Xiao Yichen in Dream

Lin Wan rubbed her sleepy eyes and stepped out, her mind still a bit foggy.
She sleepily said, “You’re back.”

Upon seeing her and hearing her voice, Xiao Yichen inexplicably felt a sense of relief.
The anger that had previously flared within him also subsided.

“Let’s eat,” Xiao Yichen coldly stated before turning to head downstairs.

Without responding, Lin Wan followed Xiao Yichen downstairs.

It was the first time for Lin Wan and Aunt Li to meet.
After exchanging greetings, Lin Wan took a seat across from Xiao Yichen and began eating.

Following dinner, Lin Wan retired upstairs to rest in the same guest room she had stayed in before.

The guest room was equipped with a television, and bathroom essentials and a sleeping robe were all provided.
After taking a shower, Lin Wan sat on the bed for a while, watching television before eventually dozing off.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, after concluding his online meeting in the study, Xiao Yichen shut down his computer and prepared for bed.

Just as he stood up, his phone began to ring.
Xiao Yichen paused and glanced at his phone.
It was a call from Li Muyang.

Xiao Yichen answered the call and held the phone to his ear.

“Uncle, did I interrupt your rest?” Li Muyang’s cheerful voice came through the phone.

“I just finished my work,” Xiao Yichen replied to his nephew in succinct terms.

Muyang was the child of his half-sister, Xiao Yaling.
As his eldest sister was considerably older and had married and started a family early, Muyang was only two years younger than Xiao Yichen.
Perhaps due to their similar ages, the two of them had always enjoyed a harmonious relationship.

“Yeah, I just finished celebrating with my friends,” Li Muyang lazily responded from the other end, sounding somewhat intoxicated.
“Uncle, why didn’t you come to my engagement ceremony today? Grandpa and Grandma are here.”

“I had some matters to attend to,” Xiao Yichen replied with indifference.
He had no intention of explaining himself further.

“Alright, I understand that you’re very busy, but that’s fine.
We should plan a gathering sometime.
I’ll introduce my fiancée, or rather, my woman to you.
You haven’t met Qingqing yet,” Li Muyang expressed, his voice brimming with joy at the mention of Lin Qingqing.

“Mm…” Xiao Yichen responded, contemplating for a moment before saying, “That works out perfectly.
I’ll introduce someone to you.”

“Who could it be? It can’t be… my aunt, right?” Li Muyang jokingly asked.

“Yes, your aunt,” Xiao Yichen stated with confidence.

“Wow, a woman who can capture Uncle’s attention must be as beautiful as a fairy and intelligent, right?” Li Muyang praised his aunt, whom he had never met before.

“Somewhat,” Xiao Yichen replied, a bashful smile gracing his face.

She was indeed as beautiful as a fairy.
Lin Wan possessed that ethereal beauty, with her face and figure perfectly fitting the description.

She was intelligent.
Although Xiao Yichen didn’t know much about the woman, their brief conversations revealed a distinct aura and an underlying intelligence.
She wasn’t foolish; rather, she exuded a sense of cleverness.

After exchanging a few more words, the uncle and nephew concluded their conversation, and Xiao Yichen hung up the phone before leaving the study.

As usual, Xiao Yichen walked out of the study and instinctively headed toward the master bedroom.
However, today, he only realized his mistake when he opened the door to the master bedroom.

He turned around and gazed at the guest room door—a room Lin Wan had emerged from earlier in the afternoon.

Within the guest room, Lin Wan peacefully lay on the comfortable, soft bed, deep in slumber.

Lin Wan vaguely sensed a presence around her, the boundary between dreams and reality blurring.
She dismissed it as a dream and paid it no mind, continuing her rest undisturbed.

However, soon after, Lin Wan perceived herself being lifted from the plush bed.
Something was resting on her back and legs.

In a hazy state, Lin Wan slowly opened her eyes and caught sight of Xiao Yichen’s profile.

“Xiao Yichen, why are you in my dream?” Lin Wan’s voice emerged as a gentle whisper, akin to that of a child’s.

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