Not for Outsider

Although he had never met Xiao Yichen in person, he held a favorable opinion of him after witnessing how Xiao Yichen helped Wanwan address the plagiarism incident last time.
However, Wanwan’s daily demeanor made him wonder if Xiao Yichen possessed extraordinary abilities like Superman.

“Someone seems to be invincible every day,” Lin Wan responded with a hint of helplessness.
She tugged at her collar, attempting to conceal some marks on her body.

“Hehe, I used to believe that Xiao Yichen was scandal-free because he had problem in bed.
But… it appears that he surpasses ordinary men in that aspect,” Shen Yun remarked, wearing a secretive smile.

Upon hearing Shen Yun’s words, Lin Wan immediately blushed.
She glanced around to ensure no one overheard before whispering to Shen Yun, “Yunyun, please refrain from making baseless statements.”

With that said, Lin Wan straightened her posture and resumed her usual demeanor.

“I’m not making baseless statements.” Shen Yun’s smile remained intact.

“Alright, let’s get back to work,” Lin Wan declared, heading towards her office.

Discussing such a weighty matter with Shen Yun early in the morning was indeed inappropriate.

As it was time to start the workday, the director of the design department began assigning tasks to the employees.

“Lin Wan, along with two colleagues from the logistics department, you’ll be attending a fashion show later.
The logistics department staff will bring our latest collection of jewelry, and you’ll be responsible for coordinating the accessories for the models.
Once you arrive at the show, the staff will provide you with the necessary details,” the director informed Lin Wan.

“Understood, okay,” Lin Wan replied.
Having been involved in similar tasks previously, she found it neither difficult nor perplexing.

After swiftly gathering her belongings, Lin Wan and her two logistics department colleagues made their way to the fashion show venue.

The event was hosted by a trading company on the 14th floor of the Wutong Hotel.

Upon reaching the 14th floor, Lin Wan and her colleagues proceeded backstage to coordinate the models’ accessories, guided by the show’s staff.

In the initial stages, Lin Wan smoothly interacted with several models and successfully matched the jewelry.
However, her passionate work atmosphere was abruptly disrupted when a certain individual appeared.

“Lin Wan, what are you doing here?” Lin Qingqing approached Lin Wan, dressed in her attire for the fashion show of the day.

Lin Wan hadn’t expected Lin Qingqing to be present, although it wasn’t entirely surprising.
Lin Qingqing’s profession was modeling, regularly appearing in shows and working as a car model.

“Working,” Lin Wan responded, paying no attention to Lin Qingqing and continuing to coordinate the jewelry for the model beside her.

“Hehe, so today’s jewelry is provided by your company.” Lin Qingqing smirked with disdain, her words dripping with mockery.
“No wonder the jewelry looks so cheap today.
It diminishes the grace and beauty of our models.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Wan halted her actions, turning to face Lin Qingqing.

At that moment, the models and makeup artists in their vicinity also directed their gazes towards them.

“Lin Qingqing, Dream Phil’s jewelry is an internationally renowned brand.
I understand that someone like you, an outsider, may not appreciate its value,” Lin Wan calmly replied.
She had no intention of engaging in an argument with Lin Qingqing, but it was crucial to uphold her company’s reputation.

After Lin Wan spoke, the models around them stifled their laughter, covering their mouths.

Lin Qingqing’s face contorted with rage.
It was evident that Lin Wan had openly ridiculed her for her narrow-mindedness.
What’s more, it happened in front of numerous onlookers.
Was Lin Wan intentionally trying to humiliate her?

“Lin Wan!” Lin Qingqing shouted, her words laced with fury.
Impulsiveness took over her mind.
“You wretched slut! How dare you speak to me like that? I’ll make you regret it today!”

As Lin Qingqing spoke, she lunged forward, attempting to grab Lin Wan’s hair and initiating a physical confrontation.

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