Chapter 5: What About His Body?

Ye Fei didn’t know if he should be angry or should laugh. Yeah right, you didn’t cry, yet your eyes are red like a rabbit’s.
Do you think I’m so easy to fool like a child?

He loosened his grip and the pack of tissue fell into Gu Ang’s hand.
He felt that he was such a saint, to be able to act so graciously and gentlemanly in the face of the scumbag who was first to approach him and also the one who decided to abandon him.

To be able to still care for him like that, with the previous life’s feelings of estrangement, no one was more hypocritical than him.
Not knowing why his thoughts were always becoming muddled by this person, Ye Fei annoyingly said, “If you didn’t cry, give me back the tissue.”

“If I simply do as you say, isn’t that an insult to me?” Gu Ang squeezed the packet of soft tissue, trying to hide his flash of vulnerability and immediately straightened his posture.
He pursed his lips and looked straight back, eyes landing on the other’s good-looking brows.
His inky pupils were as deep as the starry night sky, as if one could fall into that vortex.
His expression was unwavering, but highlighted his sculpture-like features, precise and perfect.

The only thing that Gu Ang could agree he lost to this man was their height difference.
He was shorter than Ye Fei by only a few centimeters.
What did this person eat to grow this tall? He was near one hundred and ninety centimeters(6’2”).

The two people stared at each other, refusing to give up.

Like two kindergartners fighting over a toy, but what was equally annoying was that they were both inarticulate like children too.

Ye Fei finally looked away and broke the deadlock with a movement, picking up a change of clothes and heading towards the bathroom, “My clothes are dirty, I’ll use the bathroom first.”

Gu Ang’s line of sight fell on the other’s muddy knee, luck must be on his side, “Since you could only come in second because of me, you’re in a bad mood.
Alright, I understand, I’ll let you go first.”

Ye Fei was too lazy to bicker with him, so he just sullenly gave him an ‘en’.

But when Ye Fei closed the bathroom door, Gu Ang had a feeling of punching cotton1.
He looked down and pulled out the tissue Ye Fei stuffed in his hand and quickly dabbed it over his eyes.
The soft surface of the tissue got moist.

That felt like a mockery to his stubbornness.
Gu Ang blinked his eyes slowly; they were sore and dry.
He and Ye Fei, how did they become roommates so coincidentally?

After traveling back in time, Gu Ang had made up his mind from the beginning to stay away from him.
Now, by mistake, they had crossed paths again, and Gu Ang felt very annoyed.

It was easy to lose control when facing Ye Fei.
He lost control when speaking, as well as of his actions and his emotions.
He was an absolute mess.

Ye Fei’s trip to the shower was a bit long and there were no signs of him near finishing.
What a slowpoke!

Feeling bored, Gu Ang started circling the room and finally moved to the small balcony of their dorm room.
He started spacing out while looking at the clouds.
His communication device dinged again, it was Bai SiNing who had sent a message.

Xiao Bai Bai Bai2: [I heard that you are living with God Ye????]

Gu Ang: [?]

Gu Ang: [Mn, we even slept together.
Can you believe it?]

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [Haiya, I’m only concerned about you! The forum is gossiping about you two, it’s about to blow up.]

Gu Ang: [What the…?] 

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [You’ve become the number one taking God Ye’s limelight, and now you’re his roommate.
That’s the classic storyline of two nemesis.
If you meet on a narrow road, only the brave will win.
They are betting whether you two will have a fight in the dormitory on the first night or not…]

Gu Ang snickered, propped one hand on the balcony railing, and clicked on the forum post link that Bai SiNing had forwarded.


First day in the dormitory, intense brawling [votes: 791, total bets: 98,875 star coins]]

Nothing happens, both playing it cool [votes: 233, total bets: 23,300 star coins]]

Pouring out all feelings, romance of the double A’s [votes: 4, total bets: 1,200 star coins]]

Gu Ang’s scrolling stopped at choice 3.
These four people were brain-dead, right? Did they have too much money and didn’t know where to spend them? To hell with your double-alpha romance!

He made that mistake in the past, the meeting of two alphas… no, they should never start anything.

The communicator was still going off in a flurry, and messages were popping up one by one on top of the screen.

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [Finished reading? Do you want to place a bet? It should be an easy win since you’re one of the parties.]

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [Oh.
I forgot your family is rich.
Ignore what I just said.]

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [But how would they know who has won? After all, the results will only happen behind closed doors, so who will know?]

Xiao Bai Bai Bai: [By the way, I’m curious ah, and by no means belittling you… did you really win the first place on your own? How did you do it, let your bro know, will ya?]

Gu Ang closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he closed the post. How do I get back the Bai SiNing of a few words?

This one is way too chatty.

The bathroom door was finally pulled open and a small cloud of steam slipped out.
Ye Fei changed into a long robe, tying the belt neatly, looking a lot gentler than before, “I’m done.”

Gu Ang briefly looked back from the balcony as a response, grabbed his clothes and went over, brushing past Ye Fei.
He happened to catch a glimpse of a drop of water dripping from his hair and sliding down his neck into his collar, leaving a small trail of water.

This man is dressing so casually in front of someone he just met for the first time? Gu Ang got even more annoyed and dashed into the bathroom for a five-minute combat shower.

