Chapter 87

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(Rin POV)

「Twenty minutes have passed already hasn’t it…」

The other side was also obviously closed, I didn’t get discouraged but I more or less gave up and sat before the entrance, twenty minutes have already passed.

『Rinne hold on』

『She didn’t die right?』

『If its Nana then she should be fine….probably』

『You’re right….I’m sure』


『↑say something properly ww』

「You guys… sure you’re cheering me up?」

Geez, the words from the watchers don’t really help.

Though thanks to the usual atmosphere in their comments, I’ve certainly calmed down a bit.

When it comes to Nana, it seems that I become so weak that you’d think I’m different from the usual me.
It’s to the point that I can’t think of it as just happening in a game, the me right now is full of anxiety and impatience.

Even so, as the comments have mentioned, it’s not just full of bad things.

Even though twenty minutes have passed, as a party member I can see that Nana’s HP has only been reduced by 30%, there are no signs of her having any abnormal status either.

Ever since her HP was reduced in the first five minutes by 20%, it mostly hasn’t reduced a lot.

「Oh my….?」


Since I can’t do anything but worry about Nana, I interact with the watchers and hear the sound of something operating.

The door to the monster house opened.
Having no composure left, I rushed inside the room as soon as the door opened wide enough.

In the middle of the room, Nana was sitting on something as she waited for me.
Might be because she was looking downward a bit, it seems she hasn’t noticed me entering the room.


「….Ah, Rin-chan」

Not excited, also not really calm.
In an absentminded state, without a doubt it’s Nana.

Seeing Nana remain seated as she looked up, I ran towards her.


「Are you alright!? are you hurt?」

「Rin-chan, this is inside a game you know?」

「”Tearing up” Kusu, you’re alright…..I’m glad, I’m so glad」

Seeing Nana in a safe state, I reflexively hugged her.
From what Nana had pointed out, I understood just how much I was panicking and unintentionally laughed.

Nana, had really exterminated the monster house.

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「Hey Rin-chan.
Take a look at this」

「Nn? Now that I think about it, what are you sitting on?」

「A treasure chest.
After defeating all the monsters it appeared」

The thing Nana’s treating as a chair is a rusty looking treasure chest.

I think that this isn’t a Jewel Box, but really, I wonder what it is?

Beneath the rust, you can barely see luxurious ornaments, considering this is a reward for overcoming the Monster House, then you can’t help but hope for something good.

「Rin-chan, you open it up」

「Is that okay?」

「Yeah, I’m not really that interested in it」

Nana replied while looking absent minded, it seems that she really has no interest and isn’t even looking at the treasure chest.

Rather she isn’t even looking at me opening the treasure chest.
She turned her face a bit away staring at some different place…….

At that moment, I heard a sound that I rarely hear from Nana.


That was a sigh that was leaked from Nana’s mouth, a really really small breathing sound.

It’s not that she isn’t interested.

The Nana right now is 「Tired」.
Not just tired but extremely so, to the point where she needs to sit and rest on the treasure chest.

That’s natural.
To defeat a monster horde of over a hundred, that’s a feat outside of the norm.

There is no way that she isn’t tired.
She’s tired to the point of nearly being forcefully logged out, Nana’s exhausted right now.

In this situation in a large room flooded with monsters, it should be easy for Nana to move about freely.

Unlike the rogue-like turn based battles, the monsters movements should have been restrained, so Nana might have been able to skillfully cause friendly fire amongst them.

Nana also has the Red Wolf Attire and the special 《Moon Camellia’s Solo》effect, so she wouldn’t have needed to worry about SP depletion.

However, there is still a limit.

Generally it’s simply not possible, only taking 30% damage and exterminating over a hundred monsters at once.

In this dungeon, there are a lot of magic using monsters.
And of those monsters, most of them can deal Nana critical damage with a single hit.
That means in the Monster House battle, Nana avoided all magic.

Or else without using recovery items and then continuing to defeat all the monsters, Nana can’t do that.

Except Nana would have to accurately grasp all monster movements.


I shuddered.

