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Uncle Karso is the name of the person whom Satrio welcomes, he is a cousin of his father who is in the village, in contrast to most of the siblings his father has. Uncle Karso, who is not interested in being a landlord, goes to study at universities in Europe.

Until then a dozen years ago he managed to return to his homeland with an engineering degree, this made a lot of faces for the Satrio extended family because getting a bachelors degree and also being an engineer during the colonial period was not very easy like during the colonial period ended.

Here, especially on the island of Java, not every child who is old enough to go to school has the right to receive an education. Only those who had good family status with an adequate economy could send their children to schools provided by the colonial government.

Its just that, again the quality of education provided to the common people and those of the colonialists has different levels in terms of the quality of education and also the existing infrastructure, which is difficult to compare between one and the other.

Whats more, then to be able to enter the school, you have to get recommendations from several existing officials so that you can then go to school normally.

Besides the origin of the student is suspected, recommendations and also a high level of knowledge are required to be admitted to the University, but then Karsos uncle in this case breaks it all, with the intelligence that he has himself and then attracts the attention of a guest teaching professor at his university until later shocking news occurred.

Where the professor, who was very impressed with his uncle, invited Karso to continue his studies abroad and it was from there that for several years his uncle continued his studies abroad, and when he returned, of course, the whole family was in an uproar.

With the title of an engineer at that time, it could be said to be something very important, not to mention when they were still under colonialism, this was something very extraordinary that Karsos uncle could do, especially when he was back by his uncle not only with the title but also brought a white son-in-law.

This once again made the extended family of Satrio unable to speak to his uncle, because as a colonized nation being able to marry a white woman was something they could never imagine, apart from the different social strata, the stigma that existed in the general public is very unlikely to let that happen so easily.

”Caroline…..Caroline…look whos coming to our house ” said his uncle shouting into the house.

And from a room appeared a beautiful white-skinned woman with blonde hair, blue eyes with a friendly smile greeted Satrio.

”Ohhh…oh my God….is this you Satrio…. ” Exclaimed with great pleasure his aunt greeted Satrio.

”Hugging…..Satrio lovingly, Caroline said…

”Satrio…..its been a long time since Ive seen you…see…youve passed my aunts height, and look at your handsome and sweet face…getting better…. ”Said his aunt warmly praising Satrio.

Satrio, who was hugged by his aunt, felt embarrassed and blushed, not to mention that he smelled the mature scent of his aunt who was very seductive, making Satrio helpless.

”Ok…auntie…you can let me go, ” said Satrio helplessly.

”Hahahahaha…..let your aunt hug you longer Satrio, uncle knows how much your aunt misses you ” his uncle interrupted Satrio.

Hearing this Satrio became helpless and just let his aunt hug him a little longer.

After a short family session, Satrio was taken to the guest room in their house, talking about the house owned by his uncle in the city of Batavia, for the colonial period it could be said to be a fairly affluent family because their were 5 rooms in his uncles house bedroom, with 3 bathrooms, a large yard at the back of about 100 M² and a front yard with garage. The five bedrooms in the house are for his uncles room, his cousins room, two guest rooms, and one room for the maid.

Its just that later it was discovered that the maid owned by her uncle was currently asking for permission to return to her hometown due to family matters, so practically at this time, there was only her uncles family in the house.


At lunchtime at his uncles family dinner table, Satrio, who was looking at the menu in front of him, was happy because it had been a long time since he had eaten home-cooked meals, not to mention the extra sausages his aunt made.

Satrio who saw this all became greedy, ”Thank you aunt… ” Satrio said to his aunt with a sincere smile.

Satrio knows that his aunt especially cooks spicy food on the dinner table just for him, because in the family apart from his uncle who likes a little spicy taste, both his aunt who is European and their girl who is also Satrios cousin cannot eat spicy food .

So here, Satrio felt the sincerity of his aunt and sincerely thanked him.

”Hey…why are you so shy about your own family, lets wait for Ursula she will be home soon, ” her aunt said smiling at Satrio.

”Okay, aunt I already miss my beautiful cousin, but will she still remember me? ” Satrio said with a bit of anticipation.

Understandably, its been almost 3 years since they last met, and in 3 years of course a lot has happened in the lives of the two of them, so Satrio, who inherited the memories of his predecessor, doesn know if Ursula will be the same as the last time they met, and the answer to that question was immediately answered, as the sound of opening the door was heard.

From there then a melodious young womans voice was heard ”mom….papa…Im home… ” Ursula greeted into the house when she arrived.

On the other hand, Ursula, who found that her greeting was not answered, was surprised. Because there would usually be a voice in return from her father or mother. Thinking of this, she became curious and quickly entered the house to see if anyone was there.

”Father…..mom….. ” Ursula called out with a soft voice.