After the ‘tissue conversation’ the two fell into silence, minding their own business.
Unlike normal freshmen who had just met and exchanged awkward pleasantries, these two didn’t even discuss their afterthoughts of the freshman competition.

One of the bets on the forum was right, he and his ex-husband stayed in the room in peace, without fights or rekindling of old feelings.
Just two men, silently sitting in the room.

Gu Ang flipped through the new reading materials sent by Bai SiNing, and browsed around the star network, but found nothing interesting.
He decided to go to bed early but tossed and turned for some time.
He wasn’t picky about the bed, a soldier could sleep anywhere in seconds. 

But Ye Fei was lying just a stone’s throw away from his bed, and the whole room seemed to be filled with his scent, dense and nowhere to disperse to.
A lot of memories surged up.

Gu Ang had some weird taste when it came to his love life.

When the two shared the same bed, every time he heard Ye Fei’s breathing slow down to a slumbering pace, Gu Ang would get on top of him and nibble on the latter’s Adam’s apple, waking him up.
He’d watch Ye Fei, the saint, get provoked, and seeing that half-asleep face of his made him happy.

Of course, since he started it, his ending was never pretty.

Ye Fei was a gentleman out of bed, but a scum beneath the blankets.
And his stamina was too damn good, not forgetting that extreme strength of his.
This side of Ye Fei, sexy, yet strong, erotic and possessive, had only been seen by him alone.

Of course they had done more intimate things together too.
They tasted each other’s bodies, exchanged gasps and shared the same pace of heartbeats.
The two alphas would battle it out in and out of bed, and still failed to distinguish who was better even up til their divorce.

That said, it was indeed regretful.

The idea of a very naked Ye Fei with his eight abs played in his mind.
Gu Ang licked his lower lip, feeling the fluffy blanket getting warmer, so warm it made his face flush and heart beat faster.
Heat was emitted from his body and gathered into a somewhat unspeakable thought.
He could feel himself getting out of control, his blood was surging, and this inexhaustible energy all vigorously moving towards one place.

The room was pitch black, and the darkness tinted the surrounding with ambiguity.
The tip of his tongue was against his palate, and as he vainly glanced toward the bed next to him, his heart was full of despair.

They were divorced, what should he do when he craved his ex-husband’s body?

Holding back his mind, he got more anxious.
Gu Ang decided to give up on that thought and closed his eyes, concentrating on recalling the latest batch of mecha models and mechanical settings.
He thought about the previous battles he had participated in and analyzed them all over again, yet his ‘reaction’ didn’t even go down one bit.

He involuntarily swept another glance at the next bed, it was calm as the sea over there.
Seemed like he was already asleep.
The room was quiet, with only a breeze sweeping in through a crack in the window that wasn’t closed tightly.
The man was lying next to him, and his presence and breathing were a temptation.

Gu Ang finally gathered the courage to settle things on his own.
He drew one leg to a bend and slipped his hand down into his pajama pants to hold his hard member.
He instantly froze.

His heart was thumping so fast with guilt and uneasiness, it felt like it was about to beat out of his chest.
The sound of his right hand rubbing against the fabric was infinitely amplified in the darkness, along with his increasingly uncontrollable breathing.

The blanket was soaked with layers of sweat.

He was so close… to… 

Some sound came from beside his bed, it was the sound of the weight being lifted off the spring mattress, followed by the sound of very light footsteps padding past his bed.

Gu Ang heard an inaudible snort, a soft sound, like a laugh.

Gu Ang stiffened, and he was trying to deceive himself by shutting his eyes tightly.
His hand rested above his thighs, afraid to even move an inch.

What the fuck? Ye Fei didn’t find out, right? Is it too late to pretend to be asleep?

Layers of goosebumps covered his stiff body.

After a few minutes, there was no movement, and Gu Ang pretended to stay asleep.
He moved his arm over his quilt and rolled over, lying on his side.
He squinted his eyes slightly, and through the dim light from the moon, he saw Ye Fei with his back to him, casually leaning against the window and smoking.

The moonlight shone on his broad back and profile, which blended with the lingering cast of smoke around him.
The man stood there, like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world, even the moonlight couldn’t bear to defile his presence.

But now, Gu Ang wanted to blaspheme him.

The ‘reaction’ that had just gone down a bit immediately rose again, even more arrogantly.
He consoled himself, so what if he was found out? They were both adults and had physical needs.
There was nothing off about that.

Besides, Ye Fei was also agitated in the middle of the night enough to get up and smoke, so who was he to comment on what Gu Ang was doing?

Anyway, it was just a few finishing strokes.

Gu Ang lowered his sight and held his breath in resignation before sliding his hand back into his pajama pants.
He fantasized about Ye Fei’s face in the moonlight, which was so real it drove him mad.
Gu Ang bit his lower lip to keep himself from letting out any sound.

Finally, he released.

He gasped for breath as he opened his eyes, to find the man holding a cigarette looking toward him.
When did he turn around?

The two of them were facing each other, speechless.

Gu Ang said awkwardly, “Who are you trying to scare standing by the window in the middle of the night?”

Ye Fei finished the last puff of his cigarette and extinguished it, “You’re too noisy.”


The author has something to say: 

Both of them are lusting for each other but can’t act out the ‘passionate brawling’ scene in the dorms, poor things. 


Translator Notes:

Pointless argument. Nickname for Bai SiNing

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