Chapter 37

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「As always, people don’t come over.
That’s so mysterious.」

While walking through the streets, I muttered this while looking at Rin-chan who was walking towards me.

Rin-chan was someone who stands out.

This was because she was a pretty person, her proportions were godly, and her height as a woman was tall enough to the point where it could be considered perfect.
That’s right, if Rin-chan didn’t disguise herself and just walked through the streets then she would immediately get attention.

In addition, she was famous as a streamer, pro gamer, and someone who uploads videos online.
Her face should be quite well-known.

If you went on the streets then you would be crowded by fans—— while it was not like that, you should pull in at least enough people that they would obstruct you from doing what you were going to do.

However, should I say, as expected of her, Rin-chan was really good at disguising herself.
And moreover, her skills were good enough that even I, who had been with her for a long time, might not know her.

And even now, where there were a lot of people, it was as if they didn’t even try to look at her.
It was just as if the people around really didn’t care at all, to the point that it was scary.

「If you could use a bit of disguising techniques and misdirect their gaze then you could do this much.」

「I have absolutely no idea about that.」

Misdirecting their gaze……it seemed to be called misdirection.
It was what those kinds of people used when they did magic tricks.

Even when I asked since I was totally ignorant about it, what Rin-chan did was show me an old basketball manga from back then.

Rin-chan had a face where it was natural that she could do it, but at least I couldn’t do this kind of feat.

If you ignored Rin-chan’s motor nerves then you could say that she was talented in many subjects and that there was nothing that she couldn’t do.

She didn’t really start studying things early on, but when she had a need for something, she would immediately acquire it.

Even that time when Rin-chan’s dear mother got angry at her for gaming too much, she showed her back by delivering a test with perfect scores.
And even right now, she has learned various skills so that she could get rid of the hindrances that obstruct her daily living.

Rin-chan was basically someone who hated it when something got in the way of something she wanted to do.

Saying this since I had the chance to, Rin-can herself didn’t have any interest in fashion.
This was most likely because even if she did go for it, there probably weren’t that many opportunities she could actually wear what she bought.

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She should just become a model or something…..I thought that, but now that I think about it, I felt like she had done some gravure at some point.
The one for gaming magazines to attract consumers with.

「What’s the matter?」

「No, it’s nothing really.」

Did she see me while I was a bit lost in my thoughts or something? Rin-chan was a bit worried as she asked me.

Replying as I looked forward, the shopping mall was right before my eyes.

It was everywhere nation-wide——- it wasn’t really like that.
Entering a mall with a few expensive shops, I remembered that this was Rin-chan’s favorite.

If you were to ask me why it was her favorite, it would be because this place has a delicious pastry shop that didn’t do deliveries.

Actually, Rin-chan really loved cookies.

「Since Nana is here, I should probably stock up.」

「Oh, so I’m your luggage carrier?」

「It’s where you make use of your bear-like strength, you know?」

A bear, you say.
At least make it a gorilla….no, which was stronger, a bear or a gorilla? (9: googled it apparently gorillas are stronger)

「Though I’m fine with that since Rin-chan asked.
Now that I think about it, when will Touka-chan arrive?」

「For some reason she has some business to do, so she said around over 4pm.
I have told her that we will be meeting up at the cafe after shopping.」

「I see.
College students sure are busy.」

While chatting, we walked through the mall.

Since the pastry shop we were going for was at the basement floor, we went towards the lower floors.

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「Today is butter and-….cocoa and-….」

「Ahaha, moderately, okay?」

Rin-chan, seeing the pastry shop, had eyes like those of a falcon finding its prey as she lightly called out.
As for me, I looked around the displays to see whether there was something I wanted to eat.

Rin-chan wanted cookies, but since it’s a western pastry shop, naturally there are cakes, cream puffs, biscuits and madeleines too.

Since I have eaten whole cakes for 2 days in a row, I’d like to hold back on cakes.

「Wait…..Nanako-senpai? Aren’t you Nanako-senpai ‘ssu?」


While looking through the baked pastry corner with seasonal choices of madeleines and being suddenly called out, I let out a weird voice.

There was no mistake, that was a voice I remembered.
Reflexively turning back, the one before me was a figure that I remembered.

「Ain’t you Saku-chan!」

「That’ssu me!」

A really likeable girl-……looking boy.

He energetically replied back to me.

His name was Satou Sakura(佐藤咲良).
Looking at his appearance, he looked like an androgynous girl, but he was a genuine boy.

If I remembered right, he was still in high school.
I got acquainted with him during my part time job in a diner.
It was one of the last three part-time jobs that I had worked at.

「I see~.
So, you’re working here now?」

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It has good salary despite the work.」

「So you properly thought about it after all.」

I unintentionally petted him like a dog.
He closed his eyes, feeling good.

He really looks like a cute kid like this, normally you would feel embarrassed if you were to receive this kind of treatment.

Really, he sure was friendly.
That was why, during his last part time job, he was really famous among the aunts.

「Now that I think about it, Saku-chan.
I started playing that, WLO.」

「Really ‘ssu!!?」

「Really really.
Idonnotlie( I don’t lie).」

Ah, I could see a delusion of a tail waving.

Since his age was the closest to mine, we talked quite a lot during work.

Especially since his hobby was gaming, and since I was also always watching Rin-chan play games over her shoulder before I left.

Due to the result of me being able to reply back to these maniac talks, he really got attached to me.

The reason that I got to know WLO before Rin-chan talked about it was thanks to none other than him.

「Please don’t immediately say it in such a suspicious way.
Well, but still, even though I had invited you play games and was refused because you said that you’re busy…..Now that I think about it, what does Nanako-senpai do about your part time job ‘ssu?」

「I’m retired for now.
I thought that I worked too much, I guess.」

「Senpai really did work too much, so I think that’ssu great.
Ah, but somehow, your complexion has gotten better.」

「Really? Your eyes sure are sharp.」

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This was one of those special skills, or maybe it could be called a peculiarity.
Getting a haircut, changing hair styles, changing shampoo, etc., he was sharp against these small changes.

「Nana, I bought it so carry if for me-…Oh, who is this one?」

She was probably done with her shopping.

Rin-chan, who passed over the four bags of cookies to me, looked at Saku-chan as if she had seen something rare.

「It’s someone I knew from the job.
It seems this is his part time job now.」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Satou Sakura ‘ssu.」

「Ara, thanks for the politeness.
I’m Takajou Rinne.」

As I thought.
Even though Rin-chan spoke a bit differently while in disguise, against a gamer, it seems she was exposed.

「Nn? This voice, I feel like…..Rinne…?」

Because she was wearing glasses, it seemed he hadn’t noticed it right away, but after taking a look from top to bottom he was convinced.

While trembling a bit, Saku-chan opened his mouth.

「P-pro gamer Rinne-san…?」

Nice to meet you okay?」

Rin-chan who took off her glasses declared it with a wink, and then Saku-chan’s face turned stiff and red.

I knew that she was dealing with us as a customer, but still, I wonder if it was alright for his job….

I was thinking that it might be relatively important, but at this point, I didn’t really care.
I was gazing at this interesting scene.


Author: Regarding Sakura, it’s only at the beginning where I show him off.
A trap….or rather a bit more androgynous boy.

By the way, Shuuya is someone else.

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