Rosé couldn’t calm her nervous heart and grabbed her hands tremblingly.
The head maid’s gaze went down to her hand for a moment, then up, and she stared on Rosé’s face again.


Even in the midst of this, the nanny called the head maid with an urging tone.
The head maid finally took her eyes off of Rosé and answered in a blunt voice.

“His Highness directly ordered this, so we cannot recklessly oppose his command.”

“But this maid’s identity is unknown!”

“His Highness must have had that in mind as well.”

“You can’t take this thing lightly like that! She might have approached the princess with this intention from the beginning!”

Nanny raised her voice.
As soon as the head maid listened to her words, she raised one of her brows sarcastically.

“So, she predicted in advance that the princess would fall into the water, that was what she did and saved Her Highness?”

“Not that…”

The nanny was speechless at the gaze of the head maid, who looked at her as if she were talking gibberish.
The Nanny licked her lips a couple of times, then frowned at her and she stood up.

“Well, the head maid has full authority over the maid, so I can’t interfere anymore.
Even if something unpleasant happens because of this.”


The head maid’s brow furrowed at the nanny’s manner of voicing her words.
But she didn’t respond to the nanny anymore.
Seeing that, the nanny frowned at her again, glared at Rosé briefly, and then turned around and left.


The sound of the door closing was deafening.
The maid, who was standing by the door, flinched greatly at the force.
Rosé was also flustered, and the moment she turned to the door, she heard the voice of the maid.

“Then we should talk about your salary.”

“… Yes?”

Rosé’s eyes widened.
The head maid met Rosé’s big green eyes before she spoke again.

“I mean, your salary.”

“We, well… I’m Princess’s… ”

Rosé stammered out her words.
The head maid who watched her sighed and nodded her head.

“His Highness said that he would use you as the princess’ exclusive maid, so you’ll have to follow that order for now.”

“Th, thank you…”

“We’re done.
You also have no reason to thank me.”

The head maid interrupted her by raising her hand.
And she looked at Rosé with a cold gaze.
It was still a gaze particularly disliked Rosé.
Only then was Rosé able to subdue her excitement as if she had been covered with cold water.

“I will not continue to employ you unconditionally just because it is the Grand Duke’s order.
I’ll watch what you do and decide whether or not to keep you as the princess’s maid, so know that.”

“Yes, Maid.
I will do my best.”

Rosé nodded her head at the maid’s words, reaffirming her resolve.
Rather, this was realistic.
No, although the unreal has already happened in that she gets the chance to stay by Flitta’s side.

‘I have to stay by Flitta’s side somehow.’

She pressed her lips together again, reaffirming her resolve.
In the meantime, the words of the maid continued.

“And the salary will be 3 Setena a month.”

(TN: I tried searching about this Setena, but I can’t find anything.
If there’s a kind-hearted someone who will give me the pleasure of passing the information, if ever you know, please do so, so everyone will understand what Setena in Korea’s currency is.)

“… Yes?”

Rosé’s eyes, which held her heart firmly, widened.
She lifted her head up to the head maid just as she had heard something wrong with herself.
The head maid frowned at Rose’s questioning expression.

“Why? Are you dissatisfied with the low salary?”

“Oh no! It’s not like that… It’s too big of a salary.”

3 Setena.
If she wasn’t misinformed, that was a huge sum for Rosé.
It was an amount of money she had never earned before.

She settled down on the border, and when she was a child, she had about two dozen a month’s worth of her herbs.
She was lucky, even though she buys expensive herbs, she’s never exceeded 3 dozen.

“Too big?”

The head maid tilted her head as if she had heard something wrong.
Rosé hesitantly nodded her head.

1 setena equals 100 Gross.
So, if she has 3 Setena, that’s 100 times more than the monthly income she was lucky enough to earn!

(TN: Well, let’s calculate to understand.
If Rosé has 3 Setena, she has 300 Gross, which represents a quantity which is 12 dozen (144 pieces).
Therefore… she has 432 Gross.
Well, am not good in Math so if I am right, then that would be great.)

“She sure is from the countryside.
Saying that 3 Setena is a huge amount of money.”

The head maid, who was looking at her, let out a laugh at her.
A small sneer was also heard from the maid at the door.
Rosé blushed in embarrassment.

She realized now that everything was expensive in the capital.
Didn’t she suffer from lack of money ever since she came up to the capital?

‘Come to think of it, I really came all the way here without taking any measures.’

