A world which is pretty normal…I mean yeah it is pretty normal, though…only on the surface.

People here try to comprehend everything as science. Yeah they are right in some cases when they say science is the cause but are that applicable for the cases though…. I really sometimes wonder about it.

What would be there reaction when they know about the beings that keep tabs on them? What would the scientist do when they know that their science is nothing but a fiction for some beings?

There is a land which exists far above earth; there reside the beings which are on the level of gods who are also the manager of this lower-world, Earth. These beings are just like humans in appearance but are very complex on the inside. They are called ”CALAMITIES ”. They possess the knowledge and ability to manipulate different elements.

The most common elements that exist there are water, fire, earth, air and lightning. But these are not the only elements that exist, there were existence of many other auxiliary elements like blood, metal, dark, light and many more.

Generally a single calamity would have affinity for any one of the elements. But just like elements it also has irregularities. Though it was a very rare occurrence some still had dual elements and even triple elements but quadruple elements were merely a myth.

This isn all even the talents for their affinity is also categorized in different levels. It starts from black, violet, blue, green, red, white and Talent of dominance. Black being the least while being the highest and Talent of dominance is something that is only heard in mythologies. They say their first ancestor who was also a half step god had affinity for lightning, fire, dark and light with Talent of dominance in each of them.

In the present scene a class which is filled with nearly 50 children who looked to be of age 15 years but were only 10 years was in progress. In front of them there stood a man looking to be in his 40s but was 300 years old in reality was teaching about the elements and talents. In the middle of the class a boy with a well built body, fair skin, silky smooth hair and a sharp jaw line was drowsing. Well he can help it he has already studied everything he needed to graduate from the school. The old man shouted ”LEEOOOO ”; veins were visibly bulging on his fore head.

Leo who was wandering in his dreamland snapped out of it upon hearing this thunderous roar. Seeing this, the old man got even more agitated and continued ”I understand that you had already studied everything but by dozing off in a lecture you are insulting your elders ”.

Leo hurriedly stood up; embarrassment and tiredness all visible on his face before speaking up, ”I am sorry professor Litho I think I am pushing myself a little too hard with my training; I will try to take appropriate rest from now on and make sure to repeat my mistake ”. Leo made a sincere apology before looking at professor. The professor was showing a mixture of expressions pity, worry, thoughtfulness were all evident on his face.

This was well known that Leo was an orphan. In fact no one was sure if he really was a normal immortal. He was found lying in the ”ABYSS OF HOLY LAND ”. The orphanage he grew up in had a rule; they would only raise them until there awakening after that they would have to leave despite the result of their awakening. In short only two possibilities await them; either they awaken some good affinity and lead normal life or awaken as a trash and spend their life as handy man struggling to get two times of meal.

It was also well known fact that professor Litho was an orphan who awakened an affinity for earth element with red talent which resulted in spike of his reputation and he lead a effortless life. Due to that reason he was showing pity towards Leo. He is the only one who is an orphan in this present class i.e. if he fails his awakening his life would be done for. Alas everything depended on luck so he could only sigh helplessly while replying ”Fine, I will overlook it once but I don want to witness you dozing off again got it ”.

After hearing the words of the professor Leo sighed in relief before sitting down. Even the old man didn ponder on small matters since today was the day of ”AWAKENING ”

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