Hearing the fatty all three of his subordinates started their attacks with their sole target being Leo. Thankfully he was well and good even after receiving that attack, well…. more accurately he was too good. He didn feel like he was hit by one of the most fearsome attacks. His body seemed fine with no visible injuries. Instead he felt the area where the arrow hit him was sturdier and when compared to his previous self it was much stronger.

But before he could get happy he was snapped out of his train of thoughts due to the incoming attacks. He got up quickly to dodge the incoming attack and made his way out of the pit he created. The attacks heading towards him were the same three attacks from earlier. He just kept dodging all the incoming attacks on him while getting hit time to time. As time passed by the attacks he received reduced significantly and all other classmates of his stopped their own work and started looking at the show. It was kind of hilarious seeing four awakened having trouble dealing with a non-affinity trash. Some were ridiculing the fatty and his lackeys while some were dumbstruck with Leos capabilities.

Soon some professors also came to witness the turmoil and even they were dumbstruck with it. No one had ever dreamed they would see a day where they would witness a non-affinity kid managing to be on par with four awakened.

This continued until all four awakened were unconscious due to overusing their energy reserve. On the contrary Leo wasn even breathing heavily. He just looked fresh and new like he just woke from a sweet nap. If not for his torn clothing no would say that he just went through a very tough battle. Seeing this everyone was even more shocked, they expected him to at least be out of breath.

Alas if he had awakened an element then he would have a very bright future ahead of him, he can get just so far with strong physique.

Soon professors came running to the unconscious kids and gave them general first aid, while Yukina approached Leo. Everyone who was admiring Leo until now was starting to hate him to his core. Many were even mumbling ”how dare a trash talk to one of the genius of our class ” while some envied him.

Soon Yukina and Leo were standing face to face and Leo was waiting for her speak up. Yukina on the other hand was observing Leo from head to toe and was surprised to see his indifferent behavior towards her. Until now everyone whom she has met used to get flustered in her presence but still Leo was standing without any such behavior.

After recollecting herself she asked ”where did you learn those moves Leo ”. Leo said with very simple words ”its self taught ”. His voice was neither too loud nor too low but everyone else still heard him. They were once again stupefied, he was not only good with his skill but those skills were what he created himself.

Yukina was not ready to accept this and asked him with much more force this time ”I am not in the mood of cracking jokes here Leo, tell me where did you learn those techniques ”. Hearing her Leo could only sigh before replying ”I said what was true believing it or not is your decision ”. After saying this he turned around stared moving away.

His actions stupefied everyone present in the ground even the professors were having a hard time believing what he just said and did.

Generally any low rank awakened youth would try to leach off any nobel and here Leo was just ignoring a possible opportunity in front of him. Not to mention if what he said was true and he was indeed the one created the evasion techniques then was really a peerless genius.

What those old fogies didn know was this was his first time battling and thinking in a strategic way for battle and he was already this good.

Not to mention his quick wittedness which was only develops through worn out battles. All this just added to show his potential which also made him even more pitiful in front of the teachers who were constantly thinking ”if only he had good affinity ”.

They pondered on the event that transpired and went back on their own work. After what transpired no one would dare to face Leo until they surpass their body limit and get considerably stronger with their elements.

Leaving everything beside Leo made his way out of the school and started moving towards the orphanage since today was his last day of staying there. But before he could enter the orphanage he was stopped by an unexpected visitor…..

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