was the fact that she was alone in that dangerous situation.

She cried out for help, but no one came.
No one came, neither her father nor her nanny.

「 “Oh, ugh, Mom….” 」

She swallowed the water, and it was her mother who called last in her mind.
The mother she doesn’t even remember.
Her mother who left her.
Nonetheless, she is her mother whom she missed so much.

… And the person who came at that time was Rosé.

Flitta looked at Rosé silently and then opened her mouth again.

“Being my maid, don’t you feel bad?”

Rosé lifted her head while gently holding Flitta’s hand.
She asked again, wondering if she had heard something wrong.

“… Do you feel bad about being the Princess’s maid?”


But Rose wasn’t wrong.
Flitta nodded her head up and down her, then she hesitated, then she added:

“I’m… lowly, blood.”

Rose’s mouth wide opened.
But she couldn’t say anything.
Even a sigh can’t be heard from her.
She was speechless and could only gasp.

She must have misunderstood her silence.
Flitta shrugged her shoulders and continued her speech in an even quieter voice.

“Everybody did.
So is my nanny.
Even the maids.
If I’m wrong, it’s because of my mother.
Because my mother is a commoner… therefore…”


When Flitta stopped talking to her, she suddenly wept.
Then she started rubbing her eyes with her little hands.

“Don’t worry, hnng… Mom isn’t lowly.
It’s my fault.”

“… Fli, Princess.”

Rosé almost called Flitta by her name without realizing it, but she managed to correct it.
She was not a child who blamed herself.
When she thought of the hurt her child, who suffered because of her, she was so sorry.
She hadn’t done anything for her child until now, and she thought that it was because of herself that the child was so scared, and her heart broke.

“I’m sorry I made you feel bad.
But don’t hate mom.
Mom…  Didn’t do anything wrong…”

“I don’t feel bad about that, princess.”

Rosé hurriedly spoke, holding back from wanting to tap her clogged chest.
Then Flitta wept and rubbed her eyes before looking at Rosé.
She wiped her child’s wet eyes with her handkerchief and smiled.

“Rather, I am happy as it was.”

Tears welled up in Flitta’s round eyes while staring at Rosé.
Rosé nodded her head, wiping the tears down on her child’s cheek.

“Of course.
Because you’re a very lovely child.”


The child blushed as if embarrassed by Rosé’s words and moved her fingers.
Rosé smiled again at that figure, then continued talking to Flitta.

“And those words, I don’t believe them.”

“… Yes?”

“The princess’s… bad words about her mother.
She gave birth to someone as lovely as the princess, but she is not of low blood.
I’m sure she is a precious…woman.
She must be a very beautiful person.”

Flitta’s face flushed as Rosé praised herself.
However, Rosé wanted to raise Flitta’s self-esteem.

How could she hurt her child with words like that?

She was genuinely angry with her nanny and her maids.
They were not like Rosé, who had a meek personality and rarely got angry.
If they were here right now, they might have questioned her.

The child seemed so accustomed to seeing herself shrinking at the attention of others.
Judging her with the rhymes of low blood, it was clear that she had already received many contemptuous glances.

After all, it was something that could be guessed from the way the nanny treated Flitta a while ago.
While talking about the princess and emphasizing her noble lineage, the nanny treated Flitta inappropriately.

“… Really?”

Flitta listened to Rosé’s words and asked, dyeing her face red.
Rosé raised the corner of her mouth and nodded her head vigorously.

“… It’s my first time.
Someone said good things about Mother.”

Flitta rubbed her big cheeks with the palm of her hand, and she laughed cutely.
Then, looking at Rosé with her sparkling light green eyes, she opened her mouth.

“I like Rosé.”

“Me too.
I also like….

Rosé smiled at her child, hiding the grievance in her heart.
She only wanted to show her child a smile.
And she wanted to make the child smile as she does now every day.

Even she has to give her all.

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