relax. He didn have much time to ponder on the feeling and hurried to dodge the attack. There were a total of 3 attacks each of fire, water and wind. They were rushing towards him in succession. He analyzed his surrounding precisely to check for proper escape route. His surrounding was packed with his classmates who were trying out there new power. But he managed to rule out a safe escape route.

The first attack coming towards him was the fire ball which is said to have a very high destructive power. He had to dodge it since getting hit by it will give him a very massive damage. He stepped few steps to his right while barely dodging the attack. Next up was the wind blade, it is said to have high penetrating power and getting hit by it will surely give him a very deep and severe wound. The blade was coming towards him in a horizontal manner while covering a very wide range of area. He ran straight at it and while running he bent his knees and started sweeping and went below it and only one attack remained.

Water arrow was the last attack he needed to avoid. Water arrow is like a combination of multiple attack types since it has both destructive and penetrating power. If he were to be hit he was sure of being a cripple for his whole life. Just as he was about to dodge the attack he suddenly felt a hand holding his shirt from his back. Due to this he ended up being hit by the water arrow. The water arrow hit him directly on his chest. This sent him a few meters flying. He was still conscious but a little overwhelmed. He could hear many mocking comments coming from his surroundings. ”Tsk, this waste managed to survive our attack ” said a chubby looking but well dressed boy and accompanied by his three lackeys.

Hearing him anyone would understand that he was behind the sudden attack. Also the one grabbing him was him and the attacks were launched by his lackeys.

Leo didn pay much attention to him since he knew sooner or later he would become the centre of bullying. Instead he was surprised at his capability to survive attack. The only conclusion he could rule out was during the awakening something happened due to which the energy was absorbed by his body instead of his blood. He was thankful for this though, if not for that he surely would have been dead. Also getting a sturdy body is better than getting a crapy affinity and trash talents.

Seeing him get up the fatty shouted ”seems like we have a perfect practice dummy ”. With this he and his lackeys began their continuous attacks…

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