Why there is so much traffic today? (A girl wearing light gray loose pants and a blue denim jacket which has so many pockets, white sports shoes and a small baby pink colour helmet driving her scooter, looking very cute and elegant) saying this – she is Anna.

I am getting late only 1 order is left to be delivered. I need to hurry up!

( the traffic gets clear)

she is delivering straight and safe.suddenly an expensive stylish Cabriolet ( converting) racing car hits her scooter from side. Her scooter side mirror get broken and hang like an apple to a tree.

she screams:-WHAT WAS THAT?


(waving her hand to and fro straight to her face trying to say stop).

SCREEEEE…CH! ( brakes applied).

Joon applied brakes (he was about to attend her mom), as he hit his car to Anna scooter( his phone fell down in car).

Anna drives her scooter and followed him till there.

Joon opened his car window. Anna is standing in front of him with her scooter, as she saw him.she remembers he is the one that interview guy.

Joon – what happened?

Anna – you just hit my scooter and look how is my scooters side mirror broken.

Joon – okay! how much does it cost?

Anna – ” HOW MUCH DOES IT COST ” what are you saying! Are you not going to apologise? As you are the one because of which this happened?

Joon – what! sorry to you! who are you! Take this money ( he is giving her 5 million won ) you can buy a new scooter with this much money.

Anna ( seeing angrily) ( thinking in her mind after his interview what I was thinking is true he is an arrogant brat ).

-I don want your money. You only have to say sorry.okay!

Joon – (take back his money) okay ! As your wish.(**IRK)

He starts his car and say – Im saying you one last more time take this money.

Anna replies NO!

He speed up his car and leave her behind.


Anna rides her scooter and drives to the address for delivery.she rings the doorbell.

( someone is coming)

Meanwhile she started thinking in her mind – today my job will be gone. As I am total 15 min late for the delivery because of that fool.

An old lady opens the door.

Anna – here is your order maam. I am really very sorry maam for the late delivery. I met a small accident.And because of that I could not make up delivery on time. I am sorry maam.

old lady – Its okay! Dear! you said sorry. its more than enough. I understand. Tell me you are not injured right?

Anna – Thank you Maam for understanding – yes maam.I am not injured ( but my scooter is – blabbering in her mind).

thankyou again Maam. you save my day. Have a nice Maam.

( she rides her scooter and drives to her home).

Joon after driving, reaches his company. He come back out from his car. Pick up his phone. Lock the car ( with his cars key) . And move forward to his special lift i.e. only for him and his personal staff. The lift take him to the 30th floor, where is his cabin.

As he entered his cabin Mr.park is waiting there.

Mr.Park – sir! Here is your clothes.where were you? I was calling you but you don pick up.

Joon – I was…….. Nothing! He takes his clothes from secretary.And said him.you can leave now.

Mr.Park – okay sir!

( secretary Park left).

( After changing clothes).

Joon sitting in his cabin and start working. Joon call the secretary and discuss something about his business and sales of this week and in last he said to order some him to secretary.

Anna stop at small restaurant before going home. As her stomach making sounds like GROWL! GROWL! She eat cup noddles there and left for her home.

She reaches her home. Take the key from the aunt and enters home . She saw her mom also eating noddles and watching TV.

I come back home mom !

Now, tell me mom have you taken your medicines ?

Her mom nods in yes.

She said okay! I am going to freshen up mom.

Mom – okay! Dear!

She get freshen up.

Birds chirping ! Its dawn now.

She started making dinner. She and her mom eat dinner. After that her mom takes some medicines.

Her mom said to her you study dear! I will wash the utensils and clean home.

Anna – Mom ! I will do it . You go and get some rest.

Mom – Dear ! I am okay ! You go and study now !

Anna – okay! Mom! love you.

Anna goes upstairs to her room. She start studying ( a book in which something about business is written ).

Anna is studying in Seoul University. She got admission there on scholarship basis she is studying CS ( Company Secretary ) and 2nd year student. She is 21 years old.

She is yawning. Lets get some sleep. She switch off the lights and thinks what a hectic day !

She sleeps zzzzzzz…..

There Joon is in his home ( penthouse ) working late night.

He opens up some searching engine to search something. What he saw a scooter advertisement popping up . He close it.

What ! Here is also scooter.

