Xiao Yichen’s brow furrowed slightly, but he still replied, “Yes.”

“What’s your name?” Lin Wan continued to ask with determination and courage.

“Xiao Yichen,” Xiao Yichen responded.

“Xiao Yichen, let’s go get our marriage certificate now,” Lin Wan stated clearly.


As a result, they both changed into the clothes provided by the waiter and left the hotel to obtain their household registers.

Xiao Yichen drove the vibrant red Lamborghini to the Lin family’s house.
On the way, he called You Luan and instructed him to retrieve the household register from the Xiao family and wait for him at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Only the nanny was present at the Lin family’s residence.
Everyone else was attending Lin Qingqing’s engagement banquet.
Lin Wan successfully acquired the household register.

You Luan was already waiting at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.
He handed over the household register to his superior.
Twenty minutes later, he observed his superior and his wife emerging from the Civil Affairs Bureau, each holding a red booklet.

“President Xiao.” You Luan approached and then turned to the wife, greeting, “Hello, Madam.”

Lin Wan was not accustomed to the new form of address.
However, when she glanced at the red booklet in her hand, she felt that she needed to get used to it.

“Hello, my name is Lin Wan,” Lin Wan greeted You Luan.

You Luan nodded, indicating that she understood.

Once the three of them left the Civil Affairs Bureau, Xiao Yichen took Lin Wan out for lunch.

“Afterwards, You Luan will accompany you home.” During the meal, Xiao Yichen suddenly made a statement.
Eventually, he added, “I have something to attend to in the afternoon.”

“Oh,” Lin Wan replied.

After the meal, Xiao Yichen departed alone, while You Luan drove Lin Wan back to Blue Bay Villa.

“Eh, You Luan, isn’t this the way to my house?” Lin Wan observed as the car headed towards the suburbs.
However, her house was not located there.

You Luan guessed what Lin Wan was implying.
He smiled and replied, “Madam, I’m taking you to President Xiao’s house, Blue Bay Villa.”

“…” Lin Wan was taken aback.
She blinked and looked at You Luan.
However, she realized that since she was now married and legally Xiao Yichen’s wife, she would undoubtedly have to reside with the Xiao family in the future.

Hence, Lin Wan remained silent.
Initially, she had been concerned about hearing her father and aunt’s sarcastic remarks, as well as Lin Qingqing’s mockery, upon returning home.
But upon reflection, if she didn’t go back, she wouldn’t have to face them.

Upon arriving at Blue Bay Villa, Lin Wan was astonished by the grand bungalow before her.
Although she was a jewelry designer and had a decent standard of living, this was the first time she had encountered such a unique and luxurious villa.
Upon further consideration, the villa must have been lavishly furnished.

“Madam, the nanny at home, Auntie Li, is a part-time worker.
I have already informed her.
She will come to the villa to prepare dinner for you and President Xiao.
You are the only one at home right now,” You Luan politely explained, stealing occasional glances at Lin Wan due to her striking beauty.
However, she made sure her superior didn’t notice.

“Oh,” Lin Wan responded and followed You Luan into the villa.

“The villa consists of three floors.
The first floor houses the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
The ground floor features a gym and swimming pool.
The leftmost room on the second floor is the master bedroom and study, while the rooms on the right are guest rooms.
The garage is located in the backyard,” You Luan provided a brief introduction of the villa.

“Yes, I understand,” Lin Wan nodded and replied.

After You Luan departed, Lin Wan took some time to admire the villa’s decor.
Once she settled down, her mind became filled with images of Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing from yesterday, as well as everything that had transpired today.
Additionally, her colleague had mentioned that her design was suspected of plagiarism.
On Monday, she might not visit the design department, but rather the legal department.

At the thought of everything that had happened, Lin Wan felt overwhelmed, as if her head was about to explode.
She decided to set aside her thoughts and prioritize getting some rest.

Once they arrived on the second floor, Lin Wan recalled You Luan’s earlier explanation and chose a guest room on the right side to settle down.


At seven o’clock in the evening, Xiao Yichen returned home.
He glanced around but couldn’t find Lin Wan.

“Auntie Li, where is she?” Xiao Yichen inquired.

“…” Auntie Li, who was arranging the dishes in the dining room, appeared a bit perplexed.
However, she quickly grasped his meaning and replied, “Madam should be upstairs.”

Since his arrival at the villa earlier in the afternoon, there had been no sight of Madam on the first floor.
Up until now, he hadn’t even seen her in person.

Xiao Yichen remained silent and proceeded to climb the stairs.

With an indescribable sense of anticipation, Xiao Yichen opened the door to the master bedroom and scanned the room.

No one was there!

He then opened the adjacent study room and glanced around.
It was empty as well!

Xiao Yichen’s expression darkened.
Had the woman he had just married disappeared just like that?

Right when Xiao Yichen was on the verge of losing his temper, the door of a nearby guest room suddenly swung open.

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