Chapter 81

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Electricity thundered all around, the lightning inundated the narrow dungeon as if dancing.


While drawing different magics with both hands, she spun magic with her「Whistle」.

Just how unreasonable does she look, from a monster’s eyes? While I clapped my hands together in prayer for the poor monsters, grilled to the bone.
I was simply overwhelmed by the scene before me.

Rin-chan related the technique she showed earlier as 「Playing a piano」.

For Rin-chan, who is an absurdly skilled musician, it basically showed how simple parallel casting was to her.

I don’t understand the technique at all, however, seeing it performed so simply before my eyes certainly gave me the illusion that it’s an easy technique.

Rin-chan right now, was manipulating three different magics to exterminate monsters after all.

Firing them to cover the gap in chanting, an endless barrage of magic.

A storm of death that sparkles like a form of art.


「R-Rin-chan, you’re amazing!」

「Ehe, really? It doesn’t feel bad to be praised by Nana」

Rin-chan who had a sloppy smile, continued to draw magic as she scattered away incoming monsters as though they were inconsequential.

It’s on a different level compared to the Magic she showed me earlier.
This might be magic-user Rin-chan’s serious fighting figure.

「Actually this is my first time casting three at the same time you know? I wanted to show it to Nana first」

「Really? I’m so happy」

Rin-chan looked really embarrassed as I conveyed what I honestly felt.

While the two of us were smiling, I silently thought.

Aah, this is really nostalgic.

Rin-chan acting like this, watching her enjoy playing games while showboating for me, it’s so nostalgic that tears are about to escape.

In the past, Rin-chan would constantly perform so that I who was only watching could also have fun.
She displayed various gaming playstyles to me.

Sometimes it was an incredible trick normally impossible, other times a superhuman feat like superplay.

She also went through amusing playthroughs or strange playthroughs via glitches.
Seeing those sorts of things made both of us smile.

So nostalgic.
It was a really happy and sentimental memory.

「I got too into it that, I used too much MP」

Rin-chan who finished exterminating the surrounding monsters let out a relieved breath as she put down her hands.

She has been continuously using triple parallel cast.
As a result, her MP consumption might have been abnormally high.

「Then, I guess it’s my turn next?」

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show me your cool side okay?」


Right now, this atmosphere is nostalgic for both of us.

Those were words she would use to stir me up.
It hasn’t changed since we were young.
Whenever she gives me permission with 「It’s fine to try seriously」, Rin-chan would use those words as if it was natural.

「Make sure to look good」

「Yeah, of course, I will」

Both of us exchange words as if pretending to be the past us.

For some reason, my chest feels really warm.
This happy feeling isn’t disappearing at all.

While having this floating feeling, I went in front of Rin-chan.

It really really feels good.

My body got so warm I couldn’t bear it.

(Rin POV)


Hearing a squashing sound, the 《Kagenui》Nana swung flattened the 《Hide Snake》.

After the second floor, no matter how far we descended, the labyrinth environment remains the same.
Was the first-floor special, or was it simply an occasionally appearing rare floor?

“If it was the latter then I might have done something wasteful”, I walked behind Nana while contemplating such thoughts.

『Nnho~, can’t get enough of this slaughter scene 』

『So this is the brutal oni girl?』

『↑ that’s right』

『As always, what a crazy way of fighting』

『Mimicry and surprise attacks aren’t working on her.
Just wth is that?』

『That weapon’s cool~』

『Though it’s a metal club』

『With how her stats have increased, her fighting style is becoming just a massacre』

『Rinne has nothing to do lol』

「That’s rude, I’m properly memorizing the road you know」

While reacting to the comments, I didn’t really hide the fact that I have nothing to do.

I had been leading the way earlier, but right now Nana is clearing the path.

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There are two reasons that I had withdrawn behind her.

The 「Amazing」 multi-cast technique Nana honestly praised, despite being so powerful, has a serious drawback.

The MP consumption is simply too harsh.
Even I, who has a status specializing in MP, can’t maintain it for a long time.
The technique’s MP consumption is simply too demanding.

That’s why I have to rest regularly while fighting.

In exchange for magic not having a stun consequence like arts, MP does not recover as fast as SP.

Though, on the surface this is merely only one of the reasons.

「Ah, fufu, fufufufufu」

The other reason was that Nana is in such a really 「Good Mood」.

Swinging around the metal club named Kagenui, she easily slaughters the attacking enemies with a soft twisted laugh.

Nana right now, is really in a good mood.
Most likely compared to her streams, she is in the best mood.

