Chapter 43: Li Muyang, I’m Your Aunt Now

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Lin Wan looked at Li Muyang expressionlessly and asked, “Why are you here?” “I’m waiting for you,” Li Muyang said with a smile.
He gestured to the rose and handed it to Lin Wan.
“This is for you.
Do you like it?”

“No, you can leave now.” Lin Wan walked past Li Muyang and wanted to leave.
Seeing that Lin Wan was about to leave, Li Muyang hurriedly chased after her.
He walked alongside Lin Wan towards the elevator and seized every second to chat.

“Wanwan, what do you like? Tell me.
I’ll buy it and give it to you tomorrow.” “Wanwan, 1 have already broken off the engagement with Lin Qingqing.
1 have nothing to do with her anymore.”

“You have to believe that 1 love you.”

Lin Wan was unmoved by Li Muyang’s words.
She quickened her pace and continued walking.

The security system of the Huiya International office building was rather strict.
Anyone who went upstairs, whether they took the elevator or the stairs, had to swipe their card to pass through the gate before they could go upstairs.

After Lin Wan swiped her card, she walked in and went straight to the elevator to wait for the elevator.

As for Li Muyang, he couldn’t go over without a card.

“Wanwan, help me swipe my card.”

As Li Muyang spoke, he saw Lin Wan had no intention of coming over.
Worried that Lin Wan would leave, he was about to jump over the switch and chase after her.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?” The security guard walked over and stopped Li Muyang.

Li Muyang could only watch helplessly as Lin Wan disappeared from his sight.

Lin Wan arrived at the office and checked in.
She looked at her watch and saw that there were still 20 minutes before work started.
Lin Wan went to the pantry to pour a cup of hot water and found a seat by the window to sit down.
Looking at the buildings outside, Lin Wan thought of Li Muyang downstairs.
Their relationship had become a thing of the past.
It was no longer possible.
However, looking at him today and what he said, it was fake that she did not feel anything.
After all, they had been in love for six years.

However, these feelings no longer had anything to do with love.
She knew very well that she was married.
Moreover, she had been thinking about a problem for the past few days.

If she gave her love to Xiao Yichen, would he give her a future? Would he accompany her until she grew old?

They would hold hands and grow old together.
Would they be like this?

After work in the afternoon, Lin Wan and Shen Yun went downstairs together.

After saying goodbye at the entrance of the office building, Lin Wan walked towards where she got out of the car in the morning.

However, after walking for a while, Lin Wan saw someone exiting a car by the roadside.
That person was Li Muyang.

After Li Muyang closed the car door, he quickly ran towards Lin Wan.
“Wanwan, I’ve been waiting for you long.” Li Muyang blocked Lin Wan’s way and said solicitously, “Take my car.
I’ll take you for lunch.
A seafood restaurant nearby is very delicious.”

“Li Muyang.” Lin Wan looked at Li Muyang before her and said in disgust, “Don’t come looking for me again.”

“That’s impossible.
Wanwan, you know that 1 love you.
1 want to get you back.
1 want…” Before Li Muyang could finish speaking, Lin Wan interrupted him.

“Li Muyang, I’m your aunt now.
1 have a husband.” Lin Wan was furious, and her tone was extremely unpleasant.

Li Muyang suddenly grabbed Lin Wan’s arm and said, “Wanwan, you can divorce Uncle.
I don’t care.
1 just want to be with you.
After you divorce Uncle, we’ll immediately register our marriage, okay?”

Hearing Li Muyang’s words, Lin Wan felt even more helpless.
In the past, she felt that Li Muyang was not so childish.
Now, she felt that his IQwas as a three-year-old child.

“I…” Lin Wan wanted to answer Li Muyang firmly.
She had no intention of getting a divorce, but just as she said one word, Lin Wan saw Xiao Yichen walking over.
His face was filled with anger..

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