My hand on the treasure chest shivered.

Just how much focus do you need to accomplish that.

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The Nana that I know, it is way more-…..

「….Rin-chan? are you not gonna open it?」

「Y-yeah, sorry.
It’s hard to pinpoint the lock because of the rust」

I shook away the bad thoughts at Nana’s words.

Nana’s surprising victory….rather, she accomplished a great feat.
It should be fine like that, it should be fine.

And while we’re at it, let’s have Nana show her play archives.
Even without editing the video, just uploading it should get a lot of views.

Play archives is something you can call a non-streamed recording option.

For players who have purchased the streaming’s highest grade service, in exchange for paying a suitable monthly price, other than streaming, all playtime will be recorded.

The price is 50,000 Yen, the preservation period of recorded data is a short one week.
But then again VR video data requires an enormous storage capacity, so it can be considered cheap.

The donations Nana receives from her streams grant her three times the pay she earned during her part-time days.
She should have a surplus even if she pays 50k a month.

Well… for that, my pocket money is enough.
Nana doesn’t really need to pay.

「Now then, I’m opening it…!」

With a creaking sound, the rusted treasure box opened.

There weren’t’ any fancy lights and no magnificent air appeared.

The contents of the treasure box was a 「Transparent Stardust Fragment」 and one 「 Bulky Book」.


「A book? that’s rare.
I feel like I don’t see drops like this in games much」


It seems like she’s recovered somewhat, Nana also took a peek at the contents of the treasure chest.

While I agree with Nana’s reaction, I went into speculation about what these two items are.

Normal Stardust Fragments look like konpeitō, each of them have random colors.

Most of them have a mix of a random color and transparent white, they really look like konpeitō.

This Stardust Fragment on the other hand, is like glasswork, clear and transparent.

For the book drop, I have no method of analyzing it.
All I know is that it looks like an ancient looking hardcover tome.

「For now, I’ll take a look at the book」

「Okay, then I’ll examine the fragment」

I took the illegible book from Nana, while passing over the Stardust Fragment to her.

After putting the book into the Inventory, the name was shown, the《Skill Book: Songstress’s Embrace》.
The effect is basically 「The user can learn the rare skill 《Songstress’s Embrace》」something like that.

「So a skill book for a rare skill appeared huh」

Skill book.
That itself was a rather orthodox item.

Most of the beginner skills are learned through skill books, and then you develop those skills into advanced skills.
That’s how you learn skills in WLO.

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For example, the skill books for beginner weapon skills are sold for around 1,000 Iris.

Most of the skills in the game are something you buy, and the way to use a skill book is by a command, so most players might not even consider a skill book as a book.

On the other hand, there are skills learned directly without using a skill book.

In the cases where it’s a reward from a strong monster like a Named Boss, then the skill itself is added to the player’s skill list.

Even though they’re all skills, how can you tell the difference?

That is because each skill has a different value.

For Skill Books, if you receive it as an item, then they’re tradable.
When rewarded through defeating a monster, then the skill is limited to the player who received it.

An example is the 《Garou (Ravenous Wolf)》 that Nana has, or my rare skill.
Strong skills are something you gain from strong monsters, probably according to the dev’s intentions.

The skill book I have in my hand right now, it seems that there are skill books for rare skills.

Though I just found out about that right now.
However this 《Songstress’ Embrace》, this skill….looking at its effects, it’s not a skill for me but a skill 「for Nana」.

「Rin-chan, this thing is simply amazing, you know? It looks like a simple Stardust Fragment but, take a look at the amount」

「Let me see…..nn!?」

I unintentionally let out a weird voice.

It shined brilliantly from Nana’s menu card , the words「Stardust Fragment x 5000」.
Maybe these stardust fragments change color depending on the amount?

According to Nana the number 5000 was different from what it started out as, she obtained the result from thawing out the transparent Stardust Fragment.

So that means a transparent stardust fragment is, with just one item, the amount equal to ten runs.