What a fool she was ? I was giving her money more than enough to buy 2 new scooters . But she refuses it. ( Making confused face ) . What an idiot ?

Why am I thinking about her ?

No ! No ! Its better to get some sleep .


BEEP ! BEEP! ( Alarm ringing) .

Its 7:30 a.m.

Oh ! no ! Oh ! no! I am getting late . I need to hurry up – Anna said.

She take both and get freshen up reaches downstairs and she saw her mom already made the breakfast.

Thankyou so much Mom! she hugged and kissed her mom. I am already getting late.You made the breakfast mom that is more than enough.Have you taken you medicines?

Mom – No Anna! lets eat the breakfast together.Then I will take my medicine.

Anna- okay Mom! Both finishes their breakfast.

– she makes sure that her mom take her medicine.

– Mom ! go and get some rest. Today in the evening we will go to the park. okay! bye!

She lock up the home and the give the key to her aunts. she rides her scooter,try to fix the side mirror,but unable to do so and said all this happened because of that jerk. she drives and reach her University.


when she is entering from the main exit there are so many girls standing wearing short skirt , tops and other very beautiful fancy dresses. As she entered many girls start running and doing hooting and howling.


Anna turns back and saw a blue colour racing car . She think maybe some rich

got admission. oh! Its not a big thing here. why these girls acting strange.

okay lets go ( entered in parking area).

As she parked her scooter . She saw her friend – Nari.

Nari is in same university . But in different course Business Administration 3rd year student And she also got addmission on the scholarship basis.

(Both Anna and Nari are very intelligent and brilliant student).

Anna – hi! Nari

Nari – Hello! Anna what happened to your scooter?

Anna – It was…….a long story.forget about it.Tell me why is there is so many girls outside?

Nari – your senior – yo Jeremy – I mean one of my classmate is coming from USA

Anna – oh! I see

Nari – He is handsome and rich

( Nari starts blushing)

(Anna noticed but Said nothing and smiles)

Anna and Nari talking to each other enters in the main Campus of the university which is very beautiful to see.

And then they entered into their respective classes .

In Annas class professor of business economics makes announcement – for. this lecture your class will be combined with senior 3rd year – Business Administration. your senior will come in your class. Majority of the girls start jumping in happiness.

Yeah!! hoo woo!!

Anna look happy and she is smiling as her friend Nari is also coming.

Anna is sitting on the first bench in the middle row.Nari comes in the class. Both of them smiles, Anna and Nari sit together.

Anna – Nari you know majority of the girls in my class are gone mad.

Nari – oh! I see it is because of my classmate Yo Jeremy.

Anna – is he that much handsome?

Nari – yes,he is so charming, attractive, easy on the eyes and has stunning personality.his almost cool shiny black hair, his brown eyes, his smile everything is so much cute( saying very happily).

( Nari starts blushing and also making shy face).

Anna said you like him ! Ahh…

Nari – How do you know that ?

Anna – Anyone can see that as you are blushing so much even when you are talking about him now and earlier in the morning.

Nari- Really! ( she shy so much ).

Looking at her Anna smiles and Start laughing and saying You
e in love.

Ha..aah !!! Ha..aah!!!

There Jeremy entered in the class. His first glance caught by Anna. He stood at

the entrance of class and saw Anna laughing.

To him it seems like time stopped and a Sun glows behind Anna. A golden light is

everywhere in the class and except Anna everything get blurred. ( He started

thinking in his mind) .

Her eyes are big and very dark brown in colour, her hairs is magma red and it

crashed over her shoulders, her velvety eye lashes , dainty nose , her sea nymph

ears, her shiny halo white teeth when she is laughing. Everything is looking so


Suddenly , a friend of Jeremy said what are you looking at ? Why you stopped ?

Lets go.

Jeremy replies Okay!

Jeremy and his friend sit on the last bench . Majority of the girls staring at him

except Anna. And the Jeremy looking at Anna.

But soon the professor arrives in the class and start lecturing. In the middle of

lecture. Professor said I will ask some questions.

Lets see who will answer ?

So , my question is – what are Economies of Sale ?

Anna and her friend Nari both raised their hands up and some other students

also raised their hands.

Professor – Yes! Anna . You give your answer.

Anna – Sir ! ES or Economies of Sale is a decrease in the average cost of

production when there is an increase in the scale of production of a company.

