her towel, and headed back out.

She knew that the stairs the maid had pointed out to her were a bit isolated, so she didn’t run into a single person until she left the building.
She said that the location of her own room seemed to be one of the most remote places in the building.

However, Rosé was not particularly dissatisfied with that.
It is also a temporary accommodation where she will stay until the memorial service was over anyway.

‘No, even if it was a more a worse place than this, it’s okay.’

If she can be by the side of the man and child she loves, she can live on a pile of straw in a stable even.
Or, if asked to sleep on the street, she would be happy to do so.

… Whatever it was to take and do, she was ready to do it.

* * *

“No matter how great the credit for saving the princess is, how can she use someone who don’t know her even? I am worried that she must have taken His Highness too lightly.”

The nurse spat out words in a disapproving tone and busily fanned her.
But instead of agreeing with the nursemaid’s words, the head maid spoke to her in a slow tone after a moment of silence.

“I do not know.
You can’t say one way or another about what His Highness the Grand Duke did.
How could I or you go against His will? We just have to follow and obey.
Moreover, you are in a position where you have no face to see Your Highness after something disgraceful like this time has happened.”

“O, of course! That’s right.
It’s not that I’m going against the will of the Grand Duke, I just… ”

The nanny nervously chewed her lips at the head maid’s words, then blurted out her words.
The head maid raised her cup and took a sip of her tea when she glanced at the maid and narrowed her brows slightly.

‘If she couldn’t keep the princess safe, she’d better stay still…’

The head maid muttered to herself and withdrew her gaze from the other maid.
She then gasped and tried to spit out a laugh but swallowed it whole.

It was something she couldn’t quite comprehend.
As soon as she arrived at the royal tomb, she remembered the news she had heard and shook her head.

The princess wandered around alone, and she fell into the lake.

She had several servants who followed His Highness and the princess, but no one noticed until the Young Princess left the building alone and drowned in the deep lake.

She had always been proud of her position as the head maid in the grand duke’s residence.
To that extent, she wanted the maid to be thorough in all of her words and wanted the other employees of the Grand Duke to do the same.
But it was her self-esteem that was flawed.

Due to such a stupid mistake.

Because she almost lost His Highness’ only bloodline, not being able to take care of the princes properly, such a mistake.

‘I should have come sooner.’

The head maid clicked her tongue and narrowed her brows once more.
The problem was that she had to be away for several days because of the memorial service, so she came late, giving orders to the remaining maids in the mansion.

Of course, that was nothing new.
As the Grand Duke has no mistress of the mansion, she has many things to take care of herself.

Still, she couldn’t help but feel regret.
As the head maid tried to swallow her sighs, again and again, there was a knock on her door.
At the same time, the nanny’s gaze moved toward her door.

“She must be that maid.”

The head maid opened her mouth with her calm expression.
The nanny looked back at the nanny, with a puzzled expression, then raised her eyes as she understood what she was saying.

“I thought it would be better for me to look first.
If it’s really not possible, then I’ll have to make another suggestion to His Highness… Come inside.”

After explaining further to the nanny, the head maid spoke to the person on the other side of the door.

* * *

The eyes looking at her were cold.
Rosé put her hands together and slightly lowered her eyes.
Then one of the women who had been looking at her up and down for a long time spoke to her first.

“Your name is Rosé?”


“Where are you from… There’s no way to know growing up without your parents and wandering from place to place… tsk.”

The woman, no, the head maid clicked her tongue as she leafed through the paper on which it was written about Rosé’s information.
The sound was quite loud.
She was probably just as disapproving of her.

And it was the same with another woman, the nanny, sitting next to the head maid.
The nanny picked up the papers that the head maid had put down and she let out a blank laugh.

“She is an orphan who grew up without parents, and it is not clear where she came from.
His Highness hired her as the princess’s exclusive maid.
I don’t think this is really possible, Head Maid.
Wouldn’t it be better off asking His Highness to reconsider?”

“… Hmm.”

“You said you would make a suggestion to His Highness if you really wanted to do it.”

As if the nanny was asking for help, she added to the head maid.
Rosé, who had been standing still listening to their words, looked up in surprise.
Her green eyes quivered to and fro, revealing her insecurities.

‘Am I being kicked out like this? Can’t I just be by Flitta’s side?’

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