Dangerous Man

“I-I’m fine,” Lin Wan murmured, resisting Xiao Yichen’s hand as she attempted to lower her head.

Xiao Yichen firmly held her chin, his gaze serious and unwavering, allowing no room for resistance.
With a somber expression, he inquired, “You’re not going to tell me?”

Meeting Xiao Yichen’s intense stare, Lin Wan sensed his anger and grew afraid of the consequences.
Reluctantly, she recounted everything that had transpired that day.

Upon hearing her account, Xiao Yichen’s face darkened further.
He scrutinized Lin Wan from head to toe and asked with a touch of concern, “Are you injured anywhere else?”

Obeying, Lin Wan shook her head.

“Are you absolutely certain?” Xiao Yichen pressed.

Lin Wan locked eyes with him, her lips pursed, and she nodded earnestly.

Satisfied with her response, Xiao Yichen refrained from further inquiry.
He remained with Lin Wan in the living room for a while before heading to the dining room for dinner.

After the meal, Xiao Yichen retreated to his study and summoned You Luan, issuing her two specific orders.
Subsequently, he engaged in a video conference with the Russian branch company.

Meanwhile, Lin Wan, having showered, lay on the bed.
Her mind was consumed by the troubles of the day, and she drifted into a hazy slumber.

In her dreams, she traversed childhood memories that eventually morphed into an erotic fantasy.

Despite the dream feeling strangely vivid, Lin Wan’s exhaustion overwhelmed her.
Unwilling to awaken, she surrendered to the familiar sensations, continuing the dream.

When the alarm sounded the next morning, Lin Wan felt even sleepier than the previous night.
However, a vague recollection informed her that she had work obligations for the day.

Reluctantly, Lin Wan fought off her drowsiness and roused herself.
Opening her eyes, she prepared to get up and freshen up.

Could it be that last night wasn’t merely a dream?

When she regained her composure, Lin Wan clenched her teeth and averted her gaze.
Xiao Yichen was nowhere to be found.

“Xiao Yichen, you jerk,” Lin Wan muttered before heading to the bathroom to freshen up.

Half an hour later, Lin Wan descended the stairs and spotted Xiao Yichen seated in the dining room, patiently waiting for her to join him for breakfast.

After a silent meal, just as Lin Wan was about to grab her bag and leave for work, Xiao Yichen grasped her arm.

Xiao Yichen’s eyes studied Lin Wan’s lovely face, adorned with light makeup.
A hint of tenderness and seriousness shone through as he spoke, “If there’s anything, call me.”

Yesterday’s incident had made him realize that he hadn’t protected her adequately, prompting him to issue a reminder now.

“Okay,” Lin Wan nodded, thinking she could finally make her exit now that Xiao Yichen had finished speaking.

However, before she could turn away, Xiao Yichen’s face suddenly loomed larger in front of her.
And then…

Xiao Yichen pressed his lips against Lin Wan’s, engaging in a lingering kiss before finally releasing her captivating red lips.
He also let go of her hand, granting her permission to leave.

Lin Wan scurried away like a startled kitten, wishing she could vanish from Xiao Yichen’s sight for a brief moment.

This man was too dangerous, incredibly dangerous!

In the Eastern Empire, as soon as Xiao Yichen settled into his office, You Luan presented him with the results of his overnight work.

“President Xiao, as per your instructions last night, Lin Qingqing has been blacklisted.
She will never secure another modeling job in the future.
The entire fashion industry will shun her,” You Luan informed him.

Xiao Yichen nodded in acknowledgment.

“Here are the details regarding the trading company you acquired.
All the necessary procedures will be finalized by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
Following your instructions, this company now falls under the management of the Eastern Empire, with you as the legal representative,” You Luan concluded, handing over the document he held to his superior.

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