Not Him Again

The subsequent events unfolded as a stern and forceful punishment.

Xiao Yichen pounced on Lin Wan from the sofa, driven by his anger.
Fortunately, the privacy of the villa ensured their isolation.
Auntie Li wouldn’t be visiting at this time.

Sensing the intensity of Xiao Yichen’s rage, Lin Wan couldn’t help but feel the stark contrast to his previous consideration for her emotions.
He seemed truly unhinged today.

After a prolonged period, Xiao Yichen locked his gaze onto Lin Wan.

“Do you still love him?” Xiao Yichen suddenly inquired.

Lin Wan didn’t respond immediately.
She locked eyes with Xiao Yichen, taking her time before answering in a soft voice, “Love a scumbag who betrayed me and our relationship? Do you think I’m capable of that?”

Xiao Yichen continued to gaze at Lin Wan without uttering a word.

Lin Wan continued, “The day before the engagement, I witnessed Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing having intercourse.
That’s when I ended my relationship with Li Muyang.
The next day, the engagement banquet that was originally meant for me became Lin Qingqing’s.”

Knowing that this man cared deeply about her past relationship, she felt compelled to provide a clear explanation.

Suddenly, Xiao Yichen comprehended much from Lin Wan’s account.

Was that why she got heavily intoxicated that night and had to be escorted to her room?

And at the hotel, did she decide to officially register their marriage only after witnessing the live broadcast of the engagement ceremony?

“Stay away from him in the future,” Xiao Yichen warned.
“He’s… your nephew.”

Upon hearing Lin Wan’s explanation, she felt that Xiao Yichen’s anger had dissipated, prompting her to gradually relax.
The weight of drowsiness then settled upon her.

“If… I could, I would rather never see him again,” Lin Wan murmured as she closed her eyes.

Observing Lin Wan gradually succumbing to sleep, Xiao Yichen refrained from saying anything further.
His anger had subsided.

Carefully, Xiao Yichen retrieved a piece of clothing nearby, gently wrapped her in it, and carried her upstairs.

After returning to the bedroom, Xiao Yichen carefully carried Lin Wan and took a quick shower before settling her on the bed.

The refreshing sensation from the shower slightly awakened Lin Wan.

“Wan’er…” Xiao Yichen laid beside her and embraced her gently.

“Yes,” Lin Wan softly responded.

“In the future… love me,” Xiao Yichen’s words were clear and resolute, sounding almost like a command.

He had not been a part of her past, but he intended to be a constant presence in her future, showering her with affection for the rest of their lives.

Lin Wan drifted back to sleep, vaguely hearing Xiao Yichen’s voice without fully comprehending his words.

Xiao Yichen waited for a while, but the woman in his arms didn’t respond.
He gazed at her, only to find her sound asleep.

“…” Xiao Yichen felt a sense of helplessness.

Days went by, and Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan enjoyed a harmonious relationship.
Their time together only deepened Xiao Yichen’s satisfaction with his wife, Lin Wan.

In the morning, Lin Wan dragged her weary body to work.
In the office, she was intercepted by Shen Yun.

“Wanwan, are you two always this lovey-dovey?” Shen Yun exclaimed cheerfully.

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