Should she call herself brave enough to come to the capital with only one wish: to see the man and child she loves before I die? Had she been unlucky, she would have died somewhere without ever seeing them.
She may have died of starvation before she could die from her illness.

‘… Haven, you saved me.’

Rosé muttered to herself.
Haven saved her.
He also gave their child a chance to stay by his side, so he even granted her a wish before she died.

It seemed like it would make her laugh.
Isn’t it funny that a man who doesn’t even remember her made everything she wanted come true? She felt the tip of her nose went cold.
She laughed, but she couldn’t figure out why she kept getting the tip of her nose tingling.

* * *

Aside from her salary, the head maid told her about a number a lot of things.
The main contents of the Head maid’s words were the manners she should have as a maid of the Grand Duke’s Princess, her regular life pattern, and the rules she had to follow.

“I normally go out twice a month, but in your case, since you have just become a maid, you will only be allowed to go out once every two months.
You’re not complaining, are you?”

“Yes, Head Maid.”

After the head maid had finished her words with details about her job, Rosé rose from her seat.
Rosé answered her politely and looked at her.

“Then do you want to follow me? Because you have to formally say hello to the Princess.”


Rosé’s face brightened at the maid’s words.
Seeing this, the head maid turned toward the door but opened her mouth.

“Even when talking about the salary, you didn’t show any signs of joy, but you seemed to be very happy to say hello to the princess.”

“Ah, I…”

Rosé hurriedly changed her expression, wondering if she was expressing herself too much.
She knew it was unlikely, but she was afraid that her own careless behavior might reveal her relationship with Flitta.

“It’s not that I don’t understand you.
It’s enough to earn money by doing other things, but it’s not something anyone can do to serve the precious lineage of the royal family by their side.
If you hadn’t saved the princess, how would you have dared set your foot here?”

The head maid nodded lightly and muttered, then moved toward the door.
Rosé hurried out of the room following the head maid, Jean.

* * *

“She is the nanny who will serve the Princess from now on.
Say hello to the Princess.”

The head maid came forward, introduced her rosé to Flitta, and then opened her mouth to her rosé, who was standing behind her.
But Rosé showed no reaction to the head maid’s words.
No, it would be more accurate to say that she hadn’t heard the head maid’s words in the first place.

‘… My Baby.
Flitta, my baby.’

It was no exaggeration to say that Rosé’s gaze was fixed on Flitta, who was almost buried in the large sofa.
She looked at her child without even blinking.

Was her gaze burdensome?

Flitta cradled her teddy bear and rolled her pale green eyes.
She then asked, turning to her nanny who was right next to her.

“… Nanny?”

Her child’s voice was clear, but she wasn’t on the loud side.
She rather listened to her, so close to her little whisper that if she didn’t listen, she’d just miss it.
Maybe that was why, instead of answering Flitta’s question, the nanny sharply pointed at Rosé.

“Can’t you put her head down right now? How dare you look straight at the Princess! No matter how you got into this job, you have an ignorant of etiquette, it is.
Tsk, that’s why I objected you…”

After scolding her harshly, the nanny glanced at the head maid and deliberately clicked her tongue as if to ask her to listen.
Rosé quickly turned blue and lowered her head.
She was afraid that maybe the head maid would change her mind and she would undo everything.

“Sorry, I….”

“Hurry up and say hello to the princess.”

Despite the nanny’s words, the head maid interrupted Rosé with her calm face and opened her mouth again.
Only then did Rosé calm down and slowly lower her head.

“… I greet the Princess.
I am called Rosé.
I will do my best to serve the Princess from now on.”

It was a simple greeting.
She just said her name and said hello.
However, it was very difficult for Rosé to say that greeting out loud.
Especially when she put my name in her mouth, even her eyes became hot.

“… Rosé?”

The child muttered her name softly.
Rosé managed to endure the fact that her heart was choking and she almost burst into tears, then raised her head.

Like a vigilant kitten, she met eyes with Flitta, who was looking at her from a distance.
Her image was reflected in the light green eyes of her child who resembled her, no, who was clearer and more beautiful than her.

“She is the one who saved the princess.”

At that moment, the head maid spoke to her again.
Then Flitta stopped looking at Rosé and turned to the head to look at the maid.

“When the Princess fell into her water, Rosé jumped into the lake and saved the princess.
His Highness the Grand Duke acknowledged the merits and chose her as the exclusive maid for the princess.”

“… Ah.”

Flitta opened her little mouth and let out her shriek, then looked at Rosé again.
The wariness her child had shown earlier had softened.
Perhaps she had just heard what the head maid had said.

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