Darkness’s Queen

Jumping the First Hurdle

”Lily~ Im going to work now, ” whispers a mans voice. He sets a hand on my shoulder which slightly wakes me up.

”Be safe at work, Daddy, ” I mumble drowsily as I sit up from my bed to give my father a hug.

Once I was already hugging him, he slowly sticks his hand down my pajama pants. This immediately wakes me up, so I try to grab his hand to stop him. ”Im just checking to make sure you are clean, ” he quietly says as he continues to force his finger into my vagina.

I want to yell for help, but my little brother and mother are still asleep. It would be disrespectful to wake them up only to be told that nothing happened since my father never does anything wrong. I have to be a good girl and endure it. I have to. I have…

Please someone… help me… make it stop… At that moment, an image of the man I saw earlier pops up. Za… Zaku!!!

Instant darkness. I couldn even see the moonlight that normally beams through my window. Through my teary eyes, I find Zaku standing dangerously close behind my father with the most enraged look in his eyes.

”Please help me, Zaku, ” I quietly cry to myself while still struggling to get my fathers hand out of my pants.

As you wish, my bride.

I couldn see what was going on as my eyes were covered, but I could hear a language that I don understand be chanted in front of me. As the chant continues, my fathers hand slides out of my pants. It isn long afterwards that I hear the door to my room click close. The darkness that covered my eyes goes away, and the man I saw in my dreams stands before me.

”Tsk… I didn think that something would happen the same night we signed the contract, ” he complains as he rushes over to my side. He slowly sets me down onto the bed and lays my head on his lap. ”Everything is okay now. Im here. I won let anything bad happen to you. ”

That wasn a dream last night. I actually signed a contract with the prince of darkness, and he is an actually tangible person.

Overcome by relief, I roll over to hug Zaku while he pets my head. My tears wouldn stop flowing from my eyes as my cries got muffled by Zakus clothes. For four years, I had to suffer with my father sexually touching me after I thought that I could trust him with a painful pimple I had on my butt while my mother was at work. After that incident though, it seemed like he always wanted to see my vagina whenever my mother wasn home, so he used the excuse of cleaning my vagina out in order to finger me.

I didn like it. I never liked it. I was always terrified to be alone anywhere with him. I wanted it to stop, but if I did, I wouldn be able to get the things he would bribe me with. I hated myself every day for it which was the first trigger to my plan of killing myself.

”Zaku, ” I call out between my gasps. ”Thank you… thank you so much… for saving me. ”

”Its my pleasure to be your knight in shining armor, Lilian, ” he beams as he wipes the tears off of my face. ”I will always come to save you no matter what. ”

After calming down, I roll back over so that I can see Zakus face. ”What did you do back there with my dad? ”

”Ah… well… I just put a small spell on your dad to keep him from entering your room at night. Its not like I hurt him in any way, so he should be fine. ”

”I don really care if it hurts him or not. As long as he doesn come into my room anymore, Im more content with that. ”

Zaku glances down at me. ”Are you really okay? Normally when this happens, you cry yourself to sleep after trying to choke yourself to the point of passing out. ”

Taking Zakus hand that pets my head, I set it on my cheek to feel the warmth. ”You really have been watching for a while. My room is always cold when I do that, but tonight, its filled with your warmth, so Im okay. ”

”You should head back to sleep, ” Zaku suggests while covering me with my blanket. ” Theres still a few more hours before you have to wake up to get ready for class. ”

”Will you stay with me until I fall asleep? ” I ask as I grab onto his drape.

With a small chuckle, Zaku sits back down on my bed and rubs my back. ”Since you asked, I can say no. Ill be right here until you fall asleep. ”

”Good night, Zaku, ” I say before drifting off to sleep.

”Good night, Lillian. ”

Walking through the halls to my next class, a tug on my arm snaps me out of autopilot.

”Lily! You okay? Ive been calling your name since you left B Hall, but you never turned around, ” whines the Latina as she hugs me from behind. ”Whats got you thinking so hard that you didn feel me coming? Normally, you
e very sensitive to your surroundings. ”

”Ah, sorry, Isa, ” I instantly respond while coming up with a quick lie. ”My brain is still trying to wrap around the book report assignment that I got in Advance English. ”

Isabelle releases her arms from around me and pulls her curly hair behind her ear. ”Let me guess. There isn a dark genre type of book listed involving death, so you
e trying to find the next option that won bore you? ”

[Shes so cute when she has that playful tease in her eyes.]

”-ly. Oi, Lily! ”

”Yes? Oh, um, yeah, ” I awkwardly chuckle as I turn around to continue walking down the hallway.

Since Isabelle has the same class as me next, she walks beside me, linking her arm with mine. ”Geez, is that really all that you
e thinking about? You seem more distracted than usual. ”

[It isn anymore!! Gah, shes so cute when shes oblivious, but dear god, someone save me from blushing!]

”Isabelle! You shouldn cling onto Lily when you
e walking, ” commands a guys voice from behind us. ”Lily is going to fall if you keep doing that. ”

e just jealous because you can hold Lily like this, John John, ” Isa barks, holding me closer. As she does so, I do actually end up tripping over her feet due to how flustered I am being so close to her. Thankfully, John is close enough that he is able to catch me in his arms while Isa falls onto the floor. However, this causes another flustering moment for me.

”J-John, y-y-you can let-let go of me no-now, ” I manage to say between my fingers as I cover my face.

”Ah! My bad. Reflexes, gotta love them, ” John comments while helping me stand back up.

[Your reflexes aren the only things I love, John.]

Meanwhile, Isa smacks the back of Johns head. ”I know that you are strong enough to catch both of us. Why did you only catch Lily, huh? ”

”Why should I save the person who caused you two to fall in the first place?! ” John yells back as he rubs the back of his head.

”Now, now, don fight, ” I laugh after recovering from what happened. ”Lets get inside the classroom before we
e late. We have already caused a scene as it is in the hallway. ”

John and Isabelle huff at each other as they take their spots on either side of me. We continue to class when something in the shadow of the door catches my eyes. Two glowing red dots that seem to be staring at us.

[Ah- Zaku… Thats right…. He must be jealous right now with Isa and John by my side.]

I nod my head at the shadow, and Im pretty sure Zaku rolled his eyes at me before disappearing back into the darkness of the doors shadow.

Once the three of us enter our Algebra 3 classroom, a girl roughly shoves into my shoulder as she walks past me.

”Hey! ” Isa immediately shouts. ”You need to apologize to Lily. You can go shoving people around like that. ”

”And why should I? ” the girl snarls as she crosses her arms. ”Shouldn she apologize to me for being my way? ”

e the one obviously walked into Lily, ” John defends, blocking the way between the girl and me. ”Don you have enough on your plate. You should focus on not failing this class if you want to graduate. Everyone knows that you already lost your little cheerleading scholarship because you failed this class last year, so you should just leave Lily alone. ”

The girl is about to retaliate, but a guy stops her from saying anything.

”Leave, Abby, ” growls a voice from the back of the classroom. ”Don start a fight that you can win. ”

With a click of her tongue, Abby storms out of the classroom while I watch the owner of the voice that resounded from the back. Nick Limson, the biggest jerk in my class who has been trying to get me to date him just so that he can use me to do his homework.

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