Xiao Yichen was aware that Lin Wan was deliberately putting on an act, but he found it… soothing.

“Tell me your clothing size,” Xiao Yichen stated, his tone turning colder as the smile disappeared from his face.

Lin Wan didn’t understand why Xiao Yichen wanted to know her clothing size, but she didn’t question it and simply provided him with the information.

After receiving the details, Xiao Yichen said, “Change and meet me downstairs for dinner.” Then, he departed.

Observing Xiao Yichen’s retreating figure, Lin Wan clenched her teeth.
She was extremely dissatisfied with him…


After breakfast, as Lin Wan prepared to leave for work, Xiao Yichen halted her in her tracks.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Wan looked at Xiao Yichen, puzzled by his intentions.

Xiao Yichen pulled out a key and handed it to Lin Wan, his voice cold.
“Go to the garage and drive.”

Only then did Lin Wan realize that Xiao Yichen was giving her the car keys.

“Hehe, that’s unnecessary.
I’ll go by…” Lin Wan’s sentence was cut short as Xiao Yichen interjected.

Is there a bus service in the villa area?” Xiao Yichen already knew what she was about to say.

“…,” This time, Lin Wan was rendered speechless.
She pondered the situation seriously.
When You Luan had driven her to Blue Bay that day, she hadn’t noticed any buses or bus stops along the way.

Therefore, as Lin Wan comprehended the reality of the situation, she obediently accepted the car keys from Xiao Yichen and proceeded to the garage to drive.

Not being well-versed in car brands, Lin Wan simply chose a white car that appealed to her, pulled out of the garage, and left the villa.

Xiao Yichen followed behind in his Maserati.
It wasn’t until they exited the villa area that their cars diverged, each heading in a different direction.


Dream Phil was located in the Huiya International office building.
Lin Wan stood nervously in the elevator, anxious about how her colleagues would perceive her when she entered the office.

However, as Lin Wan stepped into the design department’s office, none of her colleagues seemed to notice her.
She was slightly puzzled.
Looking around, she noticed her colleagues gathered in small groups, engaged in discussions.

“Xiao Yichen is married? Oh my god! My heart is shattered!”

“I’m so curious about who Mrs.
Xiao is.
I wonder what she looks like.”

“It’s not in the news.
Can’t really see her face in this photo.”

“Yeah, look at Xiao Yichen lying on the bed with a woman in his arms, but his face is completely covered by his hair…”


Listening to her colleagues’ gossip, Lin Wan felt perplexed.
Just as she was about to contemplate the situation further, her colleague Shen Yun approached her.

Shen Yun was Lin Wan’s closest friend in the design department.
They had joined the company together and both stayed in the design department after successfully completing their internships.
Consequently, Lin Wan often confided in Shen Yun about her thoughts.

“Wanwan, what’s going on?” Shen Yun asked in a hushed tone as she reached Lin Wan.

“I don’t know either.
I worked tirelessly all night to create the design for the competition.
There’s definitely no plagiarism involved,” Lin Wan firmly asserted.

“I believe you,” Shen Yun replied, placing her trust in Lin Wan.
She was aware of the difficulties Lin Wan had faced in recent days.
“I’m asking about you and Li Muyang.”

Shen Yun was the only one in the company who knew about Lin Wan’s engagement last Friday.
However, when she saw the news on Friday, it was revealed that Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing were actually engaged.
The situation had become quite confusing, leaving Shen Yun uncertain about what exactly had happened.

Lin Wan endured the uneasiness in her heart and shared with Shen Yun the details of what had transpired, including her marriage.

Upon hearing this, Shen Yun’s eyes widened, and she stared at Lin Wan in shock.
She was speechless, unable to find the right words to express her astonishment.

“What’s the matter, Yunyun?” Lin Wan couldn’t comprehend why Shen Yun was so taken aback.

“Wanwan, don’t you know? The person you married is the CEO of the Eastern Empire, the business tycoon, the CEO of the Eastern Empire!” Shen Yun whispered, her voice filled with concern that their nearby colleagues might overhear him.
However, the surprise in her tone was unmistakable.

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