Chapter 92

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(Rin POV)

「Well then, let us meet again」

Since she completed the task she had set out to do, Drago quickly stood up and went in the direction of the labyrinth.

Really…that person is a through and through hardcore player.

「Sorry you two, leaving you out like that」

「I don’t really mind~」

「I’m fine with it!」

Since Drago wanted to talk to me alone, the two of them moved to a table not far away.

I was more or less apologetic about it so I thought of apologizing, but these two completely didn’t care about it.

「Since there’s still time, should we have some tea? You two seems to be having fun, what are you talking about?」

「What we are talking about?」

「Aah-, mostly about equipment.
The Red Wolf attire has become quite famous, but isn’t Kagenui a new weapon.
It’s just so good, that feeling of being blacker than black」

It seems that the two were talking about Kagenui, a weapon Nana had requested from Haruru.

The visuals and tricky mechanisms, those are all excluded.
Kagenui is an article that purely focuses on enhancing the material strength.

It certainly is strong.
On pure attack power, it’s equal to a named weapon.
Though given that Kagenui has no special effects, it is overall weaker.

Just that… if you include that it has enough durability to be effectively unbreakable, then in a battle of endurance, no player should be able to surpass Nana.

Until Nana had this weapon made, OverHeavy Metal was basically just a waste of a material.

Since it’s stupidly heavy, the users are limited, moreover the blacksmith skill level needed to refine it is high, and requires valuable materials on top of that.

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The cost performance of refining is the worst, furthermore it requires a long process to forge.
For a player with no patience, it’d be difficult for them to even shape it into a weapon.
It requires that much time.

After making it, it only has an attack power on the higher side, other than that it has no worth at all.

Only being used by some of the weirdos, it should have been a waste.

「If it’s Kagenui, it’s a really good weapon isn’t it…」


「Hearing it’s specs, I was surprised you know.
Maybe I should request for a heavy metal large shield」

「Now that I think about it, you’re a large shield user」

Nana’s hugging her Kagenui with a sloppy smile, I examined Bloom’s equipment.

A shield is a rather interesting weapon, depending on whether it’s one-handed or two-handed, the way it’s wielded is completely different.

In this game, shields are not treated as armor.
Obviously you use it to basically defend, but it also counts as a blunt type weapon.

Shield bash is the one of the most well known ways of attacking with a shield.
Shield yourself and rush straight at the enemy, protecting yourself and dealing damage at the same time.

With an especially large shield like Bloom has, it should be easy to deal damage.

Considering the large shield Bloom has, with its enormous weight, it should be able to deal huge amount of damage.

It may be difficult to handle, but you can also fight in a balanced state.
Depending on the shield material, it can also be an advantage against various magics.

The major flaw is how slow it is, if you can handle the shield skillfully then you can compensate for that flaw, a very convenient type of weapon.

Among the tank players, it is one of top three popular weapons to use.

「I wanted to be a heavy tank.
That’s why I’m not the type to skillfully wield a shield, I’m basically best at being a standard large shield tank.」

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「Ara, isn’t that fine? Setting aside the current trend, there’s a reason why it stays in trend no matter the period.
After all large shields are strong all-around」

「I guess you’re right.
Being told that by Rinne-san, makes me relieved」

The words just now aren’t a lie.

Large shield users can become really powerful tanks, their attack power might be meagre but in exchange, their defense power is without a doubt, number one.

In the first place, tanks are a rather unpopular class, a player who properly sticks to being a tank is valuable.

At least among the beginners, to be a tank and stay as one to Fias, he himself should be equivalently to an excellent player.

「Those are hard to destroy, that’s why I don’t like them」

「Stop saying what you don’t mean」

「How cruel~」

Nana wasn’t really shocked to receive those replies, she properly understands that it’s just a joke.

In the first place, if you compare blunt weapons to edged weapons then, shield users have the advantage.

The reason is purely the difference in the strength of impact produced.
No matter how you attack, compared to blunt attacks, slashing and thrusting lack in impact.

