s as he slowly got up and started moving. He didn want to destroy the orphanages corridor hence he decided to dedicate a little of his time by getting used his own strength.

He started moving slowly around the field while leaving behind some cracks and damaging the field with small craters that he created time to time.

After spending some time he was barely able to sustain his strength.

Since he could now manage to walk in the corridor without destroying it so, he decided to go meet the elder guru and finish all the work that is needed to be done.

He started walking in the corridor while he could control his strength he was still hopping like a rabbit at every step he took. This action of his only added more flavor to the rumors going around him.

People started talking how he was turning into a madman due to his curse.

While hopping like this he entered the elders office and greeted him properly this time quite the opposite of what he previously did.

Seeing the manner of his walking and the small unnoticeable cracks on the ground elder guru was astounded. ”This level of improvement is unheard of and that also from only one cycle of body postures, he truly is a monster ” elder guru thought as he was observing him.

This occurrence only acted as fuel for a flame named pity and sorrow. ”He is already this good if only he could awaken an element than….. ” elder guru was stopped in the middle of his thinking when Leo interrupted him and said ”elder this child has finished his awakening and is asking for permission to lead an independent life ”.

Hearing him the old man just coughed while saying ”ahem, yes indeed I am aware of that and have already prepared everything for you ”. He then passed a scroll which he needed to sign with his blood as this was his proof of accepting the contents of the scroll.

After signing he bid the elder farewell before moving the dorms and getting his luggage ready.

He didn have many possessions as he only took several pairs of cloth with just the blanket that he had.

After packing his stuff he made his way out of the orphanage. While his way out he saw many of his friends with whom he used to spend a lot of time. They were neglecting him like plague and keeping their distance from him.

Seeing this Leo was severely hurt since he thought that at least his childhood friends would support him.

This incident made his mind clear that in this world there were hardly any people who would be with him regardless of his situation.

With a new goal of being strong and to never feel reliance over others Leo set out of the orphanage towards his new house.

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