Chapter 4

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The moment that I felt my consciousness softly awaken, I was in the middle of a grass plain.

The first thing that I was surprised about was that there was a 「smell」

The fragrance of flowers.
The smell of dirt.
Scents that give off that you’re in the middle of a grass plains.

I was surprised because the games that I experienced in the past 2 days, this did not exist.

「Welcome, to《WorldLive-ONLINE》」

Just like the information I received beforehand, there was a voice behind me.

Turning around, who was right before me was, a woman wearing a deep blue nun’s clothes.

Nicknamed, Navigator.
A tutorial character that will always appear right behind a player who arrives in this world for the first time.

「I am Iris.
I am the guide granted to come」

The same time with those words, she passed one piece of an iron plate like card to me.

This is called a Menu Card, this item is used for the players who couldn’t use the Mental Operation.

Also it seems that it also works as an identification card and also a wallet.

「Please try thinking about the Display Menu.
The menu screen should be projected.
If it does not work then, rubbing that card will display the menu」

「I see…..ah, it appeared」

fooon(sfx) an inexpressible sound resounded and at the same the menu screen appeared showing a hard screen like that of a smartphone , and the operation is also pretty similar to it.

Well, it might be better than being told to operate a transparent hologram.

The screen still doesn’t show the menu options yet, in the middle of it there were 2 words 「initial Settings」.

「Let us begin the settings.
First please choose your race」

Pressing the Initial Settings, there were two options that appeared.

Human, and then Demi-human.

Regarding demi-humans, it looks like there are three more options open on it.

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I opened the page for the demi-human, I searched in the column for what I decided after consulting with Rin-chan.

From the famous Elf, Beastmen, and Dwarf to even hobbit’s, the special races avatar special for this VR game appears right before me, even though I had the info, I was still overwhelmed by its number.

Scrolling here and there, I didn’t find it so I turned back again, and then scrolling again, then I finally found one of the races and chose it.

And that is「Ogre tribe」.
Having a really inclined status, a really specialized race.

「Race has been chosen, please decide the appearance of your Avatar」

Matching up with the Navigator’s words, An avatar modeled after me showed up on the menu screen.

Black haired, red eyes, and a rather little horn.

The height is the same as in the real world 155cm.
And my saddening modest body stayed the same.
I want to cry.
(9: there is a saying “flat is justice”)

Ah, bigger breasts(oppai)……no don’t, I feel like if I do that I’ll lose.
kku, If only I am the same as Rin-chan’s…..

I was somewhat able to fight back the temptation, and then I changed the length of the hair from short to a semi long and then stopped there.

Rin-chan said that I should just let it be so I don’t have to tamper with it too much.

「If you are done with your Avatar Appearance, please choose two skills.
As of right now the popular skills are 《one-hand sword》skill and 《Lightning-type Magic》skill」

It looks like It also politely taught me the skills that are popular among other players.

Since this is a fantasy world.
I understand why you would want to use swords, and magic is a dream come true.

Just that, I don’t have any plans of using those.

Though, you could say that I can’t choose half of it.

Basically the magic skills.
When I started this game, I abandoned this option.

As for why, The stats related to magic of the 《Ogre Tribe》 is remarkably low.

Summarizing it, MP that is needed to cast magic, Wisdom that affects magic attack damage, Magic Resistance that affects magic defense power, 3 of these are really low, and moreover the increase rate of these are -75%, a really nasty cut.

For example, when you level up the point the points that should originally be increased by 20 but this will only raise it by 5.

Well in exchange for that, Physical strength that affects Attack damage, Toughness that affects defense power, Dexterity that affects critical rate and item creation, and finally Agility that affects speed, their growth rate is greatly increased.

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In conclusion it’s a physically specialized character.

That is the race called 《Ogre Tribe》

And so ignoring the magic type skills, for now I decided to take the 《Blunt Weapon》skill.

Why not the 《One-hand Sword》? It’s because I don’t really excel in using sharp tools….

It’s not like an ogre suit’s a metal club or something, it’s just that using a rod or a bat is easier than using a sword.

Though, modern Japanese are sure to use blunt weapons much more easily.

After all all you have to do is beat them up with it and you could fight well, and every part can be used as a weapon.

If you strike the flat of the sword it will break, and if you don’t slash with the sharp part you can’t cut.

But it’s not like the game needs you to be good with a sword is what I think but, Me who is not used to games, weapons that are easier to use are more convenient for me.

And the other skill is 《Throwing》skill.

The Ogre tribe can’t mostly use magic.

That means that they don’t really have that many long range attacks.

This is a skill to cover that.
Since in the worst case you could use the stone on the ground, it might help when your weapon is broken.

「If you have chosen your skills, then please distribute your status’ initial points」

Going with the pace, I tapped the screen, and the status screen opened up.



Race: 《Ogre Tribe》


Money: 1000 Iris


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HP: 39

MP: 0

SP: 26

Strength: 13

Toughness: 13

Dexterity: 13

Agility: 13

Wisdom: 0

Magic Resistance: 0

Luck: 10

Remaining Status points: 10


《Blunt Weapon》: Mastery 0

《Throwing》: Mastery 0


Looking at this, I could somewhat guess the increase rate of the ogre tribe’s status.

Thirty percent.
That seems to be the increase rate.

And looking from this, it looks like the HP and SP was also included in the increase rate.

If there was no increase rate then, they should each have the basic value of 30 and 20 after all.

By the way, SP is the stamina, for the use of skills, attack, dash, evasion and etc, it seems that those actions reduce it.

Unlike MP it regenerates but, if you use it carelessly, you wouldn’t be able to move in a fight.

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That means that 《WorldLive-ONLINE》 is a game that absolutely needs you to put stamina management in your mind.

And other than that, the magic status is as what the previous info had shown.
The initial values are 0 which is somewhat refreshing to look at.

Luck, depending on the game it could also be called fortune, it stayed the same as the initial value.
(9: in the raws they used the kanji, in my tl I used luck, so kinda made this line backwards.)

For now I distributed 50/50 on physical strength and agility.

As for why, It seems that if you raise your agility your control of your avatar gets more smoother.

Testing it out as I bend forward, compared to the me in the real world, this body is really stiff.
Looks like with just an increase of 5, there doesn’t seem that much change.

「If you have decided your status, please choose your initial equipment」

Regarding this, I think that this is to match the skill of what the beginner chose so I chose a club.

Looking at the stats, I checked it and it is categorized as《Blunt weapon》.

「If you have chosen your initial equipment then, please decide your name」

I think that is very important.

I’m sure that there are people that will go with 《Absolute Shadow》 or, 《Jet Black Fallen Angel》.

It’s the birth of a person’s dark history.
(9: i love chuuni characters tho)

I usually don’t play games by myself but, when I game, I always have the same name.

And that is when Rin-chan was still young, made up using all the words she had in her newly gotten knowledge, a gift from her.

That is my player name.

Luckily in these preceding 10,000 people, and among the people from the second wave that finished the tutorial before me too, There are no one that ever used this name.

「Traveller Sukuna.
I pray for your journey」

Smiling as she gently waved her hands, a magic circle appeared below my feet.

After the instant change of scenery, I was flown among a crowd.

《The Town of Beginning》.
In a way , in the nameless town, I have finally left a step on it.

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