The moment upon contact where the energy is transmitted from the collision, a blunt weapon that weighs more will produce more.

Blunt weapons can’t slash or stab, in exchange for that disadvantage, as a weapon type it has an attack power on the higher scale.

And if you are able to skillfully make the shock of the impact pierce through, you can deal damage even through a shield.

You can say that this might be the feature of the heavy and tough blunt weapons.

Slashing weapons on the other hand, have their own specialties, cutting, bleeding, and thrusting, they have these powerful effects.
Furthermore, compared to blunt weapons, it is easier to aim for weak spots.

Nana is just stupidly good at aiming for their vitals.
Even though her weapons have a large area of impact, you need to focus the force into a narrow spot to deal max damage to a weak spot.
It’s that hard to aim for the weak spots.

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「Recently blunt weapons have increased in popularity you know.
It might be thanks to Sukuna-san」

「If that’s the case it would be nice.
To be honest, I’d like to use various weapons, but this one really feels like it’s made for me.
I’d like to use something like a two-hand club, I haven’t used those in a while」

Seeing Nana hug Kagenui while saying that, both of us had wry smiles.

「Sukuna-san, you once used a two hand club?」

「I used one outside of stream, I broke it in just one day」

「Take a little bit more care will you?」

「The opponent was strong you see… I used Finisher.
It broke that way」

The day Nana used a two-hand club, seems to be the day she fought against Rou.

Receiving a two-hand club with a transforming mechanism and destroying it right away, it is a ridiculous story in a way.
Haruru who makes Nana’s weapons, as a smith she is really considerate.

Though, having something given, broken on the same day.
Even If I was the maker, I would be dumbfounded too.

Also according to memory, Haruru should be a master of forging swords, but being able to refine OverHeavy Metal and forge it.
That means she should have an equivalent mastery level of blunt weapon forging.

It’s also a weird fact that she happily accepted Nana’s request to make an OverHeavy Metal Club.

「Well, if Nana is cornered, she wouldn’t hesitate at all to use a Finisher」

「It’s sort of amazing to get that sort of weapon skill early game.
But still, being able to break a weapon without hesitation is amazing」

「Hmmm….well a weapon is just a weapon.
Even if you lose it, you can just punch」

Rather than a weapon, Nana trusts her body the most, she certainly has that side of hers.

A basic fact in this game, is that you’re stronger with a weapon than unarmed.
There’s a big difference in reach, and you can also use your weapon as a shield.

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《Unarmed Combat》 is a skill that somewhat covers that demerit, but even then, without a weapon the demerit is beyond imagination.

「For that case you also have the Unarmed Combat skill right?」

「I only raised its mastery a bit.
That skill has many arts from the beginning, so it is easy to use」

「Yea, from the start all arts are unlocked」

Unarmed Combat is a skill that has ten arts.

Even if you raise the mastery, that part doesn’t change until the end.

Those ten arts unlocked at the beginning, you can freely use them.

During the stream, Nana certainly used some of those arts, among those she used was the Unarmed Combats final combo art《Ten-Point Cherry Blossoms (Toezakura)》

Ever since the game began, no one has been able to unleash a max damage 《Toezakura》.

That means, no one has been able to use the Unarmed Combat skill’s greatest 「Trump Card」.

「For just a bit, If I could raise my strength a bit more then maybe I could-….there was a moment like that.
That’s why I want to level Unarmed Combat」

「hee, so that’s how it was.
There aren’t that many players who fight with Unarmed Combat, so I guess I’ll look forward to that in Sukuna-san’s stream」

「Hmmm, I need to level up more so it might happen sometime in the future.
At least a week I guess」

「If it goes well, won’t your level be high enough on the last day of the event? Well…the main problem is that there won’t be an opponent to use it on.
After all, there are no monsters that can completely endure 《Toezakura》」

The three of us went “aah”….and after sighing we laughed at the same time.

Without any reason, our sighs and laughs happened at the same time.

Having fun talking about weapons and skills.

This is also an enjoyment you get from playing the same game.

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