Seeing the petite woman panicking, Xiao Yichen revealed an evil smile as he approached Lin Wan.

“What are you doing?” Lin Wan asked nervously, watching Xiao Yichen’s approach.
She worried that he would consume her once more.

Lately, it seemed like he couldn’t satisfy his hunger.
One night, he nearly caused a ruckus in the downstairs living room.

Xiao Yichen remained silent.
He stood before Lin Wan, raising his right hand to pinch her chin.
Slowly, he spoke, “Wan’er, I’m hungry.”

Lin Wan blinked twice in confusion.

Was he trying to act cute and beg her? Yet, just last night, he had been restless until three in the morning.
How could he be hungry again?

After closing her eyes for a brief moment, Lin Wan contemplated the situation.
She couldn’t allow him to eat any longer.
She had an important task to accomplish today—meeting her in-laws was no trivial matter.

Opening her eyes, Lin Wan smiled at Xiao Yichen and spoke sweetly, “Chen, we have to return to the Xiao family’s mansion today.
Why don’t we go downstairs and eat some more? That way, we won’t feel hungry anymore, alright?”

Upon hearing Lin Wan’s words, Xiao Yichen’s expression darkened.

Did she think the hunger he mentioned could be appeased by mere food?

Nevertheless, she did bring up a crucial point.
They were indeed going back to the mansion today.
It was already past ten o’clock, and if he consumed her again, they probably wouldn’t arrive before noon.

“I’ll spare you today,” Xiao Yichen declared.

Just as Lin Wan was about to feel relieved because of Xiao Yichen’s words, she saw his face looming larger and larger, and his lips instantly claimed hers once more.

Confusion washed over her.
Didn’t he say he would spare her? Why did he… kiss her again?

After a brief kiss, Xiao Yichen released Lin Wan and departed from the bathroom.

“Bastard! Big bastard! Super big bastard…” Lin Wan muttered angrily as she stared at Xiao Yichen’s retreating figure.

Emerging from the bathroom, Lin Wan changed into a long black dress and applied light makeup before making her way downstairs.

The two of them had a simple meal to satiate their hunger before setting off for the Xiao family’s mansion.


Inside the Xiao family’s mansion, Xiao Yaling, her husband Li Xiang, and their son and daughter-in-law sat in the living room alongside the elderly master and mistress.

Lin Qingqing, seated beside Ning Yan, pretended to be a modest girl from a humble background, striving to win the favor of her grandmother and grandfather, who were seated nearby.

The elderly Xiao Shengdong and Ning Yan had no inkling of their granddaughter-in-law’s charade.
They only perceived her as obedient and sensible.

“Dad, Auntie, our Qingqing is truly remarkable.
She exhibits great respect towards the elders and shares a deep love with our Muyang.
Their marital bliss knows no bounds,” Xiao Yaling smiled and praised Lin Qingqing to the elderly couple.

“Mom, truth be told, I have my own flaws,” Lin Qingqing said in a coy voice, pretending to be bashful.
She continued, “But I genuinely love Brother Muyang, it’s true!”

Having said that, Lin Qingqing didn’t forget to wink at Li Muyang while in the presence of the four elders.

Li Muyang grinned wickedly and whispered in a low voice, “You little enchantress, be careful, or I might just carry you upstairs later.”

He was captivated by this woman with just a single glance.
If she continued to gaze at him with such charm, he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself.

“You’re so annoying,” Lin Qingqing shyly hid her face beside her grandmother.
Still, she playfully complained, “Grandma, Brother Muyang is bullying me.”

“Haha, young people nowadays love to tease each other,” Ning Yan chuckled, understanding that the two youngsters were jesting and being playful.

“By the way, Auntie, you mentioned earlier that Yichen is also married.
Will he bring his sister-in-law with him today?” Xiao Yaling suddenly recalled their previous conversation and hurriedly inquired.

“Yes, I mentioned he would bring her along,” Ning Yan replied.

“In that case, we’ll get to meet the Aunt soon,” Li Muyang smiled mischievously.
He secretly planned to tease Uncle a little when he saw Aunt.
After all, Uncle was always so arrogant.
He wondered if seeing Uncle being teased in front of Aunt would make him feel embarrassed.

Not long after Li Muyang finished speaking, the sound of the door opening resonated throughout the room.
All heads turned towards the entrance.

Xiao Yichen held Lin Wan’s hand as they walked in together, side by side.

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