Chapter 77

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【It’s as if】Nana/Sukuna General Thread【Sniping】

1: Nameless Nana fan

This is a thread where we talk about a Member of the VR department of 『HEROES』 which is the pro gamer 《Nana》 , called 《Sukuna》 in WLO.
Trolling is forbidden, haters are NG.
Blunt Weapon go.


225: Nameless Nana fan

Rin x Nana factor is lacking….isn’t it lacking?

228: Nameless Nana fan

gghu I understand you

Since it’s only been on the first day after all, I’d like to see them together soon

232: Nameless Nana fan


From Rinne’s stream, she said that she will be doing the event with Nana.

233: Nameless Nana fan


I can’t just ignore that!

235: Nameless Nana fan


Your reaction is too fast lol

It’s 4 seconds wth

236: Nameless Nana fan

Impossible input speed is the same speed as the thinking process.

Going back to the topic, Nana’s throwing items….rather weapons, I wonder, where did they come from?

Metal clubs are fine since she buys them from shops, but how about the meteor or the gauntlet?

239: Nameless Nana fan


I don’t know who it is

However there is something I know

This guy who made this weapon……they sure know what they are doing

241: Nameless Nana fan

Heavy metal itself is not that cheap after all.

Rather what’s Nana’s strength right now?

Looking at Meteor Impact Zero type it feels like it’s about 150 but…

243: Nameless Nana fan

It would be “that” if I say a name but.

If I were to give an example, a player who is the same kijin and douji in the furthest frontlines, right now is level 60 and is about 190.

Well that person mainly puts it into their toughness so it’s just for reference.

244: Nameless Nana fan

Red Wolf Attire that compensates for agility, it seems that this equipment also has quite the high defense.

So that means, she should have some room to put some in her status.

Oni no Mai( Dance of the Oni), you gain arts depending on Strength.

She can easily swing around a heavy metal weapon.

……….just maybe it goes over 200?

246: Nameless Nana fan

Isn’t that around the average of the human players who specialized in strength, damn scary

248: Nameless Nana fan

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Even as a Douji too it’s on the higher side.

Though I say that, the moment she didn’t reach 40 yet, no one has learned Oni no mai before that.

If they knew then they would have put a lot in their strength.

Though there might be some an indicator in some way

250: Nameless Nana fan

the moment you reach level 40 and focused on strength then it might reach around that point

253: Nameless Nana fan

Now that I think about it, yesterday she only streamed a bit in the evening but

I heard that she got seen in other people’s streams

254: Nameless Nana fan

Nana is also a pro gamer so it seems that she put in quite a lot of playtime after all.
Though right now she is still a streamer

She should be playing outside of stream too

258: Nameless Nana fan


well, it seems that around noon, she was seen around Dualis

260: Nameless Nana fan


that is certainly strange

263: Nameless Nana fan

Was it around 3 hours from Fias to Dualis?

If she had some business there and then returned then it might not be strange that she streamed during the evening

265: Nameless Nana fan

Rather to be frank, isn’t the one who made Nana’s weapon should be that little girl for sure

268: Nameless Nana fan


Didn’t we come to the conclusion that Haruru only makes swords

270: Nameless Nana fan


Since she made throwing weapons it won’t weird for her to make blunt weapons too

273: Nameless Nana fan


But that molding’s precise details, if it’s not someone who is really into it, they can’t make it like that right?

275: Nameless Nana fan

The theory: The ones that keep on requesting from Haruru only orders swords but she actually loves blunt weapon

might be possible

276: Nameless Nana fan

In the first place, why is Haruru doing her stuff at Dualis?

277: Nameless Nana fan


If you’re going there then that’s on another thread

279: Nameless Nana fan


Well but, isn’t the FA(final answer) that she just went to Haruru to buy her throwing weapons?

Didn’t she recently go on a killing spree for Mysteria Rabi to gather some funds for the event

281: Nameless Nana fan

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Well yeah

However, changing the topic, just what in the world is Nana’s throwing technique

282: Nameless Nana fan

Shimo Heihe

(9: I totally don’t know who this is, the closest is probably Simo Hayha which is a finnish sniper?)

