Chapter 29

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Author: its Touka POV

I’ll say this in advance.

In this story, the one who you can’t trust in telling back stories is the main character( affirmed)


Ever since on that day I couldn’t even say anything to her.

The last figure I saw Nana-nee was, she had an expressionless crying face.

Ever since I was child, I―― Takajou Touka was talented.

As a child that always answers expectations, I would always continue giving out the desired results.
Sports and studies, no matter what it was, I excelled and lived always being praised.

And to me, there was a sister that I loved more than anyone else.

Takajou Rinne.A cousin one year my senior, she is the actual daughter of the owner of the Takajou group.

She would always listen to my stories as if they were her own, a kind person who would praise me.

Just that, Rin-nee wasn’t just kind, she was more of a genius than I was.

Her studies are done solely by listening to the lesson.
No matter what instruments and mannerism and etc, I haven’t seen her put any sort of effort in it.

And her single weakness, her critical lack of coordination, is only part of her charm.

Rin-nee would always produce much better results than I, but she would always do whatever she wanted, a person that would only walk her own path.

And her interest lay in gaming.
She would spend all her free time playing games and swinging back and forth from joy to sorrow.
She was such a mysterious person.

She would always laugh at what I told her and say 「what a stupid girl」, although while saying that she would always brush my hair gently.

And next to this person whom I could rely on more than my parents, there was always another girl close to her.

The girl called that by Rin-nee, she was always expressionless and would only talk when talked to.
She really was a quiet and obedient girl.

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「Nana, This girl is Touka.」

「I am Takajou Touka, please take care of me.」


Was our first conversation like this?

She only glanced at me for a moment and then started spaced out, eyes wandering around the scenery.

Not being something to be wary about, just that she only has no interest.

That was the first time I was given that attitude, I remember being dumbfounded by it.

Since I was hesitating to ask Rin-nee about her directly,, I had the people from my house investigate 「Nana」.

Though she looks pretty, she is overshadowed by Rin-nee.
Her family is a normal middle-class family.

They became friends because their parents were associated.

Also when Rin-nee was attacked by a dog, Nana helped her and received serious wounds.

And moreover, She is Rin-nee’s favorite.

Before I could feel something like envy or jealousy, there was a question of 「why?」.

I was a talented child that was praised by everyone.
However, no matter how you look at it, 「Nana」was plain.

Disregarding her excessive quietness, her test scores could be achieved through a bit of effort, and she was neither good at singing or playing instruments.

If I had to say she had a special trait, it would be that she always carried two boxed lunches.
The only impression I got of her was that she was a glutton.

To me, at that time, 「Nana」was a normal girl.

That’s why I was envious.

Someone who was just a normal girl was clinging to the person that I admire.

Someone who couldn’t do anything is monopolizing Rin-nee’s attention.

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And as if possessed by something, I tried provoking her.

With test scores, accomplishments, school grades and more, I tried to beat「Nana」down, and the only reaction I got was her spaced out expression.

Rin-nee would sometimes pat my head and give me hugs.Even though I was obviously treated like a child, I would be happy that「She reacted back!」.Thinking back now, the past me was quite stupid to be happy because of that.

My original goal had changed.
Since I didn’t want to be ignored by「Nana」, I have been actively involving myself with her.

My jealousy changed to curiosity.
When I started talking with her I opened up to her, and before I knew it, spending time with her became enjoyable.

Though Nana would still always interact with me coldly, the three of us would still always be together like three sisters that got along really well.
(9: the 「」is not there)

When elementary school was about to end.

When the three of us went walking through the town.

While we were waiting for the traffic light to change, a large truck came charging wildl

And that truck was obviously running with enough speed to kill the three of us… be precise, with enough speed to kill both me and Rin-nee.
It drove right towards the both of us.

I thought I’d died.

Before the thundering sounds of the closing truck, my body cramped, unable to move.

Closing my eyes at the moment I thought I died, my body softly floated.

After a few seconds in the air, there was a huge sound behind me, and then there was a strong impact on my stomach.

