When Li Zizi looked at Lin Wan, her body couldn’t help but tremble, but she quickly regained her composure.
Concern and contemplation flickered in her eyes.

“Yes, I’m certain,” Li Zizi replied after a moment of thought.

“Nonsense!” Lin Wan suddenly became animated.
She stood up and confronted Li Zizi.
“I spent three days and three nights designing that piece.
My inspiration came from my own sense of loneliness.
The theme of the design is ‘Solitude.’ What right do you have to claim it as your own?”

As Lin Wan explained the concept and significance behind her design, Li Zizi grew anxious.
She couldn’t utter a word because she had no knowledge of the design’s theme.

“I… I…” Li Zizi stammered, looking flustered.

In the hearts of Xiao Yichen, Luo Ziyan, Lin Wan, and You Luan, the answer was clear.

“You Luan,” Xiao Yichen called.

“Yes, President Xiao,” You Luan responded promptly.

“Do you know how to handle this?” Xiao Yichen asked.

He couldn’t be lenient when someone was falsely accusing his woman right in front of him.

“Mm…” You Luan replied.

Xiao Yichen stood up and, without casting another glance at Li Zizi, left the room.
Luo Ziyan followed him, and Lin Wan trailed behind the two, exiting Wing Jewelry.

You Luan dealt with the situation skillfully, to the extent that the following day, media headlines were filled with reports of Li Zizi’s lies and attempt to frame her colleague.
Internet users hurled curses at Li Zizi, claiming he had a flawed character, poor upbringing, and was a conniving person.
Some even uncovered footage of Li Zizi being assaulted by his ex-wife when he was her mistress.
In an instant, Li Zizi’s reputation spread throughout Ancheng City.

Li Zizi’s lies and rumors proved Lin Wan’s innocence.
Dream Phil Jewelry’s legal department issued a public clarification.
Lin Wan received new design orders as per the director’s arrangements, and her work returned to its previous state.


At night, Lin Wan had just finished her shower when her man picked her up and playfully tossed her onto the spacious bed.

Before Lin Wan could react, Xiao Yichen was already hovering over her.

“Is everything back to normal with your work?” Xiao Yichen gazed down at the petite woman beneath him and inquired.

“Yes,” Lin Wan affirmed.
Meeting Xiao Yichen’s eyes, she expressed her gratitude.
“Thank you for your help this time.”

Without him, she wouldn’t have been able to prove her innocence so swiftly.
It would have been challenging to even come face-to-face with Li Zizi.
She was grateful to have him by her side.

“You want to show your appreciation? Give me something tangible,” Xiao Yichen teased, slipping his hand into Lin Wan’s pajamas.


In the blink of an eye, Saturday had arrived.
Lin Wan woke up naturally and gazed at the ceiling.
The first thought that crossed her mind was…

Today, she was going back to the Xiao family mansion to visit her in-laws and Xiao Yichen’s half-sister’s family.

With her body feeling a bit sore, Lin Wan dragged herself to the bathroom to take a shower.
While showering, she grumbled to herself, feeling even more irritated with Xiao Yichen.

Did he have to claim ownership over her? Couldn’t he refrain from doing so?

Meanwhile, Xiao Yichen occupied himself with some work in the study.
When he returned to the bedroom, the first thing he noticed was the empty bed.
Only a bundle of blankets and a pillow lay there.

Where was she?

After searching for a while, Xiao Yichen’s gaze landed on the bathroom door.

Lin Wan had just finished her shower and was in the midst of drying herself with a towel when the bathroom door unexpectedly swung open from the outside.

“Ah…” Reflexively, Lin Wan used the towel in her hand to cover the most important parts of her body and hurriedly retreated to the corner, seeking shelter.

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