Opening the door of her masters room, Ursula found no one, as she was about to go towards the kitchen, she found the noise coming from the living room, feeling surprised she immediately headed there, there was a gap in the living room door that was opened, and from the gap Ursula found someone with her back to the door.

Opening the door Ursula then said, ”who are you? ”

Satrio who had his back to Ursula smiled and then turned around, Ursula who saw the figure turned around to be shocked and also couldn believe what she was seeing at this time, so she then covered her mouth for a moment because of the shock she felt, until then the figure said with a smile.

”Hey…Ursula…long time no see ” Satrio greeted Ursula.

But Ursula didn respond to what Satrio said, she just threw herself directly at Satrio.

”Ughh…..hugged by Ursula suddenly Satrio became shocked and then returned Ursulas hug firmly.

”Satrio…Satrio…is it you ” said Ursula with a trembling voice.

”Yes, its me… ” Satrio replied.

Outside the room, his uncle and aunt who saw the sight smiled and then they decided to give space for the two of them to let go of their homesickness, as their parents were very aware of the good relationship that existed between Satrio and Ursula. both of them had predicted when Ursula would grow up. she will be the wife of Satrio.

Because from a young age they saw Ursula and Satrio who were so close to each other, and this continued when they were teenagers and adults, its just that 3 years ago Ursula and Satrio rarely met because of their uncles job which required them to leave the islands. java for a while.

It was only later this year that they returned to their home in Batavia, and throughout the beginning of this year, Ursula had repeatedly asked the two of them to immediately go visit Satrio.

From this, both of them already guessed that the relationship between them must be far from just an ordinary sibling relationship, its understandable that even though his uncle can be said to be his fathers cousin, basically his uncle is someone who is not related by blood to his father.

Because his uncle was an adopted child who was taken by his uncle and aunt from Satrios father, however, the treatment given by his uncles parents and also his fathers extended family did not discriminate against this, and it was precise because of this that his uncle and also his fathers extended family had a very close bond.

So when Satrio and Ursula had a relationship that was more than just siblings with Ursula, neither party objected to either their father or uncle. Because they were not related by blood and because this allowed both Satrio and Ursula to become husband and wife.

Returning to Satrio and Ursula, who was separated from the hugs held by the two of them, they started a simple conversation about the reason why Satrio arrived in Batavia.


After Ursula found out why Satrio had come to Batavia to stop for a while before continuing his journey to New York, Ursula who heard this was shocked and also panicked, how could she not feel panicked because they had just met but the next day Satrio had to continue his journey.

Imagining that she would be separated from Satrio again for several years, Ursula who had been stricken by love could no longer feel herself being separated from Satrio, so later in her heart, she made a unanimous decision for her and Satrios future.

Satrio, on the other hand, saw Ursulas sad reaction, felt pain in his heart, even though he had only met Ursula for a short time, because of the strong memory and also the feelings that his predecessor had for Ursula were so deep that later in this case, Satrio was also carried away by the feelings that belonged to Ursula. predecessor.

Not to mention that after clearly remembering the memory of their love story that grew from childhood to adulthood as it is today, Satrio knows that Ursula is Satrios first love and as many people know that first love is the hardest thing to forget, especially then there is no intention from Satrio himself to forget Ursula.

And one of the reasons he got off the ship other than to avoid Bella, also he wanted to meet Ursula, to see how entangled he was with Ursula and now when he faced her directly, he also knew that it would be something very difficult because the first impression that Ursula gave to Satrio was, a very kind woman who was full of love and affection, on the other hand, her loyalty to guarding feelings could be seen from the reactions and actions that Ursula gave to Satrio when they first met, so in Satrio Ursulas impression already has a fairly high level.

Because he returned to modern times when he was surrounded by many beautiful women, but he found someone like Ursula who was kind and loving, plus the most important thing is her loyal nature. Satrio knows how valuable a woman like Ursula is if she is placed in the modern world.

So when he is allowed to meet and get to know Ursula further, of course, he will not waste it, not to mention that as a normal man having a beautiful woman who loves him sincerely and is full of loyalty how can he not be satisfied.

Seeing that it had been long enough for the two of them to let go of their homesickness, then Satrio invited Ursula to have lunch with his family because he knew that it was not good to make his uncle and aunt wait too long.

”We will continue this later, now we have to go to the dining table because uncle and aunt are waiting for us there, ” Satrio said to Ursula asking her to eat together.

”Ok ” said Ursula with a cute face.

So the two of them immediately went to the dining table with the cursola holding Satrios hand tightly, and when his uncle and aunt saw the arrival of Satrio and Ursula they seemed to smile happily especially when they saw that Satrio and Ursula were holding hands between the two.

This of course made them both surprised and happy because in the end it could be said that both Satrio and Ursula admitted their relationship in front of them openly.

”Sorry uncle and aunt made you wait so long ” Satrio said, apologizing for making them wait so long.