283: Nameless Nana fan

According to my investigation, excluding the scene of her purposely missing, as of right now all her hits have hit.

285: Nameless Nana fan

I heard that people who can completely grasp the feeling of distance are good with throwing

Can you say that her spatial awareness is high?

287: Nameless Nana fan


I know what you’re saying but there’s a limit

It would become a talk about her grasping several hundreds of meter distance you know

288: Nameless Nana fan

Rinne said a bit about this before but

It seems that Nana can move better in RL

289: Nameless Nana fan


290: Nameless Nana fan


Wth is that, are you saying that her abilities are better than the game?

291: Nameless Nana fan

Dancing like a Butterfly, Hitting like an Oni(no metaphors)

293: Nameless Nana fan



294: Nameless Nana fan


On how Rinne said it, it seems like so

since I have a clip of that, take a look.

to Rin x nana Precious 82.mp4

296: Nameless Nana fan


Your title’s strange

297: Nameless Nana fan



298: Nameless Nana fan


Even though I want to say thanks, it came to the point of wanting to retort

299: Nameless Nana fan

Looking at it during hard times, my heart is comforted

I have the folder Girl with Insane Throws and the folder Rinne Rampage, I have various things

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301: Nameless Nana fan

Hardcore fans scary

However I forgive…..someday I hope you will release them!

303: Nameless Nana fan

It might be a good time soon to upload a compilation video

304: Nameless Nana fan

Girl with Insane Throws 24.mp4

Rinne Show plays 1391.mp4

How about this, *smug face*

305: Nameless Nana fan


Well, the red wolf battle video is still increasing in view even now.

I lol’d when the official was the one that uploaded it the fastest

306: Nameless Nana fan


Lol, too many show plays in the folder

Shows that she had been a top runner for 7 years

307: Nameless Nana fan


What’s with this anti aircraft sniping.
With the watcher POV they can’t totally see what nana is aiming at all.


With those who registered on the site and the recent newcomers, it’s rare that it has increased greatly this much after all

308: Nameless Nana fan


Rinne’s show plays are really a heart striker

It feels as if she pinpoints what we actually want

309: Nameless Nana fan

Ggu, I understand you

311: Nameless Nana fan

I watched the clip but

Rinne: 「That girl you see….her status still hasn’t caught up with her physical ability it seems」

I guess the main point isn’t that its about her motor reflexes

313: Nameless Nana fan

You know I plan to get in after the WLO event but

Isn’t that totally about RL?

Just how much physical abilities do you have at level 1?

315: Nameless Nana fan


To those who are used to moving around a lot it feels uncomfortable

So it’s around those people in the society who don’t exercise much

316: Nameless Nana fan


Btw avatar movement changes depending on the dexterity

It kinda feels like riding on a vehicle called ‘avatar’

The more you raise your dexterity the more you can precisely move

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319: Nameless Nana fan




I want to ask one more thing

With Nana’s current predicted status, just how much is your physical ability?

321: Nameless Nana fan

With raising weights you can bring a 300 kg up

322: Nameless Nana fan

you can easily run 100m in just 9 sec

323: Nameless Nana fan

I see

325: Nameless Nana fan

And, Nana’s physical abilities are higher than that?

326: Nameless Nana fan


327: Nameless Nana fan

As if

328: Nameless Nana fan

Is there even a rumour about a superhuman like that?

329: Nameless Nana fan

yeah about that, you know

330: Nameless Nana fan

No, isn’t there one

Did all of you forget?

331: Nameless Nana fan


What is?

332: Nameless Nana fan


Don’t waste your time and say it

333: Nameless Nana fan


334: Nameless Nana fan


「Rinne」「Close Friend」「Takajou」

Now, it’s thinking time

335: Nameless Nana fan

Aah….(I got it)

336: Nameless Nana fan

Aah….(I got it)

337: Nameless Nana fan

It feels like I have gotten in touch with something forbidden

338: Nameless Nana fan

this is bad this is bad!

I’m going to be disposed…!

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