Darkness’s Queen

Darkness and a Girl

I want is… reassuring….

”Even in the dark, your blushing cheeks can escape my gaze, ” the man comments with a small laugh.

Glaring at the man, a thought comes to mind. ”Before I sign the contract, tell me your name. ”

”Zaku. My name is Zaku, ” he replies with a sweet smile on his face. ”I am the Prince of Darkness. ”

”You already know me, but Ill introduce myself as well. Im Lillian Frose. Pleased to meet you. ”

The tan man scoffs at my response. ”No one has ever said that they were pleased to meet me before. ” He grabs the paper then bites his thumb to create a blood seal print on the contract. ”Will you need help drawing blood? ”

I snatch the paper from Zaku and smirk. ”You have been watching me, right? You should know that Im an expert at drawing blood. ” I slice my thumb with a razor I keep wrapped under my bed then stamp my bleeding thumb onto the piece of paper when it suddenly catches fire. Once the fire dies down a silver ring drops into my hand. ”Whats this? ” I ask as I hold it up to the faint light.

Kneeling down, Zaku takes the ring from me and grabs my left hand. ”This is a symbol of our contract. From this point on, you and I are engaged to each other. I will come when you call and protect you from the shadows. I will ensure that you never cry alone again and bring only happiness into your life. ”

He slides the ring onto my finger which then reveals another ring for him. He catches the ring and then hands it to me. ”Its your turn, ” he says with a stupid smile.

”You act like this is your first time, ” I chuckle as I take the ring from him. ”Aren you essentially an immortal being, the prince of darkness and all? You probably have gotten married several times. ”

Zaku lowers his head as he scratches the back of his neck. ”Actually, I haven done this before, but I have seen many many people propose to each other at night in parks or in their homes, so I have an idea of how to do it. ”

My jaw drops. Dumbfounded, I jump up from my bed. ”Are you telling me that I am the first person you have ever proposed to?! A senior in high school is your first choice?! ”

”Look here! Im just as surprised as you, okay?! I don know why, but I felt a strange pull from you. Its the first time this has happened, so I thought I should get closer to you! ”

A man who might be hundreds of thousands of years old kneels before me with a reddened face. His helpless expression as he also tries to understand his own feelings makes me smile a bit.

”Pfft! Okay, okay, we probably shouldn be yelling so late in the night, ” I conclude as I sit back down on the bed. Zaku rests his head on my lap, so I couldn help but pet him. ”You
e pretty childish for an immortal prince of darkness. ”

”I don get to talk to many people, so I can only grow as much as my interactions allow me. ”

Tapping Zakus left arm, I softly demand, ”Give me your hand. I can put the ring on if I can reach it. ” Zaku lifts his head from my lap and gives me his left hand. ”This ring is a symbol of our contract. From now on, I will be your friend that you can talk to, your fiancée that you can love, and your lifelong partner that you can depend on. I will give my all to ensure that you never cry because of me, that you never feel alone, and that you can always be happy. ”

I slide the ring onto Zakus finger, and they both give off a brilliant light before disappearing. ”Where did the rings go? ” I immediately ask.

”Its not normal to see an engagement ring on a seventeen year old, right? I made it to where the rings won show up when there are others around. ” Zaku stands up and opens his arms for a hug. ”You
e too young for a kiss on the lips, so well compromise with a hug to celebrate our union. ”

Shaking my head, I laugh to myself while hopping off of the bed and into the mans embrace. ”But Im almost an adult. Would I get a kiss if I said that Im more mature for my age? ”

”Mmmm… How about this? ” Zaku releases me from his grasp, takes my hand, and kneels down. As if I was fragile, he gently kisses the top of my hand. ”A prince should kiss the princesss hand if he wishes to show his admiration. Will this be okay for now? ”

I nod my head as I cover my face from embarrassment. ”This… is okay. ”

On the night of August 15 of 2016, a 17 year old high school senior and an immortal prince of darkness signed a marriage contract that will bind them together forever. However, I would have never guessed that the effects of the contract would be enacted immediately.

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