Chapter 28

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Equipping back to my former equipment, in the afternoon we will be exploring the eastern part from Dualis, which is 《Lawress Wetlands》.

As it is wetlands your feets are basically submerged in water, the main monsters are 《Frog》 and 《Lizard》.

As how strong they are, they are over monsters over level 10 so, comparing them to wolves and goblins they are quite strong.

Though, comparing them to the forest of magic where the average level is 20, the monster’s level itself is kinder environment

There are trees here and there in the wetlands, and most of the area is submerged reaching up until your ankles, it might be more of the terrain than the monsters to the player that have reached here.

But still, comparing it to the field before the forest of magic, your vision of the area is clear and isn’t as vicious.

If you don’t feel disgusted by reptiles or amphibians then, as one of the fields around the area of the town then the difficulty of this field is moderate.

「And so we have come to the Lawres wetlands.」

『The frogs are big』

『Wetlands…..get wet….I’ve got a flash of an idea!!』

『↑ I see』

『You feet is submerged looks cold』

「It’s unexpectedly not that cold you know.
Though in exchange it feels moderately uncomfortable」

「It is lukewarm….it feels like a bit cold water」

We started streaming before we went out of town of Dualis, reaching the bit east of the town we walked into the spreading wetlands, and then we reported this sensation towards the comments.

Touka-chan usually equips a more magician looking equipment but, right now she is wearing a short-ish mantle like rin-chan’s robe.

It seems that she doesn’t want the cuffs to get wet.
I totally understand her.

「Then, I should show off the equipment now! It’s what you’ve been waiting for!」

「hyuu hyuu」

『It’s here━━』


『Oh yeah』


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『I was waiting for it』

At the town, since I told them that 「I will be showing the new equipment after」the comments were a bit exciting but, since I said that I would be doing it now, they have given back good reactions.

Though it’s not like a magical girl’s transformation scene, I just opened the menu and just tapped and tapped as I operated it and then I changed my equipment.

This is the new equipment! 《Red Wolf’s Attire -Solo-》!」




『I see』

『Its Japanese!』

『looks like a kimono!』

『bring out some paper talismans, paper talismans』

『You look like you could put up some barriers』

「No, I can’t put up some barriers okay」

「There is a job that can you know」

「no way」

When I tried using the leaf that I picked up on the ground in exchange for paper talismans they commented 『Pon PoKo』.
I’m not a racoon dog ya know!

Even if there is a job that can put up barriers from what Touka-chan said, I can’t change my job so in the end I can’t use one after all.
It’s the explosive arrival of the brain muscle Onmyoushi Sukuna.

Putting that aside.
Well, you can say that the reactions of the viewers are mostly favourable.

It’s all thanks to Konekomaru-san’s sense of style.
Or maybe his wife’s sense but, at least I really like this.

Having both high defense and agility, and won’t have any problems with slowing down speed.
And then, I understood from coming to wetlands but, this equipment kind of a bit waterproof.

While thinking that it might be that it’s weak to flames but strong against water, we started advancing through the wetlands.

For now I will target that 《Amafrog lv12》 in my sight.
Amafrog….is it Amagaeru(tree frog) ?

It seems that it’s not an aggressive monster, so it’s passive as long as you don’t get near enough to be able to touch it.

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So for now I get near it and try hit it with the iron club, while feeling a weird resistance, its HP was reduced by 10%.

「It sure is tough」

「If think that Frog type monster have high HP and they also have blunt attribute resistance 」

「Ku, that swordsman favoritism…!」

While flicking away the bouncy licking attack with my bare hands, I grief over the unfairness of the world.

It looks slow from what it looks like, so I just spammed my arts and easily defeated it but, it’s unexpectedly annoying that I don’t really know where its vitals are and has blunt resistance.

Though, the super iron club is a weapon with good durability.
So it’s good in enduring fights.

「Touka-chan, are you fine with frogs?」

「I can deal with all living things as a whole」

「That’s strong」

Though I don’t really understand the feeling of being disgusted by creatures but, it’s for sure that there are people who are bad with what they are bad with.