Her appearance of humming a song while massacring monsters perfectly described her brutal oni girl title.


With a carefree voice, she caught the arrow from a camouflaged goblin archer and threw it back.

“Tosh” a small sound resounded, the goblin archer fell to the ground with an arrow through the head.
Since it suddenly suffered a huge amount of damage, it’ll probably die from the slip damage.

「Okay, it’s finished」

Striking the fallen, the goblin archer instantly died.

If I were to describe what emotion Nana is having right now with words, then it’s probably 「Happiness」.

This isn’t like when she fought against a formidable foe and not like when she’s massacring monsters, just a really joyful figure.

What is she happy about, why is she in such a good mood?

I can somewhat understand, but it’s unusual for her to display emotions on the surface.

Though if it’s just unusual then it won’t be a problem, but of course, there’s a problem, it’s why I’m not standing in front of her right now.

Nana in this state, her strength control becomes considerably loose.

If I were to say what that means, then it means that she isn’t restricting her hidden physical abilities.

Once her emotions go out of the room, the 「Power」 that dwells within her seeks for an outlet and she’ll start rampaging.

Once it reaches this point, until Nana is satisfied she won’t stop.

Unluckily, because she now has a powerful weapon, the monsters aren’t slowing her down at all.

Considering the circumstances, Nana will probably continue her massacre until we reach the boss.

Recently I have been watching her streams, her discontent of fighting nothing but feeble opponents was being conveyed.

Because she fought against Aria , Rou and Kohaku so early on, even if she doesn’t express it, Nana should be considerably frustrated.

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If I were to describe this, she’s letting off steam.

She won’t be able to fight against a formidable enemy here.
In light of the current available information, it’s unknown if this event can satisfy Nana’s desire for battle, but I don’t want to let go of this opportunity for Nana to let off steam.

While having such thoughts, I followed behind Nana, “Gooon…..” the sound of a bell being rung resounded.

In front of the Labyrinths branching paths, there was a sound of a metal club hitting the ground.

『That surprised me』

『What is it, what is it?』

『There was suddenly a crackling sound you know』

『She hit the ground?』

Because it was quite a loud sound, it damaged the watcher’s ears.

In contrast to the noisy comments, Nana had closed her eyes and focused on her senses.

「Nn~….? Rin-chan, the left path continues, but there seems to be something on the right side」

Catching the echoing sound with her whole body, she grasped the space.

It has the same principle of echolocation.
I can’t do it but, it seems Nana can.

Well, actually doing it is something the person herself is capable of, I have yet to see Nana misjudge with it.

「By something you mean?」

「I don’t think it’s a living thing……hmmm….but it’s big~」

Well, the estimation should just be something like this.

It’s not like she perfectly knows the complete appearance, but she can tell the rough shape.

If you combine it with a detection skill, then you can estimate if it’s a monster or not.
Even if she doesn’t, it seems she can perceive if it’s a moving object or not.

「Since there is a path with something big that’s not living….」

「Should we check it out~?」

「Let’s see.
Since we’ve advanced at a good pace, let’s check it out」


While her expression breaks down to a sloppy face, Nana has quite the unsteady gait as she wanders down the right passage.

『This is somewhat lax(yurui)』

『yuru yuru I guess』


『That nonchalant face was nice』

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『I clipped it』

『Good mood?』

『Gap moe….burning(moe)?』

『However she is merciless』

『Right, there was a “DOGUSHAA” sound』

『I’m glad that it’s not a gory game』

『Damn scary』

『But still cute』

「She is in an unusually good mood right now it seems.
Also, send that clip to me later okay?」



『Don’t get too lazy on the editing ww』

『You love Nana too much ,you 』

『Rin x Nana so precious….』

『Kku, this guy is going to out of the NG-…!』

『stop with the NG stuff』

『Don’t skip on those』

「Isn’t it fine, after all I will still be participating in the event for a while」

Even from my perspective, it has a different charm from Nana’s usual cool aloofness.

It’s impossible for me to forget Nana’s expressions, but if there is a video I can loop over and over, then I don’t mind getting one.

Though as the watcher said, it’s something that I can get myself.

I usually don’t do any video editing of my own.
As usual, let’s leave it to one of the team members.

「Rin-cha~n, right here~」

「Ah sorry, I’ll be right there」

Where Nana called out to me at the end of the labyrinth passage, was a huge enshrined treasure chest.


Utter Nooooooooooooooooooooots:

A good mood Nana simply goes for a massacre.
Her blood thirsts increases.
about 30% more berserker.


Ogre chapter 81 end

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