There was a logical reason behind calamities having magical capabilities; heir blood. A calamitys being solely depended on their blood since it stored the energy needed to channel elemental power. This was reason why some familys power skyrocketed once they managed to raise a genius since his off-springs will also have his blood.

Hence the only way a calamity would die was when it loses a major amount of blood. Their blood held many secretes one of them was ”blood-line abilities ”.

Blood line abilities were exclusive to certain families since it also depended on blood no other person outside of their family could have it. These abilities differ from family to family which granted them powers like indomitable body (super strong and durable body), transformation, giving energy reserve rivaling that of a whole group etc.

During awakening young calamities of age 10 years are given a stem from the Ancestor Tree which is told to be the resting place of their ancestor. This stem contains very dense element energy which regulates throughout the body. After the body absorbs every ounce of energy the immortal blood is formed which also enables them to use supernatural power.

Currently professor Litho is explaining the young kids about elements and talents which none paid attention to. Thankfully he was understandable and didn pay much mind to it since he was once in their place. Who would want to hear an old mans yapping today? Was what he thought. Leo who was having an indifferent look since the beginning was looking concerned. He is considered a genius even among his seniors due to his fast learning capabilities and hard work. All those created expectation from them which in turn pressured Leo.

He was thinking that he might not awaken any element now, who knows why but he just feels like it. He feels like its still not the right time yet. Even he is confused as to why he was getting this felling but he pushed it to the back of this head for now since they were finally moving to the sacred lands for their awakening. The ancestor tree was not too far just with a walk of 45 minutes they reached there.

When they arrived at the sight every student was stupefied at sight they witnessed. A majestic looking tree with a basic look of a banyan tree but still a lot more gigantic was standing unbothered. Litho smirked while thinking ”I never get tired of seeing these surprised faces ”. Everyone was dazing at the tree except for Leo. He felt like the tree was calling for him. He felt a very strange connection with the tree and him. But he was snapped out of his train of thought by prof. Lithos call. ”Alright everyone listen here I will take you to awaken in groups of 10 so come forward when your name is being called ” he announced. He then announced the grouping for awakening while Leo being placed in the last group. One after another the group of student went in group while standing in encirclement around the tree. Soon Leos turn came and he also moved forward with his other group members. Up until now there has been no one who had managed to awaken any element or talent which could be called remarkable.

Leo stood at the blind spot of prof. Litho. When they were handed their part of stem and instructed to gulp it down they did so in a heartbeat.

The first one among them to catch their eyes was a girl named as Yukina she awakened darkness and fire elements with white and green talent in the respective element. Everyone was in awe when they saw what transpired in front of them. Darkness element is the rarest element to ever exist and to awaken it with white talent was a feat to be proud of. But when they came to know her full name everyone calmed down thinking as if ”this was to be expected ”. Her full name was Yukina Conquitus. The conquitus family is bearer of one-third of the army of their tribe. They specialize in elements like blood and darkness. Their family head, Drake Conquitus was a remarkable immortal that had both blood and darkness with white talents.

The second was a boy named Kaiga cego. He awaked majestic elements fire and water the most befitting of his fighting style. He originated from a warrior family named Cego. Cego means blind and since there first ancestor was a blind swordsman they ended up with this name. Their family was mainly focused on swordsmanship, doesn matter what element they awoken they will turn into a swordsman. Kaiga was showing an indifferent face like he didn really care.

Everyone else was just average but still one person was left who piqued everyones interest it was Leo.

His awakening lasted the longest and when the process was all done results were astounding…….

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