When I opened my eyes, I was carried on the small shoulder of 「Nana」, on her right shoulder was Rin-nee who had a wincing face as she was being carried.

「ggue…Nana, can’t you just gently carry me?」

「Two is unreasonable.」

「Oh well, that’s fine, thanks-…wait.
Nana….Are you crying? Did you break your foot?」

「It broke.」

「You know…….C’mon, you don’t have to stand, just sit.
I’ll call the police and the ambulance」

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It was the first time I saw 「Nana」having teary eyes, and found out the reason why when the ambulance came and that was because she broke the bone on both of her feet.

Just what in the world happened? Even today, I couldn’t really believe it, but at that instant she carried the both of us and jumped with all her might.

That height and air time was enough to get over a big truck, and she had put enough strength in her feet to break them.

And in that current state, she had carried the weight of three people and landed with it, so at least a tear or two ought to come out.

Hearing about if afterward, there was a rumor that there were footprints on the concrete that remained from that time.

Though the concrete was fixed so it was unknown whether it was true or not, but the conclusion was that it was a miracle of an accident where only the driver was hurt.

「Nana」was put in the ambulance car and was brought to the Takajou group’s specialized hospital, and after half a month she completely recovered.

On that occasion, Rin-nee explained in detail about 「Nana」.

Futayado Nanako had incomparably more muscle density than the average person, and the extra muscle couldn’t be seen from the outside.
It was that kind of disease.
And with that, she was born with a superhuman constitution.

And also she had genius level motornerves to completely control her body to her will, meaning that her five senses are also very sharp.

That’s right, 「Nana」was far from being normal, she was an existence that was a special case of「Abnormal」.

I’m sure back then I was thinking, “As I thought, I am beside Rin-nee because I am special.
It was probably something stupid like that.

However, now I know it.
The sensation of「Nana」gently patting my head, and the strength of her embrace too.

That part too where I got bewildered by it who persistently messed with her, and being laughed at Rin-nee by asking her for help about it.

Rin-nee said it.
「Nana」despised using her power for her own gain.

Currently she could regulate it well, but when she was younger, she was unable to do so, and she even had many memories where she hurt her own parents.

I heard that at first, she would even hesitate to touch Rin-nee, which surprised me.

That’s why Rin-nee only asked one thing from me–that I would say 「Thank you」to her.

And then, for the first time, Nana-nee awkwardly smiled toward me.

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It was a day with unusually snowy weather.

Nana-nee, who normally clung onto Rin-nee and refuse to let go, was unusually walking through the town alone.

Her steps were unsteady, and she didn’t even notice me standing right in front of her.

Not even raising her umbrella, Nana-nee continued to walk along the snow-filled ground.

Although looking expressionless as always, on that day, she was in a state that I hadn’t ever seen before.

While having a tear filled face, she was blankly walking.

Nana-nee, whose emotions rarely showed, continued to shed tears without giving a care to her surroundings.

Seeing that figure of her,I was petrified, not even able to call out to her.

While my head was in shambles, before I knew it, I had lost sight of her, and I hurriedly called Rin-nee.

――It seems that she lost her parents.

Maybe because I was holding down the bitter emotions, after hearing those words from a trembling voice, I started running off without thinking, searching for Nana-nee.

I searched and searched.
I searched, but I couldn’t find her.

And so, Nana-nee’s figure disappeared right before me.


Author: supplementary corner (its okay to skip)

Up until this time, Nana was, except right before her parents and Rin-nee, she was like a doll-like creature.
And at the same time someone that you don’t really get who’s always with the popular 2.
She was quite known but no one really knows the details, she was that kind of creature.

And then, seeing the figure of that kind of rare creature was shedding tears as she loiter the town, it had become quite a rumor.
And at the same time she had totally disappeared.

Not even telling Rinne who she was close to, and I don’t even know about Touka.
And so, with the trigger of the death of Nana’s parents, there was a rumor that spread that she disappeared after that.

Up until the point where she was taken in by her aunt, she was under the care of a certain person.

And of course, that person is someone related from Takajou but that will be another story.

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