Xiao Yichen didn’t utter another word, silently walking towards his car and bidding farewell to Luo Ziyan.
He smoothly slid into the driver’s seat, starting the engine before departing.

Upon Xiao Yichen’s return to Blue Bay, it was already eleven o’clock.
The ground floor was illuminated, yet devoid of any occupants.

Ascending to the second floor, Xiao Yichen gently pushed open the bedroom door.
His gaze immediately fell upon the bed.

As he beheld the peaceful countenance of the slumbering woman, Xiao Yichen felt an instant sense of comfort and contentment.
Carefully, he made his way to the bathroom to freshen up.
Once he emerged from the shower, he proceeded to the dressing room to change into his pajamas before settling onto the bed.

Throughout these actions, he executed every movement with utmost care, wary of rousing the woman sleeping on the bed.

Extending his long arm, Xiao Yichen drew the woman closer, enfolding her within his embrace.
The warmth gradually permeated his body, yet tonight… he harbored no desire to possess her.

Ziyan’s words had stirred thoughts of Yanxi within him.
Her captivating eyes and radiant smile lingered in his mind even now.

“Mm…” Lin Wan stirred uncomfortably within the tight embrace of Xiao Yichen.

Upon hearing her voice, Xiao Yichen’s train of thought abruptly halted.
He lowered his head to observe the woman nestled in his arms, relieved to find her still asleep.

Placing a gentle kiss upon her forehead, Xiao Yichen held her closer before closing his eyes, succumbing to sleep.

In the blink of an eye, the weekend had arrived.
Lin Wan awakened naturally in the morning.
After breakfast, she prepared to embark on a shopping excursion.

Having already arranged to meet Shen Yun for the shopping trip, Lin Wan aimed to reach the mall entrance before ten o’clock, where they would rendezvous.

Xiao Yichen was aware that Lin Wan planned to go shopping with her best friend that day.
Just before she left, he handed her a card.

“There’s no limit.
If you find something you like, just buy it,” Xiao Yichen said, believing it was only right to support his partner.

“No, there’s no need,” Lin Wan responded, feeling embarrassed by Xiao Yichen’s gesture.
“My monthly salary is decent.
It covers my daily expenses.”

Upon hearing Lin Wan’s words, Xiao Yichen frowned.
In the past, she had been independent, and he couldn’t control her.
But now that she was his woman, did she still need to be so self-reliant?

“Take it,” Xiao Yichen’s tone turned colder as he insisted, “My woman should enjoy prestige and wear the best.”

Noticing Xiao Yichen’s displeasure, Lin Wan contemplated the situation and eventually accepted the card.

It made sense.
While the clothes she had bought previously were of good quality, there were few branded items among them.
As Mrs.
Xiao now, she didn’t want to embarrass her husband by not dressing appropriately.

Xiao Yichen held a high status in Ancheng City, and she didn’t want to let him down.
Hence, she took the card.

Lin Wan drove to the mall, found a parking space, and parked her car before heading to the mall entrance to wait for Shen Yun.

When Shen Yun arrived, Lin Wan linked her arm with her friend’s, and the two of them walked into the mall together, commencing their shopping trip.

After two hours of browsing and purchasing, Lin Wan and Shen Yun found themselves carrying several bags, feeling a bit fatigued.

Sitting on a lounge chair within the mall, they decided to take a break.
Shen Yun turned to Lin Wan and suggested, “Wanwan, let’s grab a bite to eat later.
After that, we can take a stroll along the pedestrian street before heading home.
Sound good?”

“Yes, that sounds perfect,” Lin Wan replied.

The two of them took a brief rest, then gathered their bags and made plans for a meal.

However, shortly after they set off, Lin Wan and Shen Yun came to an abrupt halt.

Not far away, Lin Wan and Shen Yun locked eyes with Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing, causing them to pause in their tracks.

Meeting Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing here was the last thing Lin Wan expected, and her mood instantly soured.

“Heh… Lin Wan, how much money does your man have that you’re flaunting yourself here?” Lin Qingqing sneered, tightly gripping Li Muyang’s arm as they approached Lin Wan.

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