ipating watching them make a fool of themselves.
This new student, who just got ranked first, would now immediately fall down from the altar.

Gu Ang pushed his chair back and walked up to the podium.
Ye Fei followed, and the two of them stood left and right, just like the door gods5.

“So, Student Gu Ang…”

“Student Ye Fei can do the demonstration first.” Gu Ang smiled, politely and humbly, “My strength level isn’t stable, I’m afraid I’ll make everyone laugh.”

Actually, he wanted to take this opportunity to test him again in the name of not being familiar with this machinery.

Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders, “Fine by me.”

“Then Ye Fei will go first.” Wang Chuang made an inviting gesture.

Ye Fei loosened the cuffs of his uniform and pulled them to the middle of his forearm, revealing a beautifully toned arm.
He aimed at the punching machine and thumped it with a loud bang.

Ye Fei didn’t use all his strength, he knew what was playing in Gu Ang’s head.
The latter was testing him, so he couldn’t show any flaws in his disguise.

The machine immediately displayed the data above: 0.1S, 1000KG.

“Wow, shit… Fucking awesome!” The classroom was full of awe.

Wang Chuang was full of relief, “As expected from Student Ye Fei, who has excelled since his childhood.
Breaking our school’s freshman record so casually.”

Ye Fei didn’t react, I indeed just simply threw out a punch, I didn’t even put in any strength.

Wang Chuang looked at Gu Ang, “It’s your turn.”

Gu Ang was unbuttoning his cuffs as he raised his eyes to meet Ye Fei’s absent minded gaze.
He felt that those eyes weren’t like the previous cold ones, but were filled with some mischievousness, as if he caught on to his secret.
Since waking up this morning, this was the first time the two of them looked at each other.
He couldn’t help but recall the snicker that was heard at the end of his bed last night.

The room was dark last night, so Gu Ang couldn’t see his expression, and now he had the feeling of delayed response to the man’s reaction back then.
The feeling of embarrassment crept up the back of his neck, slowly spreading all over.

Gu Ang was distracted.

Wang Chuang urged, “Why are you dawdling? Come on now.”

There were already people near the podium recording the scene, secretly waiting for the flunkie to make a fool of himself.
The events of last night replayed in the back of his mind repeatedly, and Gu Ang felt a dry fire slowly getting ignited in his body.

He moved out of Ye Fei’s direct line of sight, imagining the machine in front of him as Ye Fei, and threw out a punch.

Who allowed you to laugh at me? Who was the one who buried the funerary dolls first6? If it was someone else lying next to me, would I have had the same reaction?

Another loud sound, the students turned their heads in unison, looked at the monitor above: F, 10KG.

The room burst out in laughter, ridiculing him with one mockery after another, “Loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain7’ describes this show off so well!”

“Listen to the sound of it, maybe he’s stronger than God Ye.”

“Red Flame’s freshman first place’s standard, a mere 10KG! This is killing me!”

“How do I put this, one simple test to expose the truth…”

“Obviously a loser that got in through backdoor deals.
He even had the guts to steal the limelight from God Ye’s victory.
Doesn’t he know his own capabilities?”

“Be quiet.” Wang Chuang raised his voice, “You rascals, open your eyes and take a good look at the testing machine!”

Everyone sensed that something was wrong, and looked over again with doubts in their eyes.
They froze, dumbfounded.

Bai SiNing said with a trembling voice, “Fuck… You actually broke the military grade strength tester machine?”


“Hiss…” The whole room sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Fucking awesome, Brother Ang! My mom asked me why I kneeled down to watch this8…”

“Who said he got in through the backdoor? Did the military grade strength tester machine also let him pass the test through the backdoor?”

“I just provoked a humanoid mecha… I hope he didn’t hear me…”

“Fortunately, Student Gu is a noble person and has high integrity and will not lower himself to argue with people with the likes of us.
If I took this punch, I’m afraid I’d already wet my pants!”

Gu Ang’s lips tightened into a straight line and he looked at the man at the other end of the podium in front of him.
His arms were crossed on his chest as he watched the show unfold in front of him.
He then raised his eyebrows provocatively.

Ye Fei smirked and said something, his tone not too gentle nor harsh, floating into the latter’s ears, “It seems like Student Gu Ang is very energetic, and your resentment is quite heavy.”

Fuck… Forget it, I won’t argue with the likes of this bastard of an ex-husband of mine. Gu Ang closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

“Well, what’s with all this chattering during class? It seems like Student Gu Ang is also very powerful.
Even breaking the limit of our machine.
Very good!” Wang Chuang said but tried to contain his split expression9 little by little,”But! Since you broke the school’s machine, you have to pay for it.”

Gu Ang was speechless.
Will all these bad things happening to him ever end? As if taking out his frustration, he dragged someone else down with him in an instant, “Teacher, if it weren’t for Student Ye Fei’s punch, my punch alone wouldn’t have broken this thing.
So,” Gu Ang said with a smirking smile, “the reimbursement should be borne by the two of us.”

Ye Fei, who was watching the show indifferently: “?”


Author’s note: 

The wife’s debt should be paid off together.
That’s the obligation of every husband.
To clarify, unlike what most of you think, the reason for their divorce wasn’t because of an unhappy sex life or that Ye Fei couldn’t perform! #YeFeiCanPerformVeryWell# Thanks!


Translator Notes:

Addis safety PSA: Never, ever throw a cigarette into a trash can.
This can easily cause a fire.
If you need to throw it out, make sure that you leave it in water for at least a minute first.
MonkeyNote: agreed.
NEVER leave burning ember without putting it out. Just a nickname to describe a ruffian or someone with a really bad temper.
Ye Fei is just a very HOT alpha, no demons here. 2B is a slang to describe someone who’s an airhead: https://hahachn.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/er-bi/  nonconformity gets punished/the outstanding usually bear the brunt of attack https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menshen  Idiom for the initiator of an evil practice. Idiom for all talk no action. Internet slang to express exaggerated admiration.
So exaggerated that one would kneel on the floor in awe and worship the person. To describe speechlessness

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