Chapter 46: I’ll Listen to Wan’er about the Wedding Plan

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Xiao Yichen did not reply immediately.
Seeing that his nephew’s expression had become stiff and awkward, he turned and looked at Lin Wan.
“Yes, well go home later, and Ill enjoy… your beauty.”

Lin Wan knew what Xiao Yichen’s words meant.
Her face instantly turned red.

She was certain his lower body was more developed than his upper body.

However, although she was shy, she still had to pretend.
Lin Wan smiled sweetly and winked at Xiao Yichen.
“Yes, Ill go back home later to serve my husband.”

Seeing his uncle flirting with the woman he loved, Li Muyang felt even more suffocated.

“Shall we go in first?” Xiao Yichen’s voice had a unique gentleness as he spoke to Lin Wan.

“Yes!” Lin Wan was also very obedient and followed her husband’s wishes.

Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan walked into the mansion hand in hand.
Li Muyang stood there in a daze for a while before turning around and walking into the mansion.

The three children came together.
Xiao Shengdong and Ning Yan were very happy.
Xiao Yaling was very happy to see her son.
However, when she saw Lin Wan, hatred and anger immediately appeared on her face.

During dinner, the family chatted as they ate.
The atmosphere was very good.

“Dad, when do you plan to let Ruiling come back?” Xiao Yaling asked indifferently as she ate.

Xiao Ruiling was the second daughter of the Xiao family and Xiao Yichen’s biological sister.

“That girl is playful.
Let her play outside! When she wants to come back, she’ll be here,” Xiao Shengdong waved his hand and replied to his eldest daughter.

“That can’t be.
Dad, look, Yichen is already married, and Ruiling hasn’t found a husband yet.
The others might gossip about the Xiao family.” Xiao Yaling acted like she was thinking for the family and continued to analyze.
“Look, Ruiling will be in her thirties in a few years.
She’ll be considered an old leftover woman.
It’ll be even harder to find a husband then.”

Hearing his eldest daughter’s words, Xiao Shengdong also thought about this.

Among the people around the table, only Ning Yan and Xiao Yichen knew what Xiao Yaling’s motive was.
Xiao Yaling had been targeting the Eastern Empire’s shares for a long time.

In the Xiao family’s business, Eastern Empire, everyone from the Xiao family had a certain amount of shares.
Xiao Shengdong had 30%, Ning Yan had 10%, Xiao Yichen and his sister each had 20%, and Xiao Shengdong and his wife personally appointed Xiao Yichen to the position of CEO.

Therefore, Ning Yan and Xiao Yichen knew that Xiao Yaling wanted her sister to return soon.
Then, she could seize the shares from her sister, who had no experience in the business world, before moving on to her next goal.

“I’ll talk to her about her marriage.
Yaling, you don’t have to worry,” Ning Yan said before the old man could say anything.
Then, she changed the topic and looked at her son beside her.
She smiled and asked, “By the way, Yichen, it’s been a while since you and Wanwan registered your marriage.
When… do you plan to hold your wedding?”

When Ning Yan said this, everyone’s attention was on Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan again.

Ning Yan smiled and said to her daughter-in-law, “Wanwan, if you have any requests, just state them.
We will do our best to satisfy your needs.”

Hearing her mother-in-law’s words, Lin Wan did not know how to answer.
She looked at Xiao Yichen for help.

Xiao Yichen did not expect his mother to ask about this today.
He had never discussed the wedding with Lin Wan, so… he did not know what she was thinking.

“Mom, I’ll listen to Wan’er about the wedding plans,” Xiao Yichen replied calmly..

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