「Nana, I’ll give this to you」

「Eh? are you sure?」

「In the first place it’s something Nana won by yourself.
Though if it was a magic skill, obviously I would receive it since it would be a waste」

「You’re right, even If I learn a magic skill then that is just a waste」

It looks like she recovered quite a bit from the fatigue, she smiled while she uttered those words to herself.

Nana’s super low magic resistance is well known, but her MP and wisdom too are also non-existent.
It’s just that she doesn’t really need those so she doesn’t talk about it.

That’s why other than skills related to magic, she needs to properly get her skills set up.
The skill book I returned to her right now, is without a mistake, something Nana needs.

「So the Songstress’ Embrace…..I wonder if it’s related to Siren」

「Without a mistake, it sure is…..」

While watching Nana use the skill book, I agreed with the words that Nana asked.

Sirens are originally the name of a monster relating to singing.
Something along the lines of causing shipwreck accidents, I recall a monster like this in folklore.

There is no way you wouldn’t think that the 《Songstress’ Embrace》has nothing to do with the name Siren.

「Nn….I don’t have enough skill slots….」

「What skills are using right now?」

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「《Blunt Weapon》 《One-hand Mace》 《Two-hand mace》 《Unarmed Combat》 《Detection》 《Garou》 《Throwing》, seven of them, and then when I reached level 50, I got the 《Instant Equip》skill」

「《Instant Equip》? Is that the one where you get it by raising several weapon masteries?」

I thought that it would be great if I could instantly change to a throwing weapon」

I see, I was wondering how she took out her throwing items, so she has that kind of skill.

If I remember correctly, 《Instant Equip》 is a skill you get after raising three or more weapon skill masteries to 50.
Since branching weapon skills are also eligible for this condition, it is not something difficult to get.

If you assign a weapon with Instant Equip, then just by consuming SP, you can materialize the weapon without any motions.

Though, to my knowledge it’s the first time the skill has been used with throwing weapons.
Very natural considering how unpopular throwing skills are, not many have leveled it.

In the first place, Instant Equip itself is a skill used only by players who are skilled in using various weapons.

You wouldn’t get anywhere if you raised your skills half baked like that.
If you want to polish your player skills then the proper course in VR, is to narrow it down to one weapon.

In addition to the fact that Instant Equip demands the player to possess various techniques, the throwing skill is completely dependent on personal skills.
To be able to reach a level where you can properly use it, among the thirty thousand players, the number should be countable by the fingers on one hand.

To be honest, I think the only person who can use both skills properly is Nana.

But still, Nana’s discovery with the throwing skill is revolutionary.
Taking it out of the inventory and equipping it manually is more troublesome than you can imagine.

Instant Equip itself is totally not a hard skill to get, those who have throwing skills will most likely profit from it.

「I wonder what should I do」

「Nana, that’s a passive skill.
Right now you’re only using Kagenui right? How about you replace the two-hand mace or unarmed combat for now?」


「It means an always active skill」

If it’s a skill system then, no matter what game it is, there are always two categories of skills, the Active Skills and Passive Skills.

Active Skills are the basic skills you can activate by your own will.
The skill arts you use apply to this.

On the other side, Passive Skills are skills that affect status or resistance and etc.
The type that is always active.

For example, 《One-hand Sword》, if you raise the mastery to 100, then the skill effect of 「Raise attack power by x1.1 when equipped with a one-hand sword」 will be activated.

As long as you equip the required equipment, then this is the type that will always be active, a Passive Skill.

On the other hand, 《Slash》 arts that you can activate, it’s completely an Active Skill.

「Rather Nana, you should at least know what a Passive Skill is right?」


After pointing that out, Nana shyly laughed.

With Nana, we played games together, a lot to the point that I don’t remember the exact number.
There was that period where we focused on gaming.
SO she should have enough knowledge regarding games.

Well, during those times I was just making her do it, so I guess I can’t blame her for not remembering much about it.

「Nn? Rin-chan, might this skill be…」

「Yeah, it exactly what Nana needs right now, right?」

It seems that she checked out the effects of the skill.
She tugged on my robes with a surprised face.
I replied back with a smug face.

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