When Shen Yun spotted the two of them, he sensed their ill intentions.
As he had a close relationship with Wanwan, he was familiar with Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing.
Likewise, they knew him as well.

Lin Wan glanced at Lin Qingqing, who stood before her, and replied with indifference, “Your man is wealthy too.
You can show off here.”

“Lin Wan, do you think everyone is as flirtatious as you? Flaunting their wealth?” Lin Qingqing’s eyes radiated with disdain towards Lin Wan.
Yet, as she shifted her gaze towards the person beside her, her expression immediately softened, and her voice turned gentle.
“My Brother Muyang is indeed wealthy, but I prefer to keep a low profile, unlike some shameless bitches.”

She even coquettishly asked Li Muyang, “Brother Muyang, don’t you agree?”

Li Muyang didn’t spare a glance at Lin Qingqing.
He had no intention of turning around to face her.
Instead, his gaze remained fixed on Lin Wan.

Although it had only been a few days since they last met, it felt like months to him.
She appeared even more beautiful than before.

“Lin Wan, let’s have lunch together!” Li Muyang proposed to Lin Wan.
It was already noon, and considering that Lin Wan and Shen Yun probably hadn’t eaten yet, he thought it would be a good opportunity to spend more time with her over lunch.

Li Muyang’s words caused Lin Qingqing’s lips to twitch, and she instantly felt a surge of awkwardness.

She was waiting for Brother Muyang’s response, but… he was inviting Lin Wan to have lunch.

In an instant, Lin Qingqing glared at Lin Wan with deep resentment.
This seductress must have captivated her Brother Muyang.

“No, we’ll be leaving,” Lin Wan coldly rejected Li Muyang.

With that, Lin Wan grabbed Shen Yun’s arm and prepared to walk past Lin Qingqing.

However, as Lin Wan and Shen Yun took a couple of steps, Lin Qingqing suddenly gripped Lin Wan’s arm, preventing her from leaving.
Simultaneously, she moved a few paces forward, positioning herself in front of Lin Wan.

Lin Qingqing was determined to humiliate Lin Wan today.
For the past few days, she had been in a terrible mood.
She had lost her home and was currently residing in Brother Muyang’s cramped 40-square-meter apartment.
Unable to secure employment, no modeling agency was willing to hire her.
Adding insult to injury, Lin Wan had managed to seduce Brother Muyang earlier today.
Lin Qingqing blamed Lin Wan for all her misfortunes.

A surge of hatred coursed through Lin Qingqing’s heart, contorting her expression.
She scanned the people around her and suddenly burst out, “Everyone, gather around! Allow me to introduce this woman to you all.
She goes by the name of Lin Wan, a genuine mistress.
She seduced my fiancé and had the audacity to enjoy a meal with him right in front of me.
Do you believe a mistress like her deserves to be taught a lesson?”

The sound of Lin Qingqing’s shout startled both Lin Wan and Shen Yun.
Li Muyang was equally perplexed, unsure of Lin Qingqing’s intentions.

Before long, a crowd had gathered, curious to see what was unfolding.

With a sly smile, Lin Qingqing surveyed the onlookers.
She extended her finger towards Lin Wan and proclaimed loudly, “This woman here, Lin Wan, is the epitome of a mistress.
She deliberately seduced my fiancé and flaunted their rendezvous before my eyes just moments ago.
Tell me, does a mistress of this caliber deserve a thrashing?”

The crowd turned their attention to Lin Wan, perhaps merely spectators in this unfolding drama, but no one dared to respond to Lin Qingqing’s question.

“Lin Qingqing, stop talking nonsense,” Lin Wan retorted angrily.

While Lin Wan was accustomed to Lin Qingqing’s tendency for exaggeration, she never expected to be publicly accused like this.

Ignoring Lin Wan’s protest, Lin Qingqing disregarded her words.
Rolling up her sleeves, she bellowed, “Today, in front of all these witnesses, I shall teach this mistress who dared to seduce my fiancé a well-deserved lesson.”

With that, Lin Qingqing lunged forward, striking Lin Wan.

Caught off guard, Lin Wan was unprepared for the attack.
She lost her balance as Lin Qingqing pulled her, and she tumbled to the ground.

“You wretched woman, I shall beat you to a pulp today,” Lin Qingqing declared, squatting down with no intention of relenting.

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