When the onlookers witnessed this scene, shock gripped them, leaving them uncertain about what to do.
They hastily rose to their feet, unsure of how to intervene.

Meanwhile, Lin Wan’s two colleagues from the logistics department, who had accompanied her, had just left the backstage area.
They were not present to assist.
Lin Qingqing was the only person present who knew Lin Wan.

Initially, Lin Wan had only intended to separate herself from Lin Qingqing.
It was a workplace, and she didn’t want to engage in an argument.
However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull Lin Qingqing away.
In fact, Lin Qingqing seemed to be exerting more force as the struggle continued.

“Lin Qingqing!” Lin Wan’s anger surged, and she began to fight back.

“Why don’t you just die, Lin Wan? It would be fantastic if you were dead!” Lin Qingqing hurled insults as she landed blows on Lin Wan.

Upon hearing Lin Qingqing’s words, Lin Wan chose not to respond and endured the assault.

Noticing Lin Wan’s lack of reaction, Lin Qingqing grew even more displeased.
She continued striking Lin Wan with both hands, glancing at the bystanders and addressing them, “Do you know what? This shameless bitch is my sister, but she’s not my biological sister.
Her mother is a seductive vixen who enticed my father.
Then, she seduced my fiancé, attempting to ruin our marriage… Ah!”

Before Lin Qingqing could finish her tirade, a searing pain struck her head, causing her to scream in agony.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Lin Wan snapped.
Lin Qingqing had gone too far—how dare she speak ill of her mother and distort the truth?

Lin Wan and Lin Qingqing fiercely fought, their hair and clothing in disarray.
The surrounding individuals wished to intervene and separate them, but they couldn’t find an opportunity to approach.

“Stop…” Suddenly, a commanding voice reverberated from a short distance away, carrying a powerful aura.

Only then did Lin Wan and Lin Qingqing halt their altercation.

Lin Qingqing straightened her hair and clothing, then directed her gaze towards the source of the voice.
Instantly, her expression underwent a drastic change.
She walked towards the individual with a wavering countenance.

“Manager Wang, she bullied me,” Lin Qingqing feigned coquettishness and approached Manager Wang.
Disregarding the curious stares around them, she clutched Manager Wang’s arm and continued, “Let me tell you, this woman is a wretched person.
She used to seduce my fiancé.
Today, under the guise of a jewelry designer, she deliberately came here to humiliate me and seek revenge.”

Upon concluding her words, Lin Qingqing felt a surge of indignation and continued, “She not only refused to accessorize me today, but she also scratched my face, making it impossible for me to showcase my beauty.

Lin Qingqing appeared deeply aggrieved, attempting to garner Manager Wang’s sympathy.

Manager Wang, unfamiliar with the situation, was more inclined to believe Lin Qingqing’s account over the unknown person standing nearby.
He had interacted with Lin Qingqing on several occasions before and felt that he knew her to some extent.

Consequently, Lin Wan was requested to leave the fashion show.
The show’s staff contacted a nearby assistant jewelry designer, a friend of Lin Wan’s, to provide assistance.
The jewelry remained sourced from Dream Phil Company.

As for Lin Wan, she would have to face the repercussions of the fashion show’s losses and accept the company’s disciplinary measures for her inadequate performance.

In the afternoon, Lin Wan returned home, sulking as she sat on the sofa and watched television, awaiting Xiao Yichen’s arrival for dinner.

It was already past seven o’clock when Xiao Yichen finally arrived home.
Upon seeing the petite figure on the sofa, he inexplicably felt a sense of relief.

When Lin Wan noticed Xiao Yichen approaching her, she quickly suppressed her emotions and behaved as usual.

“You’re back,” Lin Wan greeted him proactively, straightening her posture.

“Mm,” Xiao Yichen replied, taking a seat beside Lin Wan.
Then, he extended his hand, gesturing for her to join him.

Understanding his intention, Lin Wan hesitated but didn’t want to risk making him upset.
Eventually, she moved closer and sat down.

However, Xiao Yichen wasn’t entirely satisfied with Lin Wan sitting beside him.
He scooped her up and placed her on his lap.
Lowering his head, he was about to examine the woman in his arms closely when he suddenly noticed a scar on one side of her temple.

His expression changed abruptly.
Xiao Yichen lifted her chin, his tone turning cold as he asked, “What happened? Explain.”

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