Professor- Very good . Right Answer.

Professor asked an another question and Nari answered it.

Jeremy thinking in his mind . So , her name is Anna and she is intelligent also.

Interesting !

( Lecture got over )

Everyone go to the canteen area for eating lunch.

Nari and Anna both take their lunch on their plates , sit side by side and starting


Coincidentally, Jeremy and his friends sit in front of them( Anna and Nari).

Jeremy look at Annas side .

Anna ( whispering in Naris ears ) – Jeremy is looking here.

Nari – Really ! ( saying in very low tone ).

( Nari start blushing again and by full of shyness , she left the table taking her


Anna also took her plate and follows Nari.

Anna said to Nari what happened ? Why you left ?

Nari – Nothing. I am full .

Anna – Me too.

Both of them left the canteen.

Anna and Nari saw a notice on the notice board .

And both of them says ( in synchronisation )- WOW! It will be fun.

In notice it is written that there will be Freshers Party for the Juniors and welcome Party for the senior – YO JEREMY . On 9th March, Wednesday.

Theme – Red

Business club Girls.

( Lunch got over)

Everyone head up to their classes.

( Lectures are going on).

5:00 p.m. – CLASS DI**ISSED.

In parking area , Nari and Anna start talking about Freshers Party.

Then after sometime both left for thei home.

Sunsets – Evening Time.

Anna and her mom walking in the park .

Anna – Mom ! There will be Freshers party day after tomorrow and theme is red.

What should I wear ? I do not have any red dress , only tops .

Mom – Dear ! Why don you try my red dress , that is my birthday gift from your father .

Anna – Yes ! Mom ! I will ! Thank you.

Both Anna and her mom reach home and eat dinner.

Annas mom give her dress to Anna.

Anna – Mom ! Can I do some modifications in this dress ?

Mom – Yes dear ! You can.

Anna – Okay Mom ! Good night. Take your medicines on time.

Mom – I have already taken. Dear Anna !

Anna go upstairs to her room , there she start making her moms dress – the dress that she is going to wear in Freshers party.

She is stitching some part and trying to make the dress more beautiful. She also

paints her old heels sandals with shiny grey colour that is going to look best with her dress.

A notification popped up on Annas phone.

Her friend Nari messaged – What will you wear in Freshers party ?

Anna replied – My moms dress and I am working on it, to make it more beautiful.

Nari – Okay ! Very nice. But its too late already 2:30 a.m. Go to sleep. I am also going to sleep. Good night.

Anna – Good night ! Listen I am taking day off today as there will be no lectures today. And everyone is preparing for Freshers.

Anna is still working on dress.

3:30 a.m.

4:00 a.m.

5:00 a.m.

Now, Its complete. I think I should be a fashion designer. The dress is looking beautiful, very beautiful. And why not It will look beautiful as this dress is my dads gift to my mom . Her eyes fill with tears ( she said in her mind – Dad You are listening Right ! ).

Oh ! Its already 5:45 a.m. Now I should take a nap.

Its 8:30 a.m. Anna got ready and eat breakfast with her mom , and then locked the home ( give keys to her aunt ) and left for her job.


Mrs. Sim – Anna pack up the food and deliver this order on time . It is very urgent.

Anna – Okay Maam ! ( yawning).

She drives to deliver the order and reaches the location.


She got off from her scooter taking 7 boxes of food carrying in two bags.

( She is feeling sleepy as she is yawning too much ) and saw address it is 30th floor.

She move forward towards the building. How beautiful workplace it is ! like one of my dream workplace. She goes to lift on right hand side.

( On lift it is written for employees and visitors ).

( On left hand side lift it is written only for CEO and his personal staff).

In left hand side lift. There is some construction going on .

(Board – Work In Progress)


That is our plan to achieve 67% profit – Joon said.

Board Members sitting there (everyone) claps.

Joon – Okay ! That it is for today.

( Meeting got over)

Joon said to Mr. Park I have ordered food for board Members. Make sure no one leaves and everyone enjoy food.

Mr. Park – Okay! Sir !

Joon – I have to go somewhere else.

( Joon left meeting room).

Joon saw that on his special lift. It is written work is in progress. So, she chooses

to go from employee lift . He was about to press the for the lift .

But lift opens before it.

He moves forward and…….

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