Though I think frogs are cute.
It won’t bite too.
If I touch it it will hurt it so I won’t touch it.

By the way, Amafrog is a 30cm big tree frog.
With this size it’s already another creature.

Is it because it’s underwater, its color remained a pretty pea green color, and because of that they suck at hiding.

However when I saw a player receiving an attack, it looked like they received a lot of damage, so they might have high attack damage.

While we advanced on while hunting Amafrogs, we could see a bit spacious land.

「I wonder what that is?」

「I wonder」

Stepping on the land, I found a several meters wide swamp in the middle.

When I tried throwing a stone I picked up on the ground, something stretched out of the swamp and strangled it as it disappeared.

Looking at the ripples that remained on the water, Both me and Touka-chan faced each other confused.

After observing for a while, I could see something rising to the surface of the swamp.

The name displayed was 《Ushifrog》.
Is the original source ushigaeru(American bullfrog) but its level is just normally big.

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I’ve been somewhat able to level up little by little and right now it’s 23, so around the same as me.
And moreover it probably has blunt resistance.

After glaring at each other for a while, that balance was suddenly destroyed by the ushifrog that came leaping out from the swamp.



『Damn that’s big!』

『Its a 2 meter frog』

『This is bad!』

『Looks strong』

I didn’t really know since it only showed its face but, this frog, among the monsters I have fought, its size is just right before Aria and the red ogre.

As expected, even Touka-chan was taken aback.

As the ushifrog tilted its head a little, it suddenly vomited a bullet of mud.

「Waah, that was dangerous!?」



Looking at the direction of the scream, Touka-chan was turned over in the air.

While I was evading the mud bullet, Touka-chan was captured by the ushifrog’s tongue.

「N-neesama help me」

「Y-you, perverted frog!」

It was more like it was the viewers dyed in pink, ignoring them, I attacked the ushifrog to rescue Touka-chan.

After that.

After a fierce 30 minute battle against it, we are once again attacked by another trial.

And that trial was, 《Tonosamafrog lv 25》.
With the height of 4 meters of a monster, it rushes with the speed like a bullet, with its looks and its name, it was a shabby monster but, it’s attacking power was just severe.

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Touka-chan who got a direct hit nearly got a death penalty, and when my focus was distracted by that I also got blown away to the skies.

Though we were able to somewhat defeat it, we met a terrible fate being drenched in mud.

「For a while, I don’t want to go to the wetlands….」

Though when I came here last time it was more of an easier area…..」

「Well, things like this always happen in games.
Isn’t that great, the fact that you were able to experience it」


It’s night right now.
We went back after finishing the stream, same with Rin-chan who came back too, the 3 of us ate dinner.

「Fufu, the wetlands is hell to Nana right?」

「It really is.
Since its full of monster with blunt resistance……and the lizard types that looks so easy to defeat is not coming out at all」

「Now that I think about it, it really is.
We explored for around 4 hours but, it seems that lizards doesn’t appear even right before other players」

That’s right, the wetlands should have 2 types of monster which are lizards and frogs but it totally didn’t appear during the stream.

The viewers were also confused by this matter, and on the few occasions of meeting other players too, they said that they didn’t see any of them today.

I see, so lizards didn’t appear.
Their spawn rate should change depending on the weather but, today was clear right?」

「It is」

「Even though it’s not raining, the frogs have a huge outbreak….rather the lizards’ decrease? it looks like there is something」

Hearing the topic from us, Rin-chan had a serious face as she thought about it but then it returned into a smile.

「Well, even if you think about it, you can’t help it.
Tomorrow you will be going to the Forest of magic right? Be careful of magic okay?」

「I know」

「giggle Nana-neesama has no magic resistance after all」

「And the red wolf attire has no magic resistance too」

The dungeon that I will be challenging tomorrow on, 《Forest of Magic》.
The way to Tria, that place is filled with magic using monsters.

Because of the influence of 《Douji》, it has totally no magic resistance and moreover Kijin also has low resistance to it, So right now I only have around paper thin like magic defense.

But still, I’m looking forward to challenging a new dungeon.

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