probably resulted in him being a cripple. Even Leo was shocked because even he himself didn know about where he was found and who his parents were.

Ignoring all the other chatters he rushed to the orphanage elder and also their god father.

Inside a shabby looking office an old man who looked to be in his 80s (but was several centuries old) was smoking something similar to a cigar. He was having a sweet and nice nap until he was forced awake by a delinquent. ”ELDER GURUUUUU…. ” Leo was rushing towards his office shouting out his name.

He didn even show courtesy to his elder as he entered inside the office without permission. ”Tell me is what I am hearing true, am I cursed, you found me in the abyss of the holy lands and thats why I am a cripple… ”. He kept on blabbering until he was stopped by elder gurus big cough. ”Ahem, Leo my child what have I taught you until now that you have to first ask for permission to enter inside the office and to not shout in the corridor ”.

Leo soon realized that he had broken several rule of orphanage and was only awaiting a severe punishment. Since this was his last day he should have left the orphanage but he still hasn finished the formalities to leave. So, the rules still apply for him and so do their punishments. ”In just some mere seconds you have probably broken rules which are enough to punish you for 3 weeks with 30% of daily food. But today happens to be your last day here then I should give you punishment equivalent to whole 3 weeks ”. Hearing this Leo gulped down the dry saliva before replying ”this child understands his mistakes and is ready to receive any punishment ”.

Seeing him elder guru was having a feeling of pity because today his most loved hatchling which turned out to be a cripple was leaving the nest.

He then guided Leo to the backyard of the orphanage to begin his punishment.

”For starters lets start with 100 runs around the field and 1000 pushups with no break ”. Leo once again couldn help but gulp down the dry saliva because every day he faced trouble to finish even the 20 rounds around the field while doing 300 pushups was his limits. And here he was being asked to do 5 times of that.

But there was no room for argument since elder guru was looking at him with a piercing gaze while saying ”get on with it already ”…..

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