A Delicious Meal

December 27th

16:47 PM

Uriel had nowhere to go.

Following his unfair ejection from Jewel High, he wandered the streets for a bit. He had no doubt the school had contacted the foster home he stayed in and informed them of his alleged behavior. He knew hed get more than an earful when he went back.

He walked over to a bench stationed by a small water fountain and sat down, watching as people strolled by, wondering if anyone else had a shitty life as he did. If his parents were still alive, hed still be in his former school, away from all the needless trouble he faced in Jewel High.

Hanging his head over, Uriel forced back tears as memories of his parents death resurfaced. He had been undergoing therapy, but every time he told his therapist he was feeling better, he knew in his gut he was lying.

It had been a freak accident, a mistake by his father and the other family involved. Shutting his eyes, he desperately fought against the resurfacing scenes, but Uriel couldn suppress everything like a mindless robot.

Around him, the temperature suddenly dropped to about ten degrees, as it had been that night. They had been returning from a dinner party his mothers friend had invited them to, a small event for a few friends to celebrate the young womans thirtieth birthday. Uriel, about twelve years old at the time, wished he had stayed home instead but his mother had insisted he show up.

For him, the party was boring, his only highlight being devouring every meal that came his way. But his parents had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the party was the only discussion that filled their gray Honda Civic as his father drove back across a nearly empty highway.

”Amanda looked so nice, ” his mother giggled from the passengers seat, a childlike expression on her face. ”Its unbelievable how she looks that good and isn married yet. ”

”To each their own, ” his father shrugged, his eyes fixed firmly on the road. The car crept across the highway slowly, as it was dark with the first traces of winters snow descending rapidly.

Uriel lay across the backseat, his eyes shut while his mind drifted off. He had tried listening in on his parents conversation, but he quickly grew bored of their discussion. Yawning, he tried shutting them out as he slipped into slumber.

”Sleeping already? ” he heard his father say, scruffling Uriels short black hair, interrupting his sleep.

”Im more surprised he didn sleep off at the party, ” his mother said. ”He looked so out of place. ”

”Too bad there was no one his age there, ” his dad sighed. ”At least he ate his fill anyway. ”

”Im still hungry, ” he mumbled, a cheeky smile on his face, although he was turned away from his parent so it was hidden from them.

His dad laughed. ”Still hungry you say? How about we swing by Pizza Paradise and grab a box or two? ”

”Or three, ” he suggested.

”Youll blow up at this rate, ” his mother said, a soft chuckle escaping her lips.

Uriel turned round to face his parents, revealing his smile. His dad turned to look at him, a similar smile on his face. A smile that was about to be put out so quickly Uriel wished he had seen it a bit longer. As his dad turned back to face the road, the car suddenly lurched forward. Uriel flew forward a little, smacking his head on his dads seat.

”What the hell? ” his dad yelled, hitting the brakes instantly. Another car had been coming up behind them and had lost control on the slippery road.

”Don stop the car! ” his mom screamed suddenly, her eyes fixed on the side mirror with a horrific stare on her face. ”Move! ”

The car behind them smacked into their rear again, this time forcing their car into motion. His dad released the brakes, struggling to regain control of the car, but it was futile. Their car spun off the road, filled with screams from his mother, and lurched off the side of the road. At times Uriel wondered why luck wasn on their side.

It was only a couple of trees on the side of the road, tall pine trees whose leaves had wilted and fallen off. Their car smacked into one of the trees, coming to a sudden halt. Dizzy, he lifted his spinning head, trying to see through the blur that had taken over his sight. He could barely make out his father, hunched over the steering wheel, unconscious with his face buried inside the ejected airbags. His mother was in a similar position, only she was moving.

”Uriel, ” she said, panicked. ”Uriel, get out of the car. ”

”I don understand, ” he said, his mind still in disarray. ”What about you and dad? ”

”Just get out of the car, Uriel, ” she ordered. ”Your father and I will be right behind you. ”

He wasn sure whether it was because of the urgency in her voice or his stupid train of thought at the time, but he chose to believe the lie his mother fed him. He scooted over to the door behind his fathers chair and pushed it open, a blast of cold air slapping him across the face. Uriel crawled out of the car, slumping to the ground. Thick black smoke escaped the bonnet, choking Uriel and temporarily screening his vision.

It was at that moment he realized the right side of the car had crashed into the tree. Uriels heart dropped, an ugly curse escaping his lips. Forcing himself to his feet, Uriel rushed over to the car but was met with an exploding engine, sending him flying backward as well as putting an end to his parents suffering. Uriel smacked his head against the ground, disbelief and tears filling his forest-green eyes. No sound escaped his throat as tears flooded down his face. He wished he had passed out at that moment, at least he would deny himself of the pain till he awoke, but fate was cruel.

Uriel lay on the ground till paramedics showed up. His memories were hazy from then on, majorly because he wasn paying attention to anything but the scene of the car blowing up in his head over and over again. He had no relatives so he had nowhere to go after the treatment they administered to him. He ended up admitted to foster care, and his family assets were left in the care of the company his dad worked in until Uriel was eighteen.

He had tried therapy to help him get over it, but the accident was still fresh in his heart. The foster home had taken care of him, but he couldn completely accept the fact he had lost the two most precious people in the world to him. There were nights he stayed up, the tears endlessly flowing, wishing he had stayed in the car and died alongside them. But the past was the past. He could do nothing but live on for them.

”Are you okay young man? ” a voice asked, dragging him out of his memories and back into reality. Uriel blinked thrice, before using the back of his hand to wipe off his tears.

Looking up, he saw a tallish man of average build wearing a grey hoodie and black jeans. He had bright blue eyes and neat golden brown hair falling over his face and stopping just above his nose. In his hand was a small black bag. Uriel was tempted to reply to him rudely, but he bit his tongue, choosing to not take his frustration out on an innocent passerby.

”Yeah, just a shitty day, ” he said, hanging his head again.

”I know it may not mean much, but here, ” the man said, extending the hand with the bag.

”Whats that? ” Uriel asked, his eyes narrowing like a weasel, suspicious of the sudden offering.

”My lunch, ” the man shrugged. ”I ended up taking something else for lunch and I feel itd be wasted in the bin. ”

”Do I look hungry? ” Uriel frowned.

”No, no of course not, ” the man chuckled. ”Food makes me feel better. So I just wanted to extend a helping hand. ”

Uriel stared at the man quizzically, but he didn feel any ill intent coming from his words. Besides, he didn intend on returning to the orphanage any time soon. He could do with a meal.

”Thank you, ” Uriel said, taking the bag from the man.

”Stay safe kid, ” he replied, walking off. ”Enjoy the meal. ”

Uriel watched him walk off before getting to his feet. It was only a few hours before the sky darkened completely. He wanted to find a place to sleep where the police won be able to find him. He figured the foster home would come looking for him after a while and he was in no mood to go back.

Sighing, Uriel began walking with no destination in mind, his mind still in that cold night years ago.

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