”Its okay, we know that you young people need time, ” replied his uncle with a smile.

”Its true what your uncle Satrio said, you understand and one more thing please take good care of Ursula, ” his aunt said adding to Satrio.

”You can rest assured aunt, I will treat Ursula well, and will not disappoint her ” Satrio replied to his aunt while looking at Ursula.

Ursula who listened to Satrios promise felt very sweet like honey, and then said to her mother shyly ” mother….what are you talking about….. Don embarrass me!! ” Ursula said back.

”Why? Isn that what youve been dreaming of for a long time ” said her mother jokingly.

”, Hahaha…don just talk, come on while eating, ” his uncle said interrupting them.

So then during lunch, a warm chat ensued between them, until finally when the meal was finished the Aunt called Ursula into her room to discuss something.

And his uncle in this case also asked Satrio to follow him, because there were things he wanted to talk about and there were things that had to be handed over to Satrio.

Going towards the back door of his uncles house, then with the guidance of his uncle, they walked towards the backyard, in the backyard the first thing Satrio saw was a large 3 m high wall that surrounded the entire backyard, on the other side in the right corner there was a small garden with various types of flowers planted and also cared for by his aunt.

Whereas on the left side of the backyard which was covered by several fruit trees with a fairly short size, right next to some these fruit trees a small warehouse was visible for storing equipment made of wood and bricks, only then Satrio became confused when his uncle seemed to be walking towards the equipment warehouse, did papa have something to do with it.

However, Satrios behavior was immediately put aside when his uncle opened the barn door with the key and invited Satrio to enter, in the small warehouse which was 4 M long and 2 M wide, Satria saw his uncle take a hammer from the tool rack that was there.

After taking the hammer, his uncle knocked on the lower area of ​​the warehouse wall. Looking in more detail, his uncle seemed to hit a nail that protruded slightly from the warehouse floor area.

Seeing the actions taken by his uncle Satrio again became confused, but after a few knocks, a strange phenomenon appeared where later, the wooden floor they stepped on appeared to open and from there revealed a dark hallway containing steps leading to the lower area.

Seeing this, Satrio was surprised because it turned out that his uncle had opened a secret underground room that was right under his small warehouse.

Seeing Satrios shocked reaction, his uncle smiled with satisfaction while then saying ”why are you surprised? Hahahah….only you and I know this, while your aunt and Ursula don know ” his uncle said to Satrio to explain a little about the situation in his basement.

”Lets go inside, there is only a little time, ” said his uncle again to Satrio.

Seeing his uncle going down the stairs, Satrio immediately followed, until then when the uncle pulled the light switch, Satrio could see the situation in his uncles basement and estimated the depth after estimating the depth of this basement to be around 3 to 5 meters underground. and When entering the interior of the dungeon.

Satrio saw a white room with lots of shelves hanging on the walls, with lots of items placed on the shelves, looking around the area of ​​the room Satrio estimated the area was around 7 x 8 M.

”How is your uncles room amazing isn it? ” Said his uncle proudly showed this to Satrio.

”Yes, your uncle is extraordinary, because you can hide this from your aunt and Ursula, ” Satrio teased back to his uncle.

”Heyy…Satrio…don discuss that, back to our important business ” said his uncle changing the topic.

Seeing this Satrio only smiled understandingly, ”ok…ok…back to the topic uncle ” Satrio agreed.

”Come here…. ” His uncle said to Satrio, approaching a box that was on a shelf, opening the box, he saw several old scrolls stored neatly in it.

”Is this uncle? ” Satrio asked confused

”Okay, let your uncle explain …..ahem….. Then his uncle took out an old faction from the box carefully, and opened it slowly Satrio then saw a few paragraphs written on the scroll written in ancient script from Javanese.

”Ehhh…uncle isn this ancient Javanese? ” Satrio asked his uncle.

”It was indeed written in an ancient language, so let your uncle translate the contents ” said the uncle again.

Hearing what his uncle Satrio said then nodded in agreement, at first the contents of the scroll seemed normal in the first paragraph but entering the second paragraph Satrios eyes became bright because the contents of the second paragraph made his heart beat strongly.

Entering the third paragraph, Satrios surprise grew even greater, because then he found out that the contents of the third paragraph explained about his long-lost royal heirlooms.

And entering the fourth paragraph, Satrio was again surprised by the location information from the center to his lost kingdom stated in that group, not to mention then that the locations indicated by that group were the locations of several countries around the world.

And whats even more amazing is that the first location of the heirlooms was in New York City where the destination was, after his uncle finished translating the group, the world looked at Satrio and said, ”You understand what I mean? ” asked his uncle.

”Ehhh….understand what uncle? ” Satrio asked confused.

”You…don you understand why uncle is reading this in front of you?? ” His uncle said again with